2018 – June 5

2017 – December 8

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
Tuesday, June 5, 2018



Pleasant are the valleys and hills of my Kingdom. Lovely are the trees, flowers and shrubbery that will surround the temple in Zion. All these things will be for My people to enjoy. It is my will that people live joyously and reverently within an atmosphere of love and peace.
I have created these things for all mankind, should they choose Me for their Savior. I call forth the rainbow to proclaim My promise that a flood will never again cover the earth. I call forth the heavens to proclaim My glory and the immensity of space proclaims My greatness.
The opportunity to serve Me, is now. For some, that opportunity will pass away. To those who realize the importance of righteous living, they will not be disappointed at the blessings I have for them.
At times there are a few who reach such spiritual heights that they can behold My face. The brother of Jared was one of these blessed ones. Nephi, son of Helaman, disappeared out of the land and no one knew of his whereabouts. He was sent on a mission which is hidden in My reservoir of knowledge. Others have achieved great heights in spirituality.  Some are mentioned in my scriptures. Others remain unknown to mankind.
There are a few today who are nearing the time when I will be able to reveal Myself to them. When I come to endow a few of my servants, they will behold My presence and weep with joy as I place My seal of service upon them.
Sometimes children see angels and other ministering spirits.  In some of My congregations the church of The Firstborn is there weekly to share in the ministry at hand. Some see these visitors and welcome them with joy in their hearts.
To see beyond the veil is a gift. A few people recognize this gift and expect to see those who have gone on before, when they enter the sanctuary.
My people follow a specific plan of service as they fellowship together. At times they need to deviate from the program at hand, so that I can bring greater ministry to them.
Many times, choirs of angels stand behind the pulpit or near the back of the sanctuary. If more of My priesthood were aware, they could prepare the congregation to hear these voices of praise. Too often they are bound by routine, so, My people go without this added ministry.
My angels also walk among the congregations, whispering in the pews, bringing messages of hope and encouragement. Sometimes they embrace My Saints, giving added strength and comfort in times of bereavement and trial.
Ministering spirits are constantly walking amidst the Saints, even before they enter the sanctuaries. Too often, trivial conversations of worldly things drown out the voices of those sent to bless and enlighten My beloved people.
Some people in the pews, while awaiting the sermon or even during various portions of the service, find it more interesting to text on their cell phones, thus shutting out the ministry at hand.
So, it is. My people need to be more fully aware of what the Lord of Heaven is offering them – by coming into the sanctuary prepared and expecting to see and hear beyond the veil.
Trivial things of home and work should be left outside the church.  The day will come when many will cry after Me, not realizing that I have been speaking all along, but they were too engaged in other activities to hear Me.
So, the noise and distraction of electrical and man-made devices will soon be silent. Then My people will begin to listen in earnestness.
My love for my people has not diminished, but so many times My gifts are rejected for those things of lesser value.

Remember: To be spiritually minded is life. To be carnally minded is death.

So, in the upcoming services I will continue to speak through the music, the prayers, and the spoken word. I will continue to reach out in love, beckoning all to partake of the magnitude of gifts that I offer.

As a loving heavenly Parent, I continue to plead with my children. Each person must decide, but the way is narrow that leads to eternal life.
Come up higher ye children of the King. I am waiting for you at the top of the mountain. Hasten to My loving call, or be left behind in events soon to unfold.

Even so, it will be. Amen.