2024 April 22

2024 – March 9

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
April 22, 2024



Dearest Lord – Concerning the next plague that is coming: Will it come upon us suddenly? Will it be
related to the election or other world events? I ask this in the name of Jesus as it is according to your will.

The pending plague will appear just before the election in order to keep Donald Trump from attaining the office of President. For if things continue on in their present state, he will succeed in obtaining the votes necessary to sit in the office of President of The United States. There will be mandates set in place
whereby no elections can be held and then it is, free expression will cease. It will be the beginning of
famine of the word for it will lead to the silencing of truth both by way of the internet and by way of
commercial interaction. For anyone who speaks against government authority will be labeled as an
anarchist or terrorist. Even while speaking on your phone, you will need to be careful of your words for all means of communication will be monitored and there will be threats of violence against any who speak of tyranny at the level of government authority. If you stand for truth, you will stand alone, except that I will
stand beside you. It will be a serious offense to speak against any authority that is placed in control. You
will be able to attend church, but it will also be monitored in that to speak any word against said authority will bring about church closure and loss of assembly.

 Declare this to all who will hear for time now has almost run out, and to be unprepared will bring about much trial and desperation. Gather, this summer, any items you feel will be necessary in days to come. I will multiply what you are able to accumulate. Treat not lightly this message for I have given warning for over 200 years, and now will be fulfilled the final events that will cause Babylon to fall and also usher in Zionic communities. The need for safe havens will be absolutely necessary in order to survive the deterioration of society’s matrix.

Look to Me, your Savior, for I have the power to silence the storm, to prevent mass genocide, and to lead the people into My arms of safety as the scourge goes flaming past. Thus it is that evil has reached a level of intensity that I must move, even to save the elect, as well as millions of others who would otherwise perish when judgment begin. For one cannot forever hide from the result of offenses nor can one ignore a raging fire if it is sweeping toward your dwelling. 

Explore the possibilities of deliverance as you read My words of hope and rely only on Me to silence the storm. Reach forth and pursue My ways of peace. Stretch forth your hand and continue to minister to the oppressed, visit the sick, and offer comfort to those who are going through trials. For each time you help your fellowman, you are helping Me. Each time you touch the life of any person, you are reaching out and touching Me. Even if you can only pray, your prayers will be heard and answered as myriads of heavenly hosts wait to respond to the prayers of My people.

 Let go of things that cause you to fear and to tremble. For My refuge is solid and its bulwarks are strong. No enemy that comes against you shall prosper if the presence of My Spirit resides in your heart and in your home. Give ear lest sudden destruction overtakes you. Refrain from worry for this brings spirits of deception and torment. Release all things into My care for there is no power that can overwhelm Me and by the power of My might you will be victorious. 

Hasten now to your task. Let nothing deter you for I come with healing in My wings and I alone will subdue all things under my feet.
So be it. Amen