2022 – March 27

2022 – March 16

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
March 27, 2022



Make ready My children. Cleanse yourselves. Prepare for that which is to come, for prophecy is being fulfilled before your very eyes and God will soon reveal His endowed priesthood whom He has set apart and chosen for the closing hour of earth’s great calamity. Receive this message for I cry unto My saints and to all who will hear, that upon my house shall judgment soon begin in great measure.

Upon My hold sanctuaries there will be a fire that the congregations will be purged of all unrighteousness. And, as Israel gazed upon Mt Sinai and saw the fire of God, fearful of treading even upon the foothills, so will this fire prove whom I will preserve and will reveal who it is that will flee away.

Gird yourselves. Make every effort to come out of Babylon so that you will not have to endure more plagues that will begin upon this land. Purge yourselves of all uncleanliness, for I will also purge the nations of their iniquities and make Myself known is great power, and bring to pass all those things spoken of by My prophets.

Again, I give counsel that time is fleeing away and all those not gathered into this area will need to flee or suffer severe judgment that will fill the land.

You, of sound understanding, those of you with spiritual insight, is it not plain what is transpiring in all the earth? Is it not clear what is about to happen? You, who see with your eyes, continue on for I have decreed that a nation of wicked design will come against you, and as people of the Ukraine are fleeing now before Russian forces, so many will flee into the Center Place and surrounding areas.

So, I keep speaking and I keep warning. I challenge those of pure intent. Get all things in order within your homes that is of an unholy nature, and that which you cannot remove, due to present circumstances, will dissolve away as I increase My Holy Presence in your houses and in your churches. Leave all behind that will render you helpless when the forces of darkness lean heavily upon you. Take My sword and quote My word. Take My shield to guard against the adversary. Wear the helmet of salvation and let your feet be shod with gospel.

The time of great upheavals is soon to come. Present day life will give way to pioneer living. Groceries and staples will disappear, no longer to be found or purchased. Mass starvation will cover the land, and people will even eat their children in some places. Be believing and do not doubt, for even though a scourge is coming there will also be glorious displays, and remnants of Israel shall come to Zion in melodious song and praise. Live each day as thou I were here. Follow the ancient landmarks that will lead to Zion’s redemption.

Though weapons of war will reign down terror, I will intervene and their weapons will turn upon their own heads for I decree that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. No evil force of a spiritual nature will reign in your midst for I and I alone reign supreme. The time is approaching, for even now on the horizon are seen raging lions seeking to destroy and devour. Who is it that will go forth as lions and tear in pieces those not prepared for My Arm of Protection? Those from the south, armed with bitterness and hatred, are even now numbering their swords and preparing to sweep through the land. Cry My people. Sound an alarm in all My Holy Mountain. Break forth in full measure, reassuring those of true discipleship that they will be preserved. It is soon to begin. Look to September and to other days of autumn, for little by little, the dominion of Satan will crumble and the great hordes of the wicked will no longer be found. 

So be it. Amen