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The Church of Jesus Christ - Oakwood Restoration Branch

Prayer Request for Sara Ruch

 2/23/2024 Prayer Request for thanks: Steve Ruch has updated us that Sara is in recovery after the surgery and she is doing fine. Please offer up a prayer of thanks to the Lord for his blessing on her behalf. Please continue to pray that she makes a full recovery. 

Prayer Request for Sara Ruch

 2/22/2024 Prayer Request: Steve Ruch is requesting prayers for his daughter, Sara,  She has been at the doctor getting tests and they found a hole in her heart and they were going to do surgery Friday morning to repair the damage. Please lift her up to the Lord for a blessing.

Prayer Request for Toby Washburn

 2/16/2024 Prayer Request: Deanna Smith is asking for prayers for her boyfriend’s Mother, Toby Washburn. She is in the hospital in Toronto. She is dying of cancer. Deanna is asking for prayers for her boyfriend, Matt, and his family, that they might have strength and God’s peace as she transitions from this life to the next. Please remember Matt and his family that his mother would receive a blessing as well.

Obituary of Morris Rueben Millen (Kathi Havener and Dawn Modders Uncle)



Morris Rueben Millen, Age 91 of Oxford.  Loving husband of the late Mildred.  Dear father of Rick (the late Kim) Millen, Patti Millen, the late Melvin and the late Rodney.  Grandfather of Kevin, Travis, Nathan, Mike (Angie), Dan (Lisa), and Troy (Tiffany).  Great grandfather of Brooklyn, Brandi, Brennen, Abby, Kinley, Gracelynn, Travis Bivens, Kaylee, and the late Daniel.  Great great grandfather of Zack, Olivia, Penelope, Violet, and Lincoln.  Brother of the late Doris, Dawn, Virgil, Melvin, and Mavis.

Morris lived in Oxford and spent some time in Butler, Missouri.  He was drafted into the Army in 1951 and left in 1954 with an honorable discharge and ranking of Sgt.  He met and married Mildred Spencer in May of 1958.  He was hired into Pontiac Motors in December of 1959 and worked as a repairman until he retired in 1991.

He was a lifelong member of the Community of Christ Church and was ordained a deacon in 1974.

He loved camping, bonfires and just sitting outside.  He enjoyed gardening.  He hosted family corn roasts for many years.  He loved spending time with his family and friends.  He lived a long and happy life and he will be greatly missed.  

Obituary of Tina Marie Yaney



Tina Marie Yaney was born to Robert and Elaine Harm in Mt. Clemens on September 24, 1960 and passed into the Lord’s loving arms on February 12, 2024. She had four siblings: Bob (and Linda), Penny (and Jim), Amy (and Dave) and David (and Shaynna). She loved her entire family but had a special and close bond with her two sisters. Her absolute joys, though, were her children, Joel (and Nicole) and Megan (and Bret), and there was nothing in life that brought her more of that joy than being Grandma to Laurel, Adeline and Vivian. She was married to Todd for 44 years: a courtship that started with a blind date; it was a relationship she loved to nurture her entire adult life.

With a heart and spirit as big as hers, Tina had many loves. She found joy in her ceramics and pottery, and was particularly inventive and creative in her crafts, which she loved sharing, especially for church and holidays. She was very proud of returning to college three years ago and completing her Associate’s Degree in Arts. Mostly during the indoor months, she wasn’t often far from a jigsaw puzzle, which she enjoyed swapping with friends. Of course, it was hard to match the absolute joy she would get from baking with the girls and teaching them.

Her lifelong work in the church was an extension of her faith. She was just as happy leading teams as she was being on the team and often did both, while always wanting to avoid center stage. Her faith was supremely important to her and she took it very seriously and without compromise. Discussing Scripture and how it applies to our lives was a favorite conversation topic of T&T’s.

Since she was little, she had the travel bug, which she passed on to her family, and included a number of trips to Disney World, creating some of her family’s most treasured memories. After living in Germany for two years, Tina and Todd set a target to finish visiting all 50 states, which they celebrated in 2014.

Tina combined that love of travel, history, her faith, and her sense of adventure by spending three weeks in Israel just last year. She was so excited to share the experience and how real it made the Scriptures in her life.

Beyond compare, though, was the joy she got from watching the girls express the boundless delight they find in dance. She knew their talent was a wonderful gift from God and they just love sharing it. Knowing that it is a blessing makes it even more precious to them and everyone else.

Tina was also very practical – likely inherited from the German side of her family. Therefore, in lieu of flowers, Tina’s family is requesting donations be made to The Multiple Sclerosis Society or, a non-profit that provides family portraits for those with a terminal illness or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Prayer Request for Sara Ruch

 2/15/2024 Prayer Request: Steve Ruch is asking for prayers on behalf of his daughter Sara, she has been admitted to the hospital for some tests due to extreme headaches and dizziness. Steve is asking for prayers on her behalf that the doctors would figure out what’s going on with her, why the headaches and dizziness are happening. Please lift Sara to the Lord for a blessing.

Prayer Request for Matt Mervyn's Father

 2/15/2024 Prayer Request: Matt is requesting prayers for his father who was admitted to the hospital. He is awaiting open heart surgery. They are not sure when the surgery is going to happen be he’s had a couple of heart attacks and needs the surgery. Please lift up Matt Mervyn’s Father to our Lord for a blessing.

Prayer Request for Shawn and Mick Ruch

 2/14/2024 Prayer Request: Shawn and Mick are in need of our prayers. Mick is being admitted to the hospital  He has pneumonia again; A Fib. Shawn has many afflictions and her health is not good at the moment. Please lift them both up for a blessing from the Lord in their time of need.

Up date on Tina Yaney:

 2/13/2024 Update:

Washington Township, MI – Yesterday, 2/12/2024, at approximately 9:30AM, Macomb County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Deputies were dispatched to 32 Mile Road and M-53, in Washington Township, for three vehicle crash. Dispatch advised that one driver was trapped inside her vehicle.
A Ford Escape had been traveling south on M-53. The driver, a 27-year-old female from Riley Township, failed to stop for a red-light at 32 Mile Road, striking a Jeep in the front passenger door. The Jeep had been traveling westbound on 32 Mile Road. The impact caused the Jeep to spin around and strike a Chevy pickup truck.
The occupants of the Jeep – a 64-year-old-male, from Macomb Township (driver) and a 63-year-old female from Macomb Township (passenger) – were transported to an area hospital. As a result of her injuries, the passenger was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. The driver of the Jeep is in stable condition as of last report. The driver of the Chevy pickup truck, a 68-year-old male from Oxford, and the driver of the Escape were also transported to area hospitals in stable condition.
The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Crash Investigation Unit was activated. The MCSO investigation is ongoing.

Prayer Request for Todd Yaney and the family

 2/12/2024 Prayer Request: Tina passed away as a result of the injuries sustained in the car accident they were in this morning. Todd is in the hospital with broken ribs. The family is in need of prayer, please lift them up to the Lord for a blessing. 

Prayer Request for Todd and Tina Yaney

 2/12/2024 Prayer Request: Todd and Tina were in a serious car accident this morning. Todd has requested prayers for Tina. Tina has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. Please lift them up to the Lord for a blessing. 

Prayer Request for John Ross (Kerri Daniels Son)

 2/09/2024 Prayer Request: Kim Gilchrist is asking for prayers on behalf of John Ross, her nephew. He has been admitted to a psychiatric unit in the hospital due to suicidal thoughts for an evaluation. She is asking for prayers for John that they would be able to provide him the necessary tools to overcome those types of thoughts. Please pray for a blessing that he might receive the help he needs and to grant Kim and Kerri peace of mind as well. 

Prayer Request for Kogut Family



John P. Kogut, age 70 of Otisville, died on Thursday, February 8, 2024 at McLaren Flint. His service will be held at 2PM on Thursday, February 15, 2024 at the Mumford-Hudson Funeral Home. The family will receive visitors on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 from 6-8PM and on Thursday, February 15, 2024 from Noon until the time of his service at the funeral home. Burial will follow in Smith Hill Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the special Olympics.    

John was born in Ann Arbor, MI on February 1, 1954 to Edmund and Shirley Kogut.  He enjoyed working out in the yard, working on cars, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family and dogs, Brandy and Lucky. John retired from the General Motors Truck and Bus plant in 2009, after 40 years of service.  

He is survived by his wife, Debbie; children: Paul (Wendy) Kogut, Troy Kogut, and Angela (Brian Savard) Hanna; grandchildren: Lucas, Aubrey, Ellie, and Charlotte; siblings: Russ (Cindy) Kogut, Mitchell Kogut, Kevin (Teresa) Kogut; and several nieces, nephews brother and sister in-laws.  He was preceded in death by his parents.

Prayer Request for Mike Modders

 2/06/2024 Prayer Request update: Mike just returned from his consult with the orthopedic specialist at this time there is no surgery needed, he said that he was told that as long as he can NOT move it – no twists and turns, no undo stress on it and the x-ray stays the same in one week, that he will be able to heal properly without surgery with a month off work.  He wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and asks for more prayers to have the strength to NOT move his hand for the next week.   

Prayer Request for Mike Modders

 2/06/2024 Prayer Request: Please lift Mike up in your prayers, he has broken his hand and is on his way to the Orthopedic specialist and he’s asking for prayers that they wouldn’t have to open his hand in surgery and place pins in. He is asking for a blessing for a recovery time without surgery. 

Prayer Request for Kerry Horton

 2/03/2024 Prayer Request: Please lift Kerry up to the Lord for a blessing. He sliced his finger open at work and is requesting prayers on his behalf, that it will heal quickly. 

Prayer Request for Rueben Millen (Uncle to Dawn Modders & Kathi Havener)

 2/02/2024 Prayer Request:    Reuben needs prayers! He’s had surgery, due to a bowel in his system, it has become infected. He also has a blockage in his heart. Another surgery is scheduled on Monday, if he’s able. He will be sedated for at least 24 hours. Please pray for him and his family, to bless Reuben from on high, that he will get through the surgery without complication. 

Prayer Request for the Family of Jerry Kline - Pastor of the Eckerman Branch in the UP

 2/02/2024 Prayer Request:    We received a prayer request from sister Helen Brown that Jerry Kline, from the Eckerman branch, passed away. There will probably be a memorial service in the spring, but at this point they’re asking for prayers for the family, as they are morn for the loss of their loved one. Please lift the Kline family up to the Lord for a blessing.

Prayer Request for David McKiddie (Helen Brown's Brother)

 1/31/2024 Prayer Request:    Helen is asking for prayers for her brother, David McKiddie, who lives in Independence, MO. He has had some issues with falling down lately and they haven’t been able to figure out what is causing it. Helen is asking for prayers on behalf of her brother, David, that you will remember him in your prayers and ask that the doctors would be able to figure out what’s going on with him; and be able to bring some kind of a solution to his condition. 

Prayer Request for Gaynor Fox (Uncle Hap - Kathi Havener's Uncle)

  1/31/2024 Prayer Request:    Hap is in the hospital. He received a pacemaker and Kathi is asking for prayers on his behalf, that the pacemaker will function as it should, and that there would be no further concerns with low heart rate.

Prayer Request for Morgan Bean (Bill & Ruth Ann's Granddaughter)

 1/30/2024 Prayer Request:    Morgan has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It causes swelling of the tissues (inflammation) in your digestive tract, which can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss and malnutrition. She’s going into the hospital to get intravenous drugs that takes about 4 hours every couple of months. They are asking for prayers requesting a blessing on behalf of Morgan, that the medicine she is given would benefit her and her health.  

The Setting Apart of our Pastor

Elder Jay Havener 


Prayer Request for Jerry Kline - Pastor of the Eckerman Branch in the UP

 1/23/2024 Prayer Request:    Jerry has been placed in hospice and his son, Mark, is in the hospital, not doing well. Please lift up Jerry and His son Mark for a blessing from the Lord. 

Prayer Request for Bill Hulse

 1/19/2024 Prayer Request:    Bill was on his way to his doctors office because he wasn’t feeling well, so instead he drove himself to the emergency room. Bill had problems with his blood pressure fluctuating very quickly, dropping 50 points in an instant. Fortunately his cardiologist was there and saw it happen, and now know what is causing the problem but are unsure how to fix it. Please lift up Bill and the doctors to the Lord for a blessing to give them the knowledge they need to be able to fix this problem for Bill.  

Prayer Request for Sullivan Havener (Sully) grandson of Kathi & Jay Havener

 1/18/2024 Prayer Request:    Sully has been taken to the hospital by his parents, Joshua and Andrea. He has some bowel issues, they may be impacted, they are not sure. Jay is asking for prayers on behalf of Sully and his doctors, to be able to figure out what is going on with his bowels and to bless Sully from on high to get him through this with little discomfort to him.

Prayer Request for John Kogut - Marc Hanna's Daughter-in-law's Father

 1/17/2024 Prayer Request:    We have been praying for John for awhile now.  He’s on a ventilator and has been responding very good. Recently, with the ventilator, they’ve been able to communicate with him where he wasn’t able to before, which is quite positive, but he still cannot move his arms or legs and he has blood clots. He has one in his heart, in his right leg and one in each lung. Please continue to life John up to the Lord for a blessing. 

Wednesday Service Canceled

 1/17/2024 Prayer Service Canceled:    Due to the extreme cold and windchills that are terrible right now, Jay has canceled tonight’s prayer service this afternoon. There is no need for people to go out in this cold air and particularly if you’re fighting a cold, or anything similar, you don’t need to be out in this extreme weather.

Funeral Announcement of Carol Curtis - Flint Street Congregation - C of C

 1/13/2024 Announcement:    For those of us who are from the original Flint Street Congregation (now the Community of Christ),  Carol Curtis passed away. They are bringing her up to Michigan for the burial. The funeral service will be Tuesday, January 23 at Lynch and Sons Funeral home, which used to be called: Bazardis Funeral Home. Visitation is from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and the service will be held at 1 p.m. Please lift the family up in prayer and if you are able to visit with them on Tuesday, they would appreciate it.   

Carol Arlene Curtis, 81, of Saginaw, our kind, caring, and independent mother, grandmother and great grandmother, passed away on Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at Adira Nursing and Rehab. Carol was born in Saginaw on December 3, 1942, the daughter of the late Leroy and Gertrude Leggitt.

After graduating from Arthur Hill High School, Carol immersed herself in serving others as a waitress for several different establishments. Her warm smile, kind demeanor, and exceptional customer service skills earned her the respect and admiration of both colleagues and patrons alike. Throughout her life, Carol was an active member of her church and found great joy in being part of her church community.

Carol leaves to carry her legacy to her children, Glenn (Denise) Thomas, Sheri (Ray Hastings), Thomas, Kevin Thomas and many nieces and nephews. Along with her parents, she was preceded in death by her former husband, Robert Thomas, siblings, Ardella Cwiklins and Betty (Ken) Hasse.

Sunday Service Canceled

 1/14/2024 Worship Service Canceled:    Due to the weather and road conditions which are slippery, we are going to call church off this morning. If you have the means to do so you can log into the All Saints worship this morning on your computer. 

Randy (William) Hulse Obituary


William “Randy” Hulse III, age 52, formerly of Oxford, currently of Lapeer, passed away on January 7, 2024. He was born on July 26, 1971, in Pontiac, MI to Bill and Ruth Ann Hulse. Randy was a skilled heavy equipment operator for over 20 years with the local 324. His most recent employment being with Barton Malow. Randy had a very close group of friends that will cherish the memories they have of him enjoying the activities he loved, hunting and golfing. He also had a deep fondness for his Labrador Retrievers that started when his sister bought him his first Lab puppy. His presence will be intensely missed by all who knew him.

Randy is survived by his loving wife Tina; stepdaughter Shelby Howe; sister Laura (Bob) Bean; brother Troy Hulse; parents Bill and Ruth Ann Hulse; nieces Layna Wright, and Morgan Bean; and many other extended family members.

Friends may visit on Friday, January 12 from 2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors – Bossardet Chapel in Oxford. A funeral service will take place on Saturday, January 13 at 11:00 a.m. Randy will be laid to rest at Ridgelawn Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Great Lakes Dog Rescue, 4079 S Lapeer Rd, Metamora, MI 48455.


Prayer Request: For the family of William (Randy) Hulse

 1/6/2024 Prayer Request:    Bill and Ruth Ann Hulse son, Randy, passed away last night in his sleep. They are requesting prayers on behalf of the family. 

Worship Service/ Zoom Meeting

1/6/2024: The Joint Worship will be Saturday, January 6th at the Stone Church in Independence. It will be available on Zoom. The link will be published on the Conference of Restoration Elders website located at Home – Conference of Restoration Elders ( under the Upcoming Events link. The link will be posted this next week. I hope many of you will be able to participate via Zoom. The Service starts at 6:20 EST.


Download the Bulletin Here: 2024 Bulletin Stone Church

Prayer Request for John Kogut - Marc Hanna's Daughter-in-law's Father

 1/3/2024 Prayer Request:    Marc is asking for prayers on behalf of his daughter in law’s father, John Kogut. He remains on the ventilator in the hospital. He is in need of our prayers, please take a few moments and lift him up to the Lord and ask for a special blessing for John that He might bless him in his time of need. 

Prayer Request for John Kogut - Marc Hanna's Daughter-in-law's Father

 1/2/2024 Prayer Request:    Marc is asking for prayers on behalf of his daughter-in-law’s father, John Kogut. He has had open heart surgery and remains on the ventilator, fighting for his life. He is asking for a blessing for John, and also prayers for his wife, Debbie as well. 

Prayers for Steve Ruch

 01/2/24 Prayer Request: Steve is undergoing knee surgery this morning. He stands in need of our prayers. Please take a few moments to lift Elder Steve Ruch to the Lord in prayer, that he might bless him in this time of need. 

Prayer Service - Guest Speaker

12/13/2023 Guest Speaker Elder Doug Daggett: Just a reminder notice that for our Wednesday evening prayer service, we are having a guest speaker: Elder Doug Daggett from the Otter Lake Branch. He will be there to share the message of the hour, please come out and support Doug as we pray and share testimonies with one other.  

Prayers for Greg Niemiec

11/2023 Cards of comfort Request: In November of 2023, Greg Neimic had an accident walking his dog. He broke his foot and is bed-ridden for a about six weeks to recover. 

Please send cards to:
Greg Niemiec
5111 Bishop Rd
Dryden MI 48428

Support The McDonald Family!!

 08/31/2023: On Thursday, August 31, 2023, Michael MacDonald presented to McLaren Fenton Emergency Department with complaints of chest pain. Shortly after his arrival to ER, Mr. MacDonald suffered a severe heart attack and his heart stopped. He was brought back to life after 70 minutes of CPR, medications, ER Staff efforts and prayers from his family, his Pastor and ER staff. Michael is 41 years old with a wife and three young children. He remains in CCU on a ventilator after successful heart procedures at McLaren Flint. The CCU RNs have been working diligently around the clock to assure his care is exceptional. Due to his continued hospitalization and complications, his wife Christie is obviously struggling to be there for him, take care of their children, and work to maintain the household bills. It is our desire, as a collective staff, to come together and reduce the burden on this wonderful family with a monetary donation! Blessings for any and all contributions! Donations will be accepted until 9/22/23 when a check will be issued to Christie. "Support Michael" to: Venmo@Nicole-Weiss-34 Cash app $ColaRN

Donations can 

also be sent to:

Christie MacDonald 

13337 Firestone Ct.

Fenton, Michigan


Julie Dawn Fox Obituary


Julie Dawn Fox passed peacefully into Heaven on July 12, 2023. She lived a life filled with love, compassion, service, and generosity. She touched the lives of countless people and will be greatly missed by family, friends, and all who knew her. Julie loved the Lord and was a baptized member of the RLDS Church and a member of the Oakwood Restoration Branch of Jesus Christ.

Julie had a sharp sense of humor and a quick wit, and could deliver a joke with deadpan perfection, often pointing out the irony in certain situations. She had a kind spirit, generous nature, and lit up a room when she entered. Julie had a real soft spot for children and veterans, volunteering countless hours for charitable causes including Make a Wish Foundation, Wreaths Across America, Forgotten Harvest, and packing military gift boxes to send to soldiers. She sent valentine cards to residents at local nursing homes and never passed up a kid with a lemonade stand.

In her 20s, she met and dated Mike Janway and became a bonus mom to his children, Arielle and David, whom she loved as her own.

A 1983 graduate of Lake Orion High School, Julie worked as a popular waitress for many years handing out food and plenty of sass to her regular customers. She later earned her massage therapist certification and traveled to patient’s homes and nursing homes for many years where she especially enjoyed working with the elderly. In 2014, she graduated from Oakland County Community College with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies.

Julie enjoyed cooking, painting, and attending rock concerts and lectures with her friends. She was always interested in everything the world had to offer, especially travel, the beach, camping, and laughing with friends. Julie’s favorite holiday was Halloween, and she loved dressing up in outrageous costumes.

She was preceded in death by her parents Lester Duane Fox and Bettie Dawn Fox and her dear friends Mike Janway and Carolyn Kilgore.

Julie is survived by her brothers Allen Fox and Jeff (Serena) Fox; “Sissy” Kathleen (Jay) Havener; bonus son David (Machaela) Griek; bonus daughter Arielle (Colin) Dening; grandchildren Huxton, Kaladin, and Tavia; nephews Tim (Cathy) Fox, Joshua (Andrea) Havener, and Jacob (Alyssa) Havener; niece Tara Fox; great nephews Nicholas (Kaleigh) Fox, Jared (Veronica) Fox, and Sullivan “Sully” Havener; and great great-niece Jocelyn Fox and great great-nephew Hunter Fox.

The memory of Julie Fox will forever live on in the hearts and minds of those who were fortunate enough to know her. It is no surprise that her life’s motto was, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

A funeral service for Julie will be held on Saturday, August 26th at 11 a.m. at Oakwood Restoration Branch of Jesus Christ. The church is located at 5220 Oakwood Rd., Ortonville, Michigan 48462. Donations in Julie’s name may be made to Gilda’s Club and Forgotten Harvest.