2020 – January 24

2019 – July 1

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
January 24, 2020



Make haste; prepare the feast; set in order your homes and seek your Lord. My arms are open wide, ready to receive all those who desire the riches of eternity and the loving presence of their Savior.

Make ready, for the enemy of your souls has mustered his army to destroy this land of freedom and to abolish the constitution which was ordained and brought forth by the direction of my Holy Spirit.

The enemy is becoming more brazen, not fearful of speaking lies. They are bringing down the wrath of God not only upon themselves but upon this nation that is upholding this wickedness in high places.

Call a solemn assembly of prayer. Sound the alarm in my holy mountain. Unknown to the general public, secret plans are underway to remove from his office the president of this land, even if it be by violence.

Cry out to your heavenly Father to protect the administration now in power. The alternative will bring desolation and death to any who will not follow after those evil men who practice witchcraft and government representatives in high places who seek more power.

Diligently make a cry throughout the land, for secret combinations now control many governmental offices, commerce, recreation and higher institutions of learning.

Seek the great I Am for He alone is able to protect and deliver. Even this night, groups are meeting in secret societies and underground camps to plan a complete take over of all Presidential duties.

These people hold massive amounts of wealth with which they buy votes and control large corporations with influence in the medical field and food industries.

The wary and watchful are praying, for when the watchmen see the danger, they warn the people, thus ridding their own garments of their blood.

But woe to the slothful. Woe to those who do not see the need to plead with their God. Very soon, many disillusioned people will storm the gates of your homes and commandeer your property and supplies.

Tonight, this warning is being given, for the handwriting is on the wall, and this nation has been weighed in the balance, and found wanting.

The exhibitions of my power will soon be witnessed by those who love their Savior and desire His protection and grace.

My love for my people has not diminished, neither will my hand slacken in preserving my loved ones. For when I beckoned, you answered. When I pleaded, you heeded my warning. When I desired your service, you gave all to my cause. Oh, my Saints, I again cry unto you, for many do not see the evil working in the darkness, ready to devour all who will not follow them.

This plague in China is but the beginning of massive viruses that will soon be staggering and there will be no recovery from some of the illnesses.

Evil men are trying to create such a deadly form of disease that they will be able to control nations. Many new viruses are being developed in laboratories to use on those who will not submit to oppressive rule.

You know there are deadly substances in the hands of China, but also Russia has tested them on their own people as well, not caring about the suffering they have caused.

But, all of this has been prophesied and those who are in tune with the Savior are aware of many things to come.

And so, dearly beloved, I also yearn for Zion. I desire that my Saints will put their lives in order that I may shield them from the pestilence that stalks the night and the hatred that fills the day.

I yearn for my people, for I must cause my holy city to come quickly, lest even the very elect are lost. Even now there are those in prayer crying for deliverance and seeking my help as the wickedness of the day continues to grow.

So, to you who love your Savior and your God, fear not, for I will send mighty winds and great storms to protect those whose hearts are pure before Me. Look up and be glad, for you will be my servants and the fruit from the vineyard will be harvested and gathered into the barns.

Let this message bring great hope and assurance, for I tell you these things before they happen that you not be taken unaware. Remember, none can harm who God protecteth. Amen and Amen.