2023 – October 8

2023 – August 28

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
October 8, 2023



Reference: Hamas attacked Israel yesterday, October 7, 2023

What about the war in Israel at this time?

The war is soon to escalate into a major conflict which will engulf not only the Middle East, but the entire world. As one view the latest events, it is evident that the forces of darkness prevail among a people who worship a false god. A god of darkness, a god of satanic origin generated by false theology and demons of deception.

The circumstances of further confrontation are clearly spoken of in Biblical text. However, the full impact of this current event is not fully revealed nor understood by some at the national level nor within the minds of My own people. The towers of humanism are beginning to crumble and the bridge of reconciliation between those who know not the true God and those who depend on His grace is collapsing. Men will not be able to rebuild a relationship with misguided people for their god is Satan and they worship his place of forced allegiance.

So, in regards to the present situation, I declare that unless My people cry mightily unto Me for the peace of Jerusalem, the very powers of hell will be unleashed and war will cover the earth, leaving only one place of refuge for those who find themselves in dire circumstances. Though it is declared in MY Word that all who do not wish to take up their sword against their neighbor must needs flee to Zion, it is still possible to delay certain events or to even change the course of future events. Have I not said that if My people will humble themselves and pray and forsake their evil ways that I would hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land?

So, I bid My saints and other righteous believers to seek My throne on the name of Jesus and petition for the warring nations. My people need to cry unto Me in their homes, in their fields, and at their workplaces that the tide of destruction be turned for it threatens to wash away the foundations of liberty and peaceful existence of the earth.

I have given men agency, so the outcome of this present crisis is in assisting in the spreading of My gospel throughout the earth and in bringing to pass the cause of Zion.

So now it is imperative that My people cry unto Me for deliverance. If My counsel is not heeded the cry of war will be heard in this land and many will be lost because they do not know their Savior. I extend to My saints another warning for it is My desire that none be lost and that all men might be saved.

So be it. Amen and Amen