2017 – December 3

2017 – October 15

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
December 3, 2017



Oh, ye sons and daughters, My chosen ones, be glad and break forth into singing. I am about to make a full end of all the wicked. For it is My intent to place My children in an atmosphere of love and safety. A place where every man loves his brother as himself. A place where My people will never need to fear the darkness but will abide in My wondrous love. A place where children can play in safety. Where parents can raise their little ones in perfect peace. A place designed to comfort the broken hearted and restore one hundred-fold to those who have loss.

Gird up your loins and be ready for I am about to shake the nations with my mighty power. I will loose the bands of the oppressed and comfort My beloved ones. The longings of My people have been heard by the great Jehovah. I will answer the prayers of the righteous and soon set up My Kingdom of beauty.

Fair will be the habitation of My holy place. Lovely will be the gates. Precious will be her inhabitants who will no longer wrestle with the forces of the adversary.

The citizens of My Kingdom will wear the robes of righteousness. They will not faint nor give way to sickness or disease. A person shall not die but change in the twinkling of an eye from mortality to immortality.

I Corinthians 15:51-54

I will take away the feebleness of My elderly and they shall run like the hart, no more to succumb to age and despair.

The light of My glory will shine forth to the ends of the earth. When people enter My sanctuary, they will feel wave after wave of My spirit of love. No more will fears and doubts assail them for they will dwell in the midst of My sanctuary and abide My covenant power.

Man, whom I have created, will share with Me the loveliness of Celestial living. Children will be born in My Holy City. Babies will speak with the tongues of Angels. All will know that I am God and no respecter of persons. People of all nationalities will sing forth My praise and glorify My Son, Jesus.

All the pitfalls designed by the adversary will be filled with those who dig them. So, never again will My Saints suffer malice or deprivations of any kind.

Proverbs 26:27 – Proverbs 28:10 – Ecclesiastes 10:8 – I Nephi 3:206-207 – I Nephi 7:29

Beyond the confines of this earth is a library. It is filled with volumes of literature containing the words of Jesus Christ throughout time and eternity.

This library will be brought to My Zion. Its doors will be open to all those who seek more knowledge of their Creator. These pages have been written by sages and wise men from many generations for I have revealed myself to many in past ages who sought to know Me better.

These books will give greater understanding of the light and mind of your God moving in and through all His creation. The volumes of literature that will be available to My people can never be read in a lifetime, for My works are endless and there is no TIME in My presence.

I will reveal worlds of both past and present. I will share with My lovely obedient ones the secrets related to the creation of stars, planets and galaxies. I will open the door and reveal worlds without end.

Genesis 7:29 – DC 36:6d

Oh, the treasures I will reveal will startle and astound the intellect. It will cause the mind of man to expand until it can embrace the marvels of everlasting life.

All this and more will be available to the people who place me first in their lives and serve Me with gladness of heart.

I will open the windows of heaven

Malachi 3:10

and bless my Saints with wonders and thoughts never before conceived by man. You have touched the petal of a rose and felt the gentle softness. I will show you the spirit of the rose and you will glorify the God of wisdom. You have gazed upon the lilies of the field as they waved in grace upon the gentle wind. I will show you the spirit of the wind and you will thrill to the touch of its gentleness.

The stars have spirits and so do all My creations for all was created spiritually before it was made physically.

You perceive only with your senses. I will cause you to perceive through your spiritual eyes and the things you behold will cause you to marvel.

Be ready! Be prepared to receive these gifts from your Heavenly Father.

Though the world rushes to cataclysmic destruction, I will turn the tide and Zion, the fortress of God Almighty will spread herself and be very great and very terrible to the inhabitants of the earth.

For I am mighty and there is nothing I will not perform in order to fulfill my promises to my precious flock.

The hour is near when the nations will reel and quake with a multitude of calamities. But those whose foundation is My Holy Word will stand firm upon the rock of Christ the King.

So, lift up your heads. I have promised and I will deliver. As you seek Me, more will be given. For to those who seek to know, I will reveal My hand and with Me, My lovely ones will explore the very mysteries of life itself.

Be silent in the midst of strife and disaster for you stand on the brink of eternity where I and My Son Jesus dwell. Behold, seek Me with all your heart and you shall find Me. Amen and Amen.,