2019 – July 1

2019 – June 11

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 1, 2019



I have prepared many things, for those who desire to live in my presence. Things beyond man’s ability to comprehend. Things of profound beauty, things unheard of and unspoken among the children of men. Vast storehouses of knowledge will be available. Volumes of books, containing the continuing creations of God. Information revealing the innermost thoughts of your Heavenly Father. Things of such spiritual magnitude that man will not be able to read them, without a complete transformation of body and thought. For great and majestic is the God of the universe, and there is no end to My works, neither to My glory.

The majesty of My presence causes all things to tremble and to acknowledge My great omnipotence. My great love and mercy, for My creation, cannot be explained or even comprehended.

My voice speaks now, and is heard ten thousand generations into the future.

Learning of your wonderful God will never stop, for I am beyond time, and beyond comprehension. Yet, I reach down to My creation, in loving gesture, seeking to hold each one, and to share with everyone My un-denying wisdom.

I am all powerful. When I walk, the heavens shake and tremble. When I speak, the universe listens with great anticipation, for many times, the words of My mouth, create new stars and galaxies.

I exist in a dimension not yet known to man, and it will take a thousand generations, even to begin to comprehend, a small portion of My ways.

So, I have revealed Myself, in the person of, Jesus. I have redeemed all men, in the sacrifice of My son. He has walked among men, sharing His love. He longs to remain on the earth, in order that He converse with My children, as a father longs to converse with his own offspring.

So, in a short time, He will reveal more of Himself to His beloved people, by endowing certain men, chosen before the world was even in existence.

These men will go forth undaunted, declaring His existence, and bringing thousands and tens of thousands to repentance.

My will is, to draw all men unto Myself. I love to see My image in their countenance.

As the universe continues to expand, so will the understanding of man continue to grow, until man will eventually comprehend their God.

To be true to My word, I will continue to bring to pass prophetic words, uttered by many prophets and saints, who lived from the time of Adam, even down to the present day.

The prophetic words in the Doctrine and Covenants, will come to pass, as surely as the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west.

Prophecy, concerning the Jews, is about to be fulfilled; concerning a great war, which will engulf all Middle Eastern countries, and eventually, spread death and carnage, within the United States.

Pillars of smoke will rise to the heavens, declaring the time of great devastation.

Genocide of the young will cease as war machines roar through the towns and cities destroying all things that are an offence in My sight.

I will use the weapons of destruction to destroy the wicked. My anger is kindled in heaven and I will not hold Judgment, for angels in heaven are ready to reap the earth.

My throne is set in the heavens. The day will come that I will reign upon the earth.

The roar of multitudes who now spend vast amounts of money on sports events will no longer be heard. But there will be weeping and wailing. All things unholy will disappear during a time of great destruction never before witnessed upon the land.

A time of evangelism is about to begin for untold millions who know not that I exist. I will not allow those that have never known the truth to be swept away in My anger. However, those who know My truth and do nothing, will not survive the cleansing soon to begin.

The priesthood will stand forth as never before, similar to the prophets of old and declare My doings in all parts of the land.

My outreach to the souls in other countries will amaze those who have lost sight of My great admonition to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

My people in Asia, Mexico, the Middle East and other areas are hungering for My gospel and yearning to know their Savior. Many are yearning and longing to be delivered. Longing to find their God. Longing to be free.

So, arise ye men of Latter Day Israel. Proclaim My word to prepare My people for a great outpouring of My spirit which will cause the Knowledge of God to sweep the Earth as with a flood.

You have heard of the work being done in the Philippines and in Africa. These people are of a humble heart. They are ready for My Kingdom. Many have already sacrificed all for Zion. Yet, in this land of America, people hoard their wealth and do not seek to spread the word of My power.

So, I will hasten the destruction that I might awaken all who slumber at noonday. I will remove all things that keep My people occupied in Babylon.

I will cleanse the land and I will cleanse the hearts of many so that they will witness as Samuel the Lamanite who stood upon the wall.

In spite of persecution and threats of death, he delivered the message that I gave him.

The lodgings of My selected saints will be filled with so many people that it will be difficult to walk through their homes.

The cries for assistance will echo through the towns and villages of this country. The pleas for food, water and shelter will cause a wailing heard throughout the land.

So, again I say, be ready and your God will create upon your dwellings a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night so that many without means will know where to come for support.

Make your homes holy so that I might sanctify them. Be ready to witness to the physical needs first and then to the spiritual needs.

Let My light shine through you so that you radiate the love and concern of the Heavenly Father.

It all comes soon, My saints. It’s almost midnight. Hasten to receive those I send to your home and love them even as I have loved you.

Amen and Amen