2024 – March 7

2024 – January 21

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
March 7, 2024



Upon hearing the news that precious documents and historical sites, such as the Kirtland Temple, had been sold by the Community of Christ to the Mormons, I received this message: The temple was built by the sacrifice of My saints in the midst of persecution and strife. They sacrificed their time, their possessions, and even their lives, for some were aged and the building of such an edifice took a toll on those whose bodies were frail and bent over by the hardships of life.

I have seen this type of negligence and sacrilege before. In Jerusalem, My temple was destroyed on two different occasions and the contents of many sacred texts were burned by the Romans as they ransacked the city, killed many of the inhabitants, and defiled holy ground. But this concerted effort by man to destroy all things holy did not go unpunished. Every empire that came against My people fell at the hands
of other nations. Even today, remains can be seen of Roman occupation and of Babylon’s demise. Only a small amount of mud-fired bricks and scanty walls can be seen as a reminder of great and mighty cities whose armies defied the attempt of other powers to conquer them. They are as dust now and the echo of their chariots, along with the clash of their swords, has long faded into oblivion. Only a remembrance of their greatness can be found on some clay tablets and recorded in a few historical books, whose print will also diminish over time.

So it is, the temple in Kirtland has been sold to those whose heritage was one of deceit and villainy brought to pass by wicked men who sought to rule by their own will and carnal desires. But I will not allow these sacred things to vanish away without recompense. There will be a reprisal, as things of great value were sold away as one would sell an antique desk for a pre-determined price. Did Judas not sell My whereabouts for 30 pieces of silver? There have been many others who have sold their very souls for the sake of the world’s favor. So it is, once again the very ones who were given charge of sacred historical
documents have destroyed the trust granted unto them by their fellow saints. That which has been entrusted to them has been lost for they value not the things of God and line their pockets with the bounty from sacred texts and materials. The precious documents hitherto kept in trust by church leaders were rendered as valueless by those whose hands are stained with the mark of a traitor and whose souls are in danger of eternal reprisal.

Weep not for the precious documents now lost to My flock, for they can be retrieved by way of revelation. Rather, weep for those who now bask in the bounty of lost treasure, for judgment comes swiftly and those stained with the blood of the martyrs will not fare well in the coming destruction. The temple, on the other hand, will be reclaimed by the power of My mighty hand when the time is ripe to redeem it. For that temple will yet serve Me as men will go forth to the ends of the earth to bring Israel to the gates of My city.

So, hasten now to your task in preparing for your mission. Great will be the work that awaits My saints if they will now seek to anchor themselves in My promises. There will be a great awakening, and the people who have given their all, in anticipation of My will, shall be granted the privilege and the opportunity to witness to thousands that Jesus is the Messiah, and that He reigns on Zion’s Mountain in the place now
called Independence, which land bears the scars and carries the blood of saints whose lives were given without hesitation to help in the building of God’s great fortress.

To this end I have spoken, for as the blood of Abel spoke forth to Me from the ground, so the blood of the saints speaks forth today. I have not forgotten those who were forsaken, and the efforts of those who went before will be gratified in glory as Zion flourishes upon the hills. The beckoning of her towers will call forth the nations and the glory of God’s power will fill the earth with terror and astonishment.

Speak forth to My people. Tell them not to weep for the lost artifacts for I will arise and shake terribly the earth. The sun shall hide its face and the stars will fall from heaven. The mountains shall flow down at My presence when I come in glory to sit upon My throne of power, reigning over all the earth. Spend no more time in grief. Give all your strength to your assignment.

Shall I not fulfill all the promises given in scripture and in revelation? Does man hold the authority to thwart My plans for a great city that shall rise in this generation? Do you feel I have no power to complete that which I have promised? Is My hand shortened that it cannot save?

Remain firm in your trust of all things given and lean not on your own understanding. There is no power on earth or in heaven that can withhold the fulfillment of marvelous blessings. My Word is eternal. It stands when all else fails.
Your task must remain your focus. Worry not over My ability to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Waver not in the fact that My Kingdom shall cover the earth. Receive not words of doubt or frustration. Remember My promise and go forth in joy and in anticipation.

So be it. Amen