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Old Testament

Genesis 22:8 And Isaac spake unto Abraham his father, and said, My father! And he said, Here am I, my son. 9 And he said, Behold the fire and the wood; but where is the lamb for a burnt offering? 10 And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering. So they went both of them together; and they came to the place of which God had told him. 11 And Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar, upon the wood.  12 And Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son. 13 And the angel of the Lord called unto him out of heaven, and said, Abraham! Abraham! And Abraham said, Here am I. 14 And the angel said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou anything unto him; 15 For now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only Isaac from me. 16 And Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, behind a thicket, there was a ram caught in it by his horns. 17 And Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering, in the stead of his son. 18 And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah-jireh; as it is said unto this day, In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen.

New Testament

Luke 12:30 If then God so clothe the grass, which is today in the field, and tomorrow is cast in the oven; how much more will he provide for you, if ye are not of little faith?

Book of Mormon

1 Nephi 5:58 And thus we see that the commandments of God must be fulfilled. 59 And if it so be that the children of men keep the commandments of God, he doth nourish them, and strengthen them, and provide means whereby they can accomplish the thing which he has commanded them; 60 Wherefore, he did provide means for us while we did sojourn in the wilderness.

Doctrine & Covenants

D&C 101:2a And now I give unto you power from this very hour, that if any man among you, of the order, is found a transgressor, and repenteth not of the evil, that ye shall deliver him over unto the buffetings of Satan; and he shall not have power to bring evil upon you. 2b It is wisdom in me; therefore, a commandment I give unto you, that ye shall organize yourselves, and appoint every man his stewardship, that every man may give an account unto me of the stewardship which is appointed unto him; 2c for it is expedient that I, the Lord, should make every man accountable, as stewards over earthly blessings, which I have made and prepared for my creatures. 2d I, the Lord, stretched out the heavens, and builded the earth as a very handy work; and all things therein are mine; and it is my purpose to provide for my saints, for all things are mine; but it must needs be done in mine own way; 2e and, behold, this is the way, that I, the Lord, have decreed to provide for my saints; 2f that the poor shall be exalted, in that the rich are made low; for the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare; yea, I prepared all things, and have given unto the children of men to be agents unto themselves. 2g Therefore, if any man shall take of the abundance which I have made, and impart not his portion, according to the law of my gospel, unto the poor, and the needy, he shall, with the wicked, lift up his eyes in hell, being in torment.