2017 – October 15

1971 – September 5

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
October 15, 2017



Dear ones – In the name of our Savior, Jesus, I offer these words of challenge, comfort, hope and assurance.
Prepare for a great awakening, such a one as has never been before. Since ancient times I have awaited the day when I might endow My people with great power to go forth as witnesses for Me.
The world around you is crumbling into violence and commotion. The only hope is for My Zion. All humanity will be lost without it. But I will not suffer this to be so. I created man in my image that he might become a son of God, that he might dwell with Me forever, that he might partake of the many blessings that I have for him.  All this, that he might reach into the unknown and taste of the beauties of eternal bliss.
For some this will be a reality. For some great treasures of knowledge will be revealed. For some inexpressible joy and happiness will be experienced.
Come up higher ye people of my choice. Seek the eternal Father while He may be found. Soon, very soon the earth will be turned into a battlefield.  Countless millions will cry out in despair to their heavenly Father.
This time of great trial must be, for it is the only way to reclaim those who thought there was no need for God, nor for His Son, Jesus.
In this way I will tenderly lead them back into the fold like a shepherd leads His flock. The way back will be difficult, but it is made possible because of My love for all mankind. Through the sufferings of mine only begotten Son, all may partake of eternal life. All may hear My beautiful gospel and make a covenant of peace with Me.
To those who reject Me, the heavens weep, Genesis 7:35-46
For they seal their own fate and cannot be reclaimed except by great suffering.
I offer man a portion of my creative power in order to subdue the wicked and hasten My work.
To those who will listen I speak words of comfort and peace. Reach out My people. I freely give to all who desire to be with Me. Behold, I come quickly. Even so, Amen.