2022 – March 16

2022 – February 26

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
March 16, 2022



Not far distant and even at the door, I declare that great and marvelous things will be revealed to My people. For as I have already stated, My work shall go forth even unto the far corners of the earth. I forget not My precious people who dwell in other nations and across the great waters. For what I have spoken will be fulfilled, and what I have promised will come to pass.

Unbeknownst to My people, there are prophets who, even now, are walking among the nations, speaking words of light and truth, and giving knowledge of that which is to come, to all who will heed their words: These are those who are seeking Me fervently, and are in communion with My spirit, enjoying the gifts I so freely offer.

Ready to come to this area are groups of many who have fasted and prayed, to know the truth, and who walk in holiness before Me. You remember that when Moses fled into the desert, he met a man of authority, who was Jethro. Even though Israel was still in bondage, I had men ordained, under My hand, who kept in touch with their maker, and retained precious truths, handed down from generation to generation.

My people would be amazed to see holy Men walking among the Chinese and among other peoples in faraway lands. After the flood, when the people were dispersed into all the earth at the confounding of the language, some held fast to the testimony given by Noah, and others that they were to worship me, and keep alive the doctrine preached by Noah and Shem. They wandered throughout the earth, and although many forgot My ways, and rejected My sovereignty, there were some who remained faithful. Hidden to the world, yet known by Me, they were led to distant lands, and a few kept the laws I had given. One group led away, were the Jaredites, but there were others who I led to specific areas, to keep their covenant with Me. Although many were lost, there yet remained a few who carried in their heart My words and precepts. Even down to the present day, they have endured centuries of war, famine, and inhumane treatment, yet they survived, by My almighty hand.

So it is, soon their prophets will stretch forth their hands and proclaim amongst those who are committed, to gather up what possessions they can carry, and follow their prophets to this great land of America. And although this choice land has forsaken her blessings, yet Zion will rise and those of foreign ancestry will come to the borders of My City, with praise on their lips and joy in their hearts. For the earth is mine, and the God of Israel shall rule upon Mount Zion, and in Jerusalem.

Make ready, O saints of Latter day Israel. Some prepare with all heed to great warnings, but remember that you are here to welcome the lost tribes of Israel, and others who seek My face. Prepare yourselves, and make ready, for even My endowed priesthood will open the way so that many will see the truths of God, and come to a knowledge of Jesus the Christ.

Who is it that will shelter within your homes? Who is it that you will feed, clothe, and nourish? Who are those who will listen to your voice, and open their ears, to My counsel? It will be those brought to sincere repentance, and Godly understanding, not only in this land, but also the Islands of the sea.

Acquaint yourself with My word, to the point I can use you to speak like those of old, who converted thousands, and brought the knowledge of redemption to a sinful world. When the time comes, you must be ready for Me to give you words of eternal significance, so that you will be able to speak the languages of many nations, sharing with them the great truths and mysteries of the Eternal Father.

When My priesthood bring even hundreds to the doors of your churches, will you receive them of different appearance, or shun those of different colors and races? If My people were ready, I could even now endow, and the numbers in your sanctuaries would extend beyond the walls and properties of your church buildings. Receive this counsel from your Father in heaven. If you were ready, I would even now bring many souls to your doors and there would be an explosion of faith and song not seen since the days of Pentecost, and the days of Christ appearance to the Lamanite and Nephite nations. Yet, if I have only eight who are ready, I will begin the great evangelical work that cries for fulfillment, for the days of much agony and distress are almost upon you. Rise up O latter Day Israel. You can take the land, for I have promised it to you. You can overcome the giants, and the fortresses that stand in your way, if you will trust in My promises and go forth into battle with the hosts of heaven at your side.

My people of the restored church, I will send forth My endowment, IF YOU ARE PREPARED OR NOT, but I desire all to be a part of the great movement of God, for I weep for those who will find themselves left out, and cannot enter. Open your hearts and expand your understanding, for the enemy of your soul finds residence with those who fear and hide in their houses, and tremble at the sound of wild beasts. My heart is filled with love for you. I yearn for you to be with Me, I long for you to ride upon My winds. As I opened the sea before the people of Israel, I will open up the way for you, to declare My gospel, and to lead millions into the holy place known as Mount Zion.

Come My children. Those who are My sheep will heed and follow their Shepherd. The forces of destruction are gathering against you, and if you wait too long, the way will be most difficult, and for some, it will be too late. Come My children. It is the closing hour. I come quickly, and I bring the glories of eternal life with Me. 

So it is, I again have revealed some of what is to come. Now it is in your hands, to make ready, or to be engulfed in the surge of destruction, soon to begin. Amen.