2023 – August 28

2023- July 30

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
August 28, 2023



Attend unto My word. Let My Spirit guide your every activity. Spend time with Me during the day when you feel anxious or burdened down. Keep your thoughts on things of lovely design. Let all disquieting news flee from your mind as you meditate upon the wonderful things I have offered to those who love Me.

Each day when you spend time in My word, you are establishing and reinforcing barriers to sickness, fear, and to spirits of evil intention. As you strengthen your fortifications by the power of My word, hold fast to those things that will guard your mind and your heart from the powers of darkness that are now wreaking havoc among all nations, kindreds and tongues. Allow My Spirit to permeate every fiber of your being. For My Spirit has the ability to cause healing in the body, the mind, and the spirit. When My Spirit is present in a person it overpowers all things not beneficial to man’s well-being.

It is important to not only feast on God’s Word, but it is also important to feast on all nutritious foods that I have created. Today’s food sources are contaminated by substances developed by those who seek monetary gain. They care not for their fellowman, neither do they have any desire to help those who are weak and infirm from chemical additives found in much of today’s food products. Even so, I bless the food My people consume if they choose to ask a blessing over their table.

The wicked hand of satanic forces so envelope the land, at this time, that many have succumbed to various diseases simply due to pesticide sprays and poisons added to all commercially processed foods. Even fresh produce is sprayed with substances produced in laboratories by evil men. They have embraced satanic lies, not realizing their own bodies and those of their families will suffer even unto death as these chemicals penetrate soil and water sources.

So, I have commanded the earth to intensify its effort to cleanse its surface of all foul and decimating materials. The fires that have ravished and are destroying vast areas of forest and land, due to drought will continue to consume as time passes. The gravity of these events will cause extensive suffering among those who inhabit these areas.

I have ordained this earth to be the place of My Zion. It was created for this purpose. I reign over all creation and I will occupy My place of omnipotence on the earth when the earth is made ready for heavenly habitation.

This small planet is but one of many, too numerous for man to count. I have chosen it for a special purpose and that is why Satan desires to destroy it and all of its inhabitants. Make no mistake. I reign over all regions of the universe. My power is the substance of all creation and My word is the means of implementation. All things will bow before Me.

Eons of time elapsed before the earth’s formation. The universe long existed before I spoke the earth out of darkness and formed its land mass and waters. So much has transpired in past millenniums that man will not be able to learn about all My creations for My love expands to all dimensions of existence and there is no end to My Work, neither to My Glory.

I chose this small planet among the billions to house a portion of My Kingdom. It was chosen as an eternal resting place for man. Man will learn much more about his Creator who existed before all things were created. Man seeks to understand his Creator and I long to reveal more of Myself, but I am hindered because My people do not know My scriptures as they should, for I revealed Myself to those who sought Me in ancient time. My scriptures are a revelation of enlightenment though I have much more to share with those who have embraced My Son and who follow His teachings. Be not ashamed to proclaim My existence even when faced with harsh retribution. I faced the powers of darkness that were sent against Me and I overcame them by My victory on the cross. Let earth and hell combine against you but know that you will be victorious and reign with Me on Zion’s hill. The coming forth of My Kingdom will bring much convulsion. Built the end of this tribulation will bring the Glorious Kingdom of God ruling all nations.

This is the hour spoken of in past dispensations. The time of great gathering and restoration will cause the evil ones to howl in consternation and cause the righteous to praise God Almighty for their redemption.

So be it. Amen and Amen