1971 – September 5

1969 – April

Elmer A. Kaler Sr.
September 5, 1971



Thus has the Lord used one outside His “Kingdom / Church” to bring warning to those who are worthy His divine presence. I have several such messages on hand and I will quote one more from within His Church…”

I saw the whole world spread out before me like unto a huge map. Over the eastern continents of Europe and Asia I saw great vapor of fires and smokes and heard the thunderings of the instruments of war. I also heard great human cries of horror and pain in the midst of the destructions with weepings and wailings. The great oceans were heaving over their bounds as if reflecting the turmoil’s of these lands.

I saw on the North and South American continents, great dark clouds over them that obscured and shut out the light of the sun. There were earthquakes in large numbers, storms of great violence, and many floods, conflicts and commotions among the inhabitants of Canada and the United States of America, men and women fighting against each other in killings and all manner of physical violence, riots, revolutions in great numbers, and all manner of evils were plainly seen and performed by persons unashamed in public and on television screens. Good people cowed in fear, trying to escape to a few places of refuge.

With a great cry, Satan rejoiced, ruling over his wicked domain. All good seemed to have been overcome and desolation and sorrow ruled over mankind.

Seeing all these things transpiring in this vision, I was overwrought in body and mind, and in my anguish, I cried, “O God, shall thy son, Lord Jesus withhold His coming till the inhabitants of the earth are all destroyed? How can Zion be built under these conditions?”

Then I heard a loud voice, even as thunder, saying “Look!” Again, I saw the whole world, and through the smokes and fires and darkness I saw bright circles of clear white lights shine through the darkness in Europe and all its nations, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Asian countries, Japan, North Korea, North and South America, and the Islands of the Seas. Bright circles of light, not large, but plainly seen.

Then the great voice spoke again, “These bright circles represent My faithful people, though small in numbers, all over the whole world that I hath preserved in the midst of evil so that My purposes shall not be brought to naught, and My Son shall come to rule over His domain, the Great Kingdom here on earth and the City of Zion.”

Then again, the great voice, quick and sharp, yet gentle to spiritual ears say again, “Look to the northern most tip of the earth.” I looked and saw a great circle of light that covered this whole area and in it I saw many people therein. The voice again saith, “Look to South America,” and I saw a great circle of light over the whole dense jungles never penetrated by man, open wide, and I saw therein many people.

The voice again spoke, “Look upon the world,” and as I looked I saw these bright circles of light from the east and the west and the Islands of the seas move towards the center of the United States to a large circle of light that covered the area of Independence, Missouri, and large regions round about, all these lights from afar blended all together and those of the northern tip of America and of South America into one great circle of light. Nothing I have ever seen on earth could compare, one cannot describe the clearness and purity of Divine Visions.

Then I heard great shouts of joyous acclamation from the multitudes of Saints, singing songs of great joy that reverberated through the whole world saying, “The Lord Jesus hath come to His temple and ruleth over His great domain, and the wicked and evil are no more and Zion’s inhabitants rejoice and peace on earth filleth it to full capacity!” And then I heard a verse of the song of the Saints: “Hail to the brightness of Zion’s Glad morning, long by the Prophets of Israel foretold, Hail to the millions from bondage returning. Gentiles and Jews the blest vision behold.”

Then the great gentle voice, “By My power cometh Zion’s redemption, saith your God,” and then the vision ended.

We might not appreciate the reading of all this, but to be warned is for our salvation and benefit. God Bless. Dale Vielskay.