2024 – January 21

2023 – October 20

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
January 21, 2024



I say unto all those who await the coming desolation and the fall of Babylon. Hear the words of your God, your Creator, your Savior. I have often spoken to My lovely saints by way of prophetic voice, song and in whispers, for I long to be with each person that I have created. When you walk through the day I speak in a still small voice. I send My Spirit to open your eyes and enlighten your minds. But oft times you are so busy that you cannot hear the whisper of My Spirit nor feel the presence of My love.

So it is, we draw closer to the culmination of those things spoken of down through the ages by prophets, priests, seers and laymen. All that man has endured has been for a purpose. A purpose higher than man’s perception and deeper than his comprehension. But it is to this hour I have brought you. It is to this place you have been given an invitation to be a part of God’s great plan to gather out from all nations those
whose hearts are right before Me. Now the time grows closer that will reveal great expectations of power upon a world that no longer knows right from wrong, nor good from evil.

I will touch the elements that they will speak forth My name. The harmony of nature will be spoiled for a season as mountains move to display My glory and oceans breach the dikes of man’s dominion. I will speak to the winds and they shall blow across the earth in the wake of hurricane, tornado and violent
turbulence. The once quiet forest whose voice was of the songbird, the rustling of the ground squirrels, and the cry of the falcon, will be one of roaring and disruption for the trees will sway in great alarm, the birds will be silent and the animals will leave foliage for places of a more secure possession. Branches
which held the nests of many feathered creatures will whip and thrash like vipers caught in a snare. The roaring of the wind through quiet glen and valley will sound like an engine from a powerful locomotive or a jet on the runway as it streaks toward a distant horizon.
The meadows, so quiet in their nature, will be as a whirlwind, ripping grasses from their foundation and causing sounds of travail and wailing. Lovely fenced patios and private vineyards will no longer smell of fresh flora or greet happy visitors with rows of roses and bright colored flowers. Scenes of nature once serene and calm will no longer be observed by those who appreciate the fragrance of flowers and the loveliness of color. For the earth will be in turmoil such as was seen in past ages when the wickedness grew to such an extent that it caused the earth to tremble. Houses of sound foundation will stand during hailstorms if angels guard their entrances and My Spirit dwells within them.

You look toward an election with purposed expectation, hoping a leader of integrity will grace the Capitol Building and cause a great shift in political thought and action. But no matter who resides within the hallowed walls of the White House or the Congress, the anchors of freedom and self determination no longer have the strength to hold together the desires of your founding fathers. Mold, mildew, and rot have crept into the foundation of America’s stance on religion and individual choice and decision. Bright lights of entertainment as well as festivals and celebrations now form the hopes and dreams of most American citizens. In the meantime, the decadence is growing and the youth in this nation know not their purpose nor their direction. So, I will be sending all that is necessary to preserve this nation for the sake of My Kingdom and to spread the love of God and His promised protection.

Are you prepared to satisfy the stranger? Have My words found residence within your mind and heart? Do you know My counsel of direction so that you can lead others to the sacrifice of the cross? Listen, My beloved ones, for above the voice of worldly station and the cry of fans from many sports stadiums, there is a voice of caution which is threatening. For if you heed not My counsel in these days of preparation you will not survive the coming desolation.

So, think now of Zion! How wonderful it will be to live among the ancients who will walk the streets of Zion and share their treasured vision. How beautiful it will be to converse with the angels, for Moroni and others will be ready to teach and instruct the words of My mission. How delightful it will be to see those of family who left the earthly realm to dwell among the heavenly host learning more about My purpose of creation. How glorious it will be to see your loving Savior, to sit on the hillsides and listen to His teachings. How
marvelous will be your understanding as the door to knowledge is opened for your visitation. So, haste now, for this is but one more warning. I have held back certain events to help you in your
preparation. Pray while it is yet a peaceful situation. Study while your lights brighten your household. Teach others when the opportunity arises. And, warn in love of coming desolation.

For those whose god is Satan and those of wicked intentions will unleash upon an unsuspecting people arrows of destruction and a pestilence of darkness that will engulf every man as the electrical grid crashes and modern conveniences come to an end. Seek Me now while you have the convenience of warm homes and industrial convention.

Let not fear guide your footsteps, but walk right beside Me and I will lead you to a place of peace and consolation. For the source of My strength will not fail you and your purpose for living will be
accomplished. Know My voice now and wait not to seek it in days of tribulation. It is yet day when you can work, but the night approaches when the opportunity to assist will have passed.

So be it. Amen