2024 – March 9

2024 – March 7

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
March 9, 2024



Heed the words of warning given by those set aside to bring to remembrance the things prophesied concerning latter day events. For in spite of many things happening today, people are still walking in darkness and few seek the light. Their lives are comfortable for I have blessed this nation from its inception and each generation has been given an abundance of materials because the generation before them worked and gave all they had for their posterity.

Former generations had a greater faith in God due to the hardships of every day life. Their efforts were rewarded and the generations following reaped the harvest of those who had gone before. But as each generation receives the abundance of blessings, they forget their God. They transgress the laws, ignore the Word, and hasten to disgrace the name of Christian by participating in foul and pagan activities related to Babylon and to the flesh pots of Egypt. Unequaled in wickedness, even when measured against Sodom and Gomorrah, the rate of disintegrating moral standards accelerates at unprecedented speed each day that I grant unto men. So, ever closer the events of prophetic verse grow closer to fruition and the cry for repentance is seldom heard throughout the land.

Daughters of My church, listen to the voice of your Maker. When you cried unto Me, did I not answer? When you were weary and laden with problems, did I not hasten to hear your cries? Why are many of you still lingering in the path of materialism? Why do you concern yourself with trivial pleasantries when the women at your workplace and within the realm of your influence rarely hear your voice of testimony?
Women of old bore testimony daily of My wonderous love by helping the poor, assisting the sick, and ministering to the needs of others around them. Some of you are involved in that now, but many are involved in parties and home decorations, feeling no empathy for those who live on the streets and sleep at shelters. The number of poor grows larger. Each day brings families closer to eviction and the rationing of
food will begin in a very short time.

Have you studied My scriptures to learn how to deal with famine and homelessness? Are you prepared to open your door to those who have no shelter and live day by day on a few morsels of food from a rich man’s table?

The only solution is My Kingdom of Zion, for only I can provide for hundreds of millions. Yet, I have chosen you, My saints, to lead the endeavor. Some are now giving of themselves and their resources, while others sit dormant in their comfortable environments and a seed lay silent in frozen ground. It is My desire that all have opportunity to eat from My vineyard and bask in the light of plentiful provision. But, as you write these words, many are hungry and line up for free meals at shelters and missions.

This crisis will worsen to the point that those without food and shelter will outnumber the privileged and
what you have stored for yourselves will be taken by those whose bellies are hungry and whose minds are
in derision. Prepare yourselves to meet this great challenge. Call forth My angels to guide your decisions.

Prepare to speak in My name to call forth provision. Is your faith strong enough to honor your mission so that others may find Me along with a bowl of soup and a warm place to slumber? Carry My Spirit in your hearts daily and walk circumspectly in word and in deed. Count the cost of inactive service, for you may find yourselves among the destitute and homeless. Women of old wove homemade garments and knew how to cook with limited ingredients. Women today depend upon convenience and know little of survival and using what they have.

So, all will need to depend upon My greatness, for I will provide all that is needed and those in your care will reap the blessings of your preparation. Trust not in your storehouse, nor in your electricity. Keep My words in your mind and in the innermost part of your being and, as you call forth those things to help others, your faith will produce the substance necessary for life and survival. I have much to offer but few seek My wisdom. So, ask now, in times of quiet existence, to know how to proceed from this day forward so that you might be one of My handmaidens to bless the masses and, alongside My Priesthood, bring about the cause of My Zion in this latter day.

So be it. Amen