Messages to the Church of Jesus Christ, the Restored Latter Day Saints (oldest to newest)

Ward A. Hougas
August 24, 1950
Eastern Colorado Reunion

The voice of the Spirit comes to you, this My people, on this beautiful morning, bringing to you the assurance that your heavenly Father is pleased with your spirit of devotion, with your desires, with your intentions.
Yet His heart is grieved by the fickleness of your convictions and the manner in which we toy with the things of the Restoration as a child toys with the trinkets about his feet. And in the most crucial hour that the world has ever known, you still play with things of the world and give yourselves to the pleasures of the world as though no responsibilities rested upon your shoulders.
And the things that might have been so grand and beautiful would have been by now, had those, upon whose shoulders rested the ability to do so much, done more. But you have done so little; and I speak especially this morning to those who have accepted the responsibility of the priesthood because you stand in the stead of the Master.
And yet, because of your desires for the things of the world, because of your desires for wealth and for popularity and for power, the responsibilities of the Kingdom have been forgotten. Did not My servants of old leave their nets and their places of tribute that My Kingdom might be established?
And I ask you now, if you, too, will leave your nets and your places of tribute that your lives may be given, unrestricted, except for those responsibilities which call for the necessities of life, that the Kingdom might be builded in this hour. And, likewise those of you of the membership, the responsibility of forwarding My work rests upon you. Only as you respond to the needs of those about you, only as you testify both by your life and by word of mouth, shall My Kingdom be established.
Many of you who are parents have failed to give to your children the heritage of a faith in God and of a faith in the Kingdom which impels them into service. Your negligence is painful in My sight.
I would this morning that My people might understand that the time is short. The days of war are at your very doors, and nation upon nation shall go down. Even this choice nation, which it is the Master’s desire above all else to protect, cannot be fully protected because of the sins of the people.
My Saints shall stand in places of tribulation shall stand in places of great trial; and the very foundations upon which you stand shall be shaken. Except your convictions be great and except you give yourselves without reservations, you, too, shall face trials and eventually shall be counted among the lost.
And yet in the face of this hour, many people fail even in the simple things. Many of you are not faithful at the place of prayer. And many of you are not faithful as My Saints gather together with faith for instruction and devotion, into avenues that I have established for your growth and development, and yet are looked upon as trivial things incidental to your way of life.
The days of peace are gone from the world. Never again shall you see eras of peace as you have seen them in the past. Only between the greater eruptions of humanity shall there be lulls in which you shall find peace and happiness. Yet My promises are true; and those who shall give themselves, free from reservations that have held them down, and live aright shall find even in this hour peace and joy and satisfaction.
My arm is not shortened. My promises are not limited. My love stands forth as true for My people as ever before. I would gather you as I would many times have gathered you together; and yet ye will not, except you repent.
So, My little children, this morning I plead again that you forget the selfish ambitions that keep you from the causes of the Kingdom. Expel from your lives the things of the world which cause the people of the world to find you no different than they. The little habits, the little traits which you have developed in your pattern of living, must give way to greater life, to living which shall bring you close to the Master.
So in the spirit of this hour you can go forth, and this Spirit can be yours and will be yours to that degree to which you give yourselves unrelentingly, free from reservations and free from worldliness, that the voice of the Master might be with you eternally. Thus saith the Spirit unto you, My people. Amen

April, 1969

Just as I spoke to My servants of old, I am willing to speak now, and make known My will, when My people come before Me in humility and seek Me in faith, seek Me in simplicity of a little child, and when I speak, believe My words. Come even now to My throne and listen.
I know the shadows look deep around you, but can’t you see My face through the clouds? I am smiling upon My covenant people, that they may know the warmth of My love. Know ye that just as I stood in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, and they were freed from their bonds and came out without even with the smell of fire upon their garments, even so will I be with My people today.
Many of you feel that you have been tossed right into the fiery furnace because of the conditions that surround you on every hand, but you are failing to recognize My blessings. Your eyes are on the fiery furnace, or in other words the darts of Satan that he has sent forth in a mighty whirlwind. My promises are true, and have I not said that even in these very days you are living in, Satan would have power over his own? But I would have power over My people. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego kept their faith and trust in Me, and even if their lives had been taken, they would have come to Me rejoicing, and the victory would still have been theirs. I know that flesh is weak, and therefore I am very merciful, but I would instill in My people perfect faith and confidence in Me, and in the words I speak. Seek Me often. When My children come before Me, My ears are open to their pleas, and I would like to speak in comforting words and in counsel. It is needful that you keep your lives clean and pure, and that you keep My commandments. Keep alert to your opportunities to do good.
I am not a harsh  taskmaster; I am harsh only against sin and evil and things that destroy. Seek Me often and speak freely, and I will speak peace to your soul. I am not come to destroy but to set you free.
Do not trifle with My words. The arm of flesh has failed you and the wisdom of men is fast sinking into oblivion, sinking to rise no more. Henceforth My voice will guide the people of My choice and the wisdom that comes from above will be plainly manifest. So great will be the contrast that you will wonder how you ever could have listened for a moment to the other.
I planned without a mistake, for My wisdom is perfect, and My love is beyond comprehension. You should have listened always to My voice and when men veered from My blueprint, given plainly in My Word, you should have refused to follow, maintained your integrity, and pleaded My cause before the throne. This, many of you have done to the best of your ability, and it is for your benefit and to comfort you that I now speak. Truth will be freed from bondage and will sweep the earth as I have told you, lo these many years.
You feel that you have struggled against all odds to overcome, but as My Spirit is poured out upon you, in greater abundance that you have ever known, the shackles of sin will be broken, righteousness will abound in your midst, and Zionic conditions will be established that you will embrace one another in My great love.
Many of your hearts are pure before Me. Your prayers will be answered, an My angels will indeed be in your midst to bring light and understanding and to assist in your labors. Labor for Zion in all you do. Cast out selfishness far from you and remember that all My children are precious in My sight. Be willing to minister and do good to all who are brought within your reach. Ask that My Spirit will bless your work. My power is in your midst!
The enemy is strong, and his forces are combined, but My strength is greater, and My forces are being gathered together rapidly. There are glorious victories coming for the army of the Lord!
This is the closing hour for the enemy. He has invaded the land of Zion and polluted it until My people are fearful. To you he seems to have wound those silken cords and spread his net until there is no way to escape. Even though I have told you the way is opening, you still ponder in your hearts, but it will come speedily.
Even as the lightning flashes and lightens up the whole world as it spreads from one end of Heaven to the other, and your eyes are momentarily blinded by the brilliance, so shall My presence be felt among My people and My power welded in their behalf. In a much shorter time than you expect, the land of Zion will be cleansed. My temple will be builded and My servants sanctified an sent out to gather in the harvest, even as I planned from the beginning.
I cleanse by mighty power, but also by mighty power I protected and provide for My people. Know this, I am never taken unaware. What appears to you as great dangers, were planned and provided for even before the earth was born and My people need have no fear. Even the severe trials many of you have passed through, are but the cleansing process that has drawn you closer to Me and purged your lives of the dross that could not enter into My Kingdom.
Again, I say unto you, be encouraged, and listen for My voice as it enlightens your mind and gladdens your heart, and brings peace to your soul. Many of you will see the angels and converse with them, dreams and visions will increase, prophecies and tongues will be given for I have much to give and many blessings to bestow. Be faithful and obedient and rest assured in My love for you are in My care, and I will proved.
My son, that thou shouldst not walk without light, I give you this morning, to prepare yourself and as many as will listen and given heed to that which you will say to them in regard to the things which will soon transpire on the earth. I warn you, that you shall not be caught unaware but more that you shall believe and be strengthened, for your faith must be made equal to the day in which you will be required to use it. In the immediate future you shall see much bloodshed in the streets of this nation. The government shall be shaken to its very foundation and appear to be fallen, but I will preserve it for the sake of My people and Zion, for My will shall be done. Many problems shall vex the nations, economically, physically and financially. There will be disasters, especially on the West Coast, where their cup of iniquity is full and running over. Prepare yourselves in righteousness and seek through faith to endure the storms which shall soon descend upon you. Prepare in all ways that seem wise to you, with much prayer.
My church is fast approaching such a condition that I must bring to naught their clever schemes for the destruction of My church by Satan. Seek to strengthen others. Be not dismayed by events soon to come. Stand true and faithful and I will stand with you. Amen.

Elmer A. Kaler Sr.
September 5, 1971

Thus has the Lord used one outside His “Kingdom / Church” to bring warning to those who are worthy His divine presence. I have several such messages on hand and I will quote one more from within His Church…”
I saw the whole world spread out before me like unto a huge map. Over the eastern continents of Europe and Asia I saw great vapor of fires and smokes and heard the thunderings of the instruments of war. I also heard great human cries of horror and pain in the midst of the destructions with weepings and wailings. The great oceans were heaving over their bounds as if reflecting the turmoils of these lands.
I saw on the North and South American continents, great dark clouds over them that obscured and shut out the light of the sun. There were earthquakes in large numbers, storms of great violence, and many floods, conflicts and commotions among the inhabitants of Canada and the United States of America, men and women fighting against each other in killings and all manner of physical violence, riots, revolutions in great numbers, and all manner of evils were plainly seen and performed by persons unashamed in public and on television screens. Good people cowed in fear, trying to escape to a few places of refuge.
With a great cry, Satan rejoiced, ruling over his wicked domain. All good seemed to have been overcome and desolation and sorrow ruled over mankind.
Seeing all these things transpiring in this vision, I was overwrought in body and mind, and in my anguish I cried, “O God, shall thy son, Lord Jesus withhold His coming till the inhabitants of the earth are all destroyed? How can Zion be built under these conditions?”
Then I heard a loud voice, even as thunder, saying “Look!” Again I saw the whole world, and through the smokes and fires and darkness I saw bright circles of clear white lights shine through the darkness in Europe and all its nations, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Asian countries, Japan, North Korea, North and South America, and the Islands of the Seas. Bright circles of light, not large, but plainly seen.
Then the great voice spoke again, “These bright circles represent My faithful people, though small in numbers, all over the whole world that I hath preserved in the midst of evil so that My purposes shall not be brought to naught, and My Son shall come to rule over His domain, the Great Kingdom here on earth and the City of Zion.”
Then again, the great voice, quick and sharp, yet gentle to spiritual ears say again, “Look to the northern most tip of the earth.” I looked and saw a great circle of light that covered this whole area and in it I saw many people therein. The voice again saith, “Look to South America,” and I saw a great circle of light over the whole dense jungles never penetrated by man, open wide, and I saw therein many people.
The voice again spoke, “Look upon the world,” and as I looked I saw these bright circles of light from the east and the west and the Islands of the seas move towards the center of the United States to a large circle of light that covered the area of Independence, Missouri, and large regions round about, all these lights from afar blended all together and those of the northern tip of America and of South America into one great circle of light. Nothing I have ever seen on earth could compare, one cannot describe the clearness and purity of Divine Visions.
Then I heard great shouts of joyous acclamation from the multitudes of Saints, singing songs of great joy that reverberated through the whole world saying, “The Lord Jesus hath come to His temple and ruleth over His great domain, and the wicked and evil are no more and Zion’s inhabitants rejoice and peace on earth filleth it to full capacity!” And then I heard a verse of the song of the Saints: “Hail to the brightness of Zion’s Glad morning, Long by the Prophets of Israel foretold, Hail to the millions from bondage returning. Gentiles and Jews the blest vision behold.”
Then the great gentle voice, “By My power cometh Zion’s redemption, saith your God,” and then the vision ended.
We might not appreciate the reading of all this, but to be warned is for our salvation and benefit. God Bless. Dale Vielskay.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
October 15, 2017

Dear ones – In the name of our Savior, Jesus, I offer these words of challenge, comfort, hope and assurance.
Prepare for a great awakening, such a one as has never been before. Since ancient times I have awaited the day when I might endow My people with great power to go forth as witnesses for Me.
The world around you is crumbling into violence and commotion. The only hope is for My Zion. All humanity will be lost without it. But I will not suffer this to be so. I created man in my image that he might become a son of God, that he might dwell with Me forever, that he might partake of the many blessings that I have for him.  All this, that he might reach into the unknown and taste of the beauties of eternal bliss.
For some this will be a reality. For some great treasures of knowledge will be revealed. For some inexpressible joy and happiness will be experienced.
Come up higher ye people of my choice. Seek the eternal Father while He may be found. Soon, very soon the earth will be turned into a battlefield.  Countless millions will cry out in despair to their heavenly Father.
This time of great trial must be, for it is the only way to reclaim those who thought there was no need for God, nor for His Son, Jesus.
In this way I will tenderly lead them back into the fold like a shepherd leads His flock. The way back will be difficult, but it is made possible because of My love for all mankind. Through the sufferings of mine only begotten Son, all may partake of eternal life. All may hear My beautiful gospel and make a covenant of peace with Me.
To those who reject Me, the heavens weep, Genesis 7:35-46
For they seal their own fate and cannot be reclaimed except by great suffering.
I offer man a portion of my creative power in order to subdue the wicked and hasten My work.
To those who will listen I speak words of comfort and peace. Reach out My people. I freely give to all who desire to be with Me. Behold, I come quickly. Even so, Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
December 3, 2017

Oh, ye sons and daughters, My chosen ones, be glad and break forth into singing. I am about to make a full end of all the wicked. For it is My intent to place My children in an atmosphere of love and safety. A place where every man loves his brother as himself. A place where My people will never need to fear the darkness but will abide in My wondrous love. A place where children can play in safety. Where parents can raise their little ones in perfect peace. A place designed to comfort the broken hearted and restore one hundred fold to those who have loss.
Gird up your loins and be ready for I am about to shake the nations with my mighty power. I will loose the bands of the oppressed and comfort My beloved ones. The longings of My people have been heard by the great Jehovah. I will answer the prayers of the righteous and soon set up My Kingdom of beauty.
Fair will be the habitation of My holy place. Lovely will be the gates. Precious will be her inhabitants who will no longer wrestle with the forces of the adversary.
The citizens of My Kingdom will wear the robes of righteousness. They will not faint nor give way to sickness or disease. A person shall not die but change in the twinkling of an eye from mortality to immortality.
I Corinthians 15:51-54
I will take away the feebleness of My elderly and they shall run like the hart, no more to succumb to age and despair.
The light of My glory will shine forth to the ends of the earth. When people enter My sanctuary they will feel wave after wave of My spirit of love. No more will fears and doubts assail them for they will dwell in the midst of My sanctuary and abide My covenant power.
Man, whom I have created, will share with Me the loveliness of Celestial living. Children will be born in My Holy City. Babies will speak with the tongues of Angels. All will know that I am God and no respecter of persons. People of all nationalities will sing forth My praise and glorify My Son, Jesus.
All the pitfalls designed by the adversary will be filled with those who dig them.  So, never again will My Saints suffer malice or deprivations of any kind.
Proverbs 26:27 – Proverbs 28:10 – Ecclesiastes 10:8 – I Nephi 3:206-207 – I Nephi 7:29
Beyond the confines of this earth is a library. It is filled with volumes of literature containing the words of Jesus Christ throughout time and eternity.
This library will be brought to My Zion. It’s doors will be open to all those who seek more knowledge of their Creator. These pages have been written by sages and wise men from many generations for I have revealed myself to many in past ages who sought to know Me better.
These books will give greater understanding of the light and mind of your God moving in and through all His creation. The volumes of literature that will be available to My people can never be read in a lifetime, for My works are endless and there is no TIME in My presence.
I will reveal worlds of both past and present. I will share with My lovely obedient ones the secrets related to the creation of stars, planets and galaxies. I will open the door and reveal worlds without end.
Genesis 7:29 – DC 36:6d
Oh, the treasures I will reveal will startle and astound the intellect. It will cause the mind of man to expand until it can embrace the marvels of everlasting life.
All this and more will be available to the people who place me first in their lives and serve Me with gladness of heart.
I will open the windows of heaven
Malachi 3:10
and bless my Saints with wonders and thoughts never before conceived by man. You have touched the petal of a rose and felt the gentle softness. I will show you the spirit of the rose and you will glorify the God of wisdom. You have gazed upon the lilies of the field as they waved in grace upon the gentle wind. I will show you the spirit of the wind and you will thrill to the touch of it’s gentleness.
The stars have spirits and so do all My creations for all was created spiritually before it was made physically.
You perceive only with your senses. I will cause you to perceive through your spiritual eyes and the things you behold will cause you to marvel.
Be ready! Be prepared to receive these gifts from your Heavenly Father.
Though the world rushes to cataclysmic destruction, I will turn the tide and Zion, the fortress of God Almighty will spread herself and be very great and very terrible to the inhabitants of the earth.
For I am mighty and there is nothing I will not perform in order to fulfill my promises to my precious flock.
The hour is near when the nations will reel and quake with a multitude of calamities. But those whose foundation is My Holy Word will stand firm upon the rock of Christ the King.
So lift up your heads. I have promised and I will deliver. As you seek Me, more will be given. For to those who seek to know, I will reveal My hand and with Me, My lovely ones will explore the very mysteries of life itself.
Be silent in the midst of strife and disaster for you stand on the brink of eternity where I and My Son Jesus dwell. Behold, seek Me with all your heart and you shall find Me. Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
December 8, 2017

President Trump has given a message to the American people concerning the hopes and dreams of all people who desire freedom. But, his adversaries are many. They are vicious and they plan to uproot and tear down America’s heritage.
Underground movements have already begun. They plan anarchy and will use any means to destroy this beautiful land of America and her stance of freedom.
Soon, militant groups will arise spreading terror among citizens of this country. Their diabolical plans are to annihilate all people who believe in God.
Concentration camps unknown to the American people have been set up in order to prosecute their agenda. Even the President does not know of their existence.
My people do not realize the urgency of the hour. They have never faced the horrors of war upon this land. Precious little time is left to prepare for the onslaught that is ahead.
Satan has deceived the hearts and minds of many people. They believe that somehow all will be well and life will continue on as it is now.
I love my Saints. The earth is my footstool. I have sought to bring My people into a closer relationship with Me. I cherish the time when My Saints meet together in My sanctuary seeking to worship their God and King. But, too often they leave My house and return to the worldly activities forgetting their covenant with Me until the next church service.
However, there are those who can foresee the calamity ahead. These few will be a great blessing to the other Saints as those prepared will stand fast in their testimony.
I would that all My people were prepared. What more could I have done? I have beckoned to the flock for many years, but many heeded the voice of the world.
So now we arrive at a place where the time to prepare has almost ended. To those who will listen, draw close unto Me and I will draw close unto you. Seek Me while I may be found. Put away foolish activities that do not strengthen nor promote My Kingdom.
The days are long past for my Saints to build up Zionic communities and to establish the cause of Zion. Now, I alone will bring about My purposes with a few of My Saints who love me with all their heart, might, mind and strength.
I would that My people were well established in places of safety untouched by Babylon’s influence and away from the diseases and rubbish of mankind. Nevertheless, I will be merciful for I will continue to call a people who are slow to answer. I will continue to cry out to many though their ears are closed to My warnings.
The trials are on the horizon. The severity of the times will soon be felt and seen.
My people, My loved ones, COME TO ME, climb higher up the mountain. Do not remain in the valleys where the forces of darkness have dominion.
Lest you forget; I suffered extreme agony for all men. I carried and bore the sins of all people that they might look up and draw near unto Me.
The times of refreshing will come. A time of peace and beauty. But before that day the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give her light. The stars will fall from heaven for sudden destruction awaits the people of this land.
As a parent cries out to a child who is about to fall into a flaming fire, I cry out again and again for it is my desire that all are saved.
To treat lightly the warnings of God is to open the door to extreme distress and trial.
So be it. My love for My people will never end even though many are far from Me.
I cannot save My people from great turmoil if they will not heed My counsel.
Before it is too late, embrace the words of your Heavenly Father. Cast away things that separate you from My presence and when you call I will answer.
Soon the door will close to deliverance. Make haste and enter in before disaster strikes. Even So, Amen

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Pleasant are the valleys and hills of my Kingdom.  Lovely are the trees, flowers and shrubbery that will surround the temple in Zion.  All these things will be for My people to enjoy.  It is my will that people live joyously and reverently within an atmosphere of love and peace.
I have created these things for all mankind, should they choose Me for their Savior.  I call forth the rainbow to proclaim My promise that a flood will never again cover the earth.  I call forth the heavens to proclaim My glory and the immensity of space proclaims My greatness.
The opportunity to serve Me, is now.  For some, that opportunity will pass away.  To those who realize the importance of righteous living, they will not be disappointed at the blessings I have for them.
At times there are a few who reach such spiritual heights that they can behold My face.  The brother of Jared was one of these blessed ones.  Nephi, son of Helaman, disappeared out of the land and no one knew of his whereabouts.  He was sent on a mission which is hidden in My reservoir of knowledge.  Others have achieved great heights in spirituality.  Some are mentioned in my scriptures.  Others remain unknown to mankind.
There are a few today who are nearing the time when I will be able to reveal Myself to them.  When I come to endow a few of my servants, they will behold My presence and weep with joy as I place My seal  of service upon them.
Sometimes children see angels and other ministering spirits.  In some of My congregations the church of The Firstborn is there weekly to share in the ministry at hand.  Some see these visitors and welcome them with joy in their hearts.
To see beyond the veil is a gift.  A few people recognize this gift and expect to see those who have gone on before, when they enter the sanctuary.
My people follow a specific plan of service as they fellowship together.  At times they need to deviate from the program at hand, so that I can bring greater ministry to them.
Many times choirs of angels stand behind the pulpit or near the back of the sanctuary.  If more of My priesthood were aware, they could prepare the congregation to hear these voices of praise.  Too often they are bound by routine, so, My people go without this added ministry.
My angels also walk among the congregations, whispering in the pews, bringing messages of hope and encouragement.  Sometimes they embrace My Saints, giving added strength and comfort in times of bereavement and trial.
Ministering spirits are constantly walking amidst the Saints, even before they enter the sanctuaries.  Too often, trivial conversations of worldly things drown out the voices of those sent to bless and enlighten My beloved people.
Some people in the pews, while awaiting the sermon or even during various portions of the service, find it more interesting to text on their cell phones, thus shutting out the ministry at hand.
So, it is.  My people need to be more fully aware of what the Lord of Heaven is offering them – by coming into the sanctuary prepared and expecting to see and hear beyond the veil.
Trivial things of home and work should be left outside the church.  The day will come when many will cry after Me, not realizing that I have been speaking all along, but they were too engaged in other activities to hear Me.
So, the noise and distraction of electrical and man-made devices will soon be silent.  Then My people will begin to listen in earnestness.
My love for my people has not diminished, but so many times My gifts are rejected for those things of lesser value.
Remember:  To be spiritually minded is life.  To be carnally minded is death.

So, in the upcoming services I will continue to speak through the music, the prayers, and the spoken word.  I will continue to reach out in love, beckoning all to partake of the magnitude of gifts that I offer.

As a loving heavenly Parent, I continue to plead with my children.  Each person must decide, but the way is narrow that leads to eternal life.
Come up higher ye children of the King.  I am waiting for you at the top of the mountain.  Hasten to My loving call, or be left behind in events soon to unfold.

Even so, it will be. Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 8, 2018

Cherished are the memories of past victories found in My Holy Write times when the saints were given great blessings, times when prophecy, healings, and the gift of tongues were almost daily occurrences. Also, when My saints met together; it was a time of great rejoicing and praise. Tears of joy were flowing as former saints received miraculous blessings. Times when the blind received their sight.
When those with the palsy, paralysis and leprosy found deliverance as My Son and the disciples reached out in loving gesture and the fame of the blessed Messiah filled the land.
Once more these same miraculous happenings and many more will bring much comfort and relief to masses of people, some of which have never known a time when they were well.
These ailments are the evidences of a wicked being who stalks the land seeking whom he might destroy. But soon his hand will be stayed. I will soon deliver those bowed down by sin and held in bondage by disease and the evil designs of men.
In the sanctuaries will be felt a great spirit of exultation. Remorse and suffering will flee away as My power moves in and through My Holy Priesthood. Women and children will also feel the charge (or change?) and prophecy in My name. The speaking in tongues will be evident frequently as non-members will desire to know the marvelous happenings within My churches.
As judgment rages, a great awakening will occur among members and non-members. The cry of relief will spread across the landscape causing many to seek the institutions where the God of Power resides. Lost souls searching for relief and purpose will walk many miles in order to find the One who redeems and saves all those of a repentant heart. My saints are not yet ready to receive the many who will flock to the churches seeking refuge and hope.
My lovely ones need to be aware that those of different races will grace the House of God. Those who have wandered aimlessly through life will come, not by the hundreds, but by the thousands.

Oh you saints of latter day Israel, are you willing and ready to succor those of different culture and upbringing? Are you willing to open your doors to many strangers and unbelievers?
This is My call to you this day, “PREPARE FOR THE MASSES.” Make ready the table for a multitude of souls will soon approach the threshold of your homes and sanctuaries.
My desire is for all men and women of every race and culture to find their Messiah and to find His Restored Church on the face of the earth.
As you reach out a loving hand to those bereft of hope, I will pour out My Spirit in such power that these people will feel the love and power of the Christ.
They will desire to know more about the great God you worship. They will desire acknowledge of His ways. They will yearn to have the peace and the spirit of quietness that resides in you. It may be difficult for some to embrace the different individuals that approach your door for they will not be like the saints you meet with during the week. Nevertheless, I love them. I died for these people as I died for you. When you reach out in complete love to these forlorn souls, you will be reaching out to Me.
Despise not their appearance for some will be different and their countenances grave. Can you love the Mexican, Muslim and black man as you love those who sit next to you in the pews? Can you embrace the Native American and those of Oriental descent as you embrace others of the church?
If you are unsure of your feelings and attitudes, seek Me with all diligence and ask for the gift of charity which is the pure love of Christ. In this way I will bless you and the love you feel for the wayfaring stranger will drive away all fear and doubt in your heart.
For this purpose you are here in the Centerplace – to share all you have with those I bring to your door, so that all may have opportunity to worship at the feet of Jesus when He returns. If you cannot open your heart and welcome those sent to you, you will be unable to abide in My Zion. For every nationality on earth will be represented at the wedding feast of the Lamb.
Be ready to witness in humbleness and selflessness to many, many souls. I require a broken heart and a contrite spirit for the task is great that lies before you. I require a willing and receptive mind of those who will die to self and give all for the cause of the Kingdom.
Be assured I will bless you exceedingly if you seek for the gifts of charity, wisdom, patience and long suffering. You will find it easy to LOVE for in each person’s face, you will see the face of the Master. 
Even so it will be. Amen.
D & C Section 105:9,10
9. Verily, verily I say unto you, Darkness covereth the earth and gross darkness the minds of the people and all flesh has become corrupt before My face. Behold, vengeance cometh speedily upon the inhabitants of the earth – a day of wrath, a day of burning, a day of desolation, of weeping, of mourning and of lamentation – and as a whirlwind it shall come upon the face of the earth, saith the Lord.
10. And upon My house shall it begin, and from My house shall it go forth, saith the Lord. First among those among you, saith the Lord, who have professed to know My name and have not known Me and have blasphemed against Me in the midst of My house, saith the Lord.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 20, 2018

Mike: For some time I have been hearing – “A storm is coming.” “A great storm is coming.” So, I asked the Lord for better understanding of what was being given. This is the message received:
As soon as possible proceed with all needed duties for soon a storm of great intensity will sweep through Jackson County and surrounding areas. Widespread destruction will occur. There will be no more local television or communications of any kind. A radio with batteries can be a source of news but cell phones which need to be charged will be useless.
Have on hand needed items and provisions for it will be some time before power is restored. Canned foods will be of value. I will multiply what you have for many neighbors will be hungry.
The ability to travel will be limited so you will remain in your homes for quite some time. Access to stores and other places of convenience will not be available.
Survival will be the driving force, but if you remain faithful, I will sustain you and those you love.
Do not expect immediate assistance as the devastation will be so vast that emergency crews will be unable to reach your area for many days. You will need to rely totally on your Savior, Jesus.
If the people of my church would humble themselves and pour out their hearts in mighty prayer, this storm could be delayed, but I see very few who are truly repentant and so many refuse to let go of Babylon.
So, I will sweep this area clean and anoint it for the gathering of Israel.
I have directed certain of my priesthood to warn the congregations in the past.
Some have recently made it very clear that disasters will come. So, I have spoken to those of faith who will listen to My still, small voice to their souls. They are preparing diligently for waves of destruction which will cover many miles and few will be rescued due to the severe damage.
I have waited, oh so long. Now it is soon time for the cleansing of the land to begin. This will rally a call to the God of Heaven as many will find themselves without provisions.
Some will leave the area carrying with them whatever things they have left. Others will endure and they will have My Spirit with them.
I will completely support and sustain My beloved ones who desire to live in My Zion. All their needs will be met, even to the smallest detail. The faithful few will remain and assist in building up the waste places of Zion.
Do not fear these things, but rejoice that I have warned you, so that you may be prepared.
And now, seek me often for light and wisdom in all your preparations. Keep marching toward Zion and trust the hand of the One that has brought you thus far, even your Lord and your Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 28, 2018

(Mike:)  Lord, this great storm that is coming, will you please tell me more about it and will it come this year?
To my beloved ones – who will listen- PEACE.  The storm will shortly befall this land for the wickedness is growing and My people hesitate to proclaim My gospel. They hold tightly to the blessings of heaven as if My church belongs only to them. So, it will be necessary to bring destruction so that many will be able to hear what wonderful things the Lord has done in these later days.
Do not be afraid or distraught. Great things will come after the storm, for I will heal the earth and bring joy to the inhabitants thereof.
Take time to meditate on these things and receive reassurance of My protection and grace. My divine hand will lead and direct My people how to survive and to witness to both family and neighbors.
Rely totally on Me. Do not depend upon what you can store. Freedom from illness will be a great blessing to those in need.  They will rise up healed and whole and never again suffer afflictions as long as they remain faithful.
I long for My people to have a deeper relationship with Me, but I will not force them to embrace My love and truth.
To certain individuals, I will endow with power to overcome, and they will stand strong in faith and testimony.
Very few are prepared for the great upheaval. It will be devastating to those who thought they would not be affected by circumstances surrounding them.
My purpose in this storm will be even more evident as the time approaches. There is no longer time for fruitless debates and matter of opinion.  Come together, My beloved saints, before these violent upheavals begin. I long to set My Church in order and protect the righteous of the land.  Not only My saints will be protected, but there are others of true intent who are determined to live righteously in a wicked land.
I have shared of a coming catastrophe.  Now I will speak in some detail as requested.
About sunset on a specific day a great wind will arise of such magnitude as seen only on the coastal areas of the land when hurricanes press heavily inland. This wind will house massive tornadoes, some of which will stretch across the horizon.  Hail, lightning, thunder and rain will begin, not as a typical thunderstorm but of violent magnitude such as has never been upon this land.
The wind will cause great trees to snap and lift the roofs from houses.  High buildings will weave and sway as violent gusts cause even stone structures to crumble.  Yet, this is not all, for the earth itself will move in rhythm like the waves of the sea as subterranean rock strata moves with earthquake activity.
The homes of My saints will be held together by the hands of angels, but many will have no shelter wherewith to survive.
The earth’s tremors will continue for many days and will increase as vast areas of land will eventually rise to enormous heights.
The present structure of society will no longer exist for I must remove all necessities so that the souls of men will find their Savior.
The dynamics of this situation can only be recognized as one views the destruction caused by tornadoes and hurricanes of past storms. The earth herself will reel to and fro in order to relieve herself of the terrible and vile wickedness that has oppressed her for many generations.
Few consider the possibility that this destruction is a means to awaken a wicked generation and to bring to naught the desires of people who oppress and violate the rights of others.

I have covenanted with My people that out of this chaos a great city will arise. True to My purpose and promise, those who desire to live with Me will eventually be a part of the greatest and most beautiful habitation not seen on the earth since the days of Enoch. 

So it is I have spoken and it will be.  

Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
August 5, 2018

Beloved children of my Kingdom, long have I desired to walk among my Saints, to heal their sick, to minister unto the lonely and afraid and to set at naught the false traditions which have entered my sanctuary.
Too often I have been unable to speak forth my words unto many due to limitations of time and lack of spiritual preparedness.
But this time is passing.  Today my servant Aaron Smith spoke forth words of warning and some received his words with great desire.  Others were terrified of his warnings.  Still others withdrew in thought and ignored my pleadings.  Thus it has always been and shall be until Zion’s redemption.
But to those who heeded the counsel given I will bestow more and more of my light and people will move higher and higher in their spiritual perception.
This message was given out of my love for my Saints.  I long to give even more but for now few can receive the amount of enlightenment that I offer.
Proclaiming that the hour of calamity is near is only part of the message.  My people must prepare as never before, previous to the expected destruction.
They must be guided in thought, activity and study.  And whom shall I appoint to show them the way?  I will need many shepherds to speak forth my words of truth.  I will need many who are guided by my Spirit. Yet I have but few.  Nevertheless, these few men are seeking to help those who desire to be in my presence.
So, with a few I will move forward.  So, with a few I will grant wisdom, knowledge, faith and foresight that they might know how to prepare a people who have slackened in purpose.
The day soon cometh that for many the time for preparation will have ended.  That will be a time of great tribulation and only those who have heeded instruction will be able to succor others in need.
The task of preparation is great, very great, and the time to accomplish it is short, very short.  So it is, the pages of destiny are turning and we are almost to the last page which will usher in the Kingdom.
How can I restrain the forces of judgment when wickedness covers the land? More and more are being deceived and will be swept away because of false information.
The young of this generation know not their God.  Neither do they believe that He is.  I must shatter this unbelief and cause them to look upward lest they be lost to all privileges of an eternal abode with the Father and I.
Were it not for the prayers of a few Saints I would already have swept the land clean.  But, I am merciful and I wait for a few others to join in the greatest evangelism the world has ever seen.
Despite the rising tide of indifference and selfish desire there is a movement among a few to live in compete obedience to my laws. There are those who love me intensely and with those few I will thresh the nations with my power.
Obedience and love are the keys to great ministry. Within the Oak Grove congregation alone there are sufficient numbers of men that an explosion of truth is possible that will turn this whole area back to the God of Heaven. Those who are preparing will be used in such a manner.
I have revealed events shortly to come. I have opened the door to visions, dreams and prophetic insights to those willing to receive. But, the moment of decision is set before my church. Follow Me and embrace the cause of Zion, or be lost in the changes soon to occur. It is up to the individual to decide.
My ministry offers eternal life freely to all who will abide the hour and who choose to follow the Messiah, even if the path leads to Calvary.
Make preparation my people for events are unfolding that will overtake the hesitant and they will not be able to escape the judgment, soon to come. Even so, it will be. Amen.

Elder Howard Parker
August 2018

Brothers and sisters, I feel compelled to share with you a dream that I had in mid August. It is not a “thus saith the Spirit”, but I feel it to be a spiritual dream, and a warning of preparation to his people. I simply ask that you consider this experience with prayer. I am not a prophet, and am not interested in being a leader. This is a response, I believe, to much prayer over the state of the Church, and asking how we can prepare for the end times ahead.
Genesis 7:67-70   67 And the Lord said unto Enoch, As I live, even so will I come in the last days, in the days of wickedness and vengeance, to fulfill the oath which I made unto you concerning the children of Noah. 68 And the day shall come that the earth shall rest. But before that day the heavens shall be darkened, and a veil of darkness shall cover the earth; and the heavens shall shake, and also the earth. 69 And great tribulations shall be among the children of men, but my people will I preserve; and righteousness will I send down out of heaven, and truth will I send forth out of the earth, to bear testimony of mine Only Begotten; his resurrection from the dead; yea, and also the resurrection of all men. 70 And righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine own elect from the four quarters of the earth, unto a place which I shall prepare; an holy city, that my people may gird up their loins, and be looking forth for the time of my coming; for there shall be my tabernacle, and it shall be called Zion; a New Jerusalem.
The promise I want to emphasize here is” “my people will I preserve”. Most believe that we are living in the last days, and that this world is only growing darker. This is not an excuse to give up, or take up other interests. This is a day to look up and rejoice, for the Lords coming is nigh. Those of us who grew up in the RLDS faith recognize, at least in part, the trails that will come upon this world, particularly this nation.
DC 105:9-10 9a Verily, verily I say unto you, Darkness covereth the earth, and gross darkness the minds of the people, and all flesh has become corrupt before my face. 9b Behold, vengeance cometh speedily upon the inhabitants of the earth–a day of wrath, a day of burning, a day of desolation, of weeping, of mourning, and of lamentation–and as a whirlwind it shall come upon all the face of the earth, saith the Lord. 10a And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord.
Micah 3:12 Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plagued as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest.
Honestly, this has never been a pressing issue for me. Perhaps I, like everyone else, thinks about this as something that will happen “later”; that it’s really not my concern. But it has to happen some time, right? If the scriptures prophecy of this, then it has to happen because God has said “my worlds will not return to me void”.
I pray, constantly, for the people of the Lord, and the gospel going out to the nations. The church, in her present state, is a mess. So I am always asking the Lord what I, or we can do. The Lord seems to give me dreams when he desires to get through to me. I always wake up knowing that this is a message from the Lord. My Grandfather has come to me in night visions, and every time, they’ve come true.
A few weeks ago, he came to me again. In this dream, I began by thanking him for allowing me to bear his name, after which, I asked him a question that I have always wondered about. It seems, growing up, that older people would warn me “be careful what you do; someone in heaven is watching”. Could those that have gone on really watch us? I asked Grandpa if he could see us; observe us. He answered “no”. Surprised, I asked again “so, you can’t watch us”? Again, he said “no”. Makes sense. Why would we go on to our rest, only to have to watch the mess down here?
At this point, he turned to leave, so I grabbed his arm and asked him to give me something, some instruction, advice. He didn’t respond. I asked again, anything. My hopes were that he would give me some spiritual counsel; what he gave me was not at all what I was ready for. He looked right into my eyes and said “within two years, a great volcano will erupt in Wyoming, setting off catastrophic events across this country”. I immediately thought about the San Andreas and New Madrid fault lines. Then another thought hit me: “this will open us up to our enemies”, to which he replied” yes, and they will come Quickly, led by evil men.” I awoke in a sweat.
Since this event, I’ve started researching, and found an enormous volcano beneath Yellowstone Park. There have been 1400 tremors there in the last two years. There are many articles dealing with this matter. I believed we should prepare.
Anyone who knows me realizes that I don’t seek the spotlight. I’m not a prognosticator of future events. I only know that the time is near, and that we must prepare. The Lord does not want us to fear, but prepare, in faith believing his words “my people will I preserve”. Any temporal preparations we make must be done, not for self preservation, but for the opportunity to witness. Our greatest goal should be, as Captain Moroni sought in Alma 21, is to “prepare the hearts of the people”. This will be a time of great confusion and grief. We believers need to stand in the gap and be ready to help. What a day of missionary work it will be!
Since I had this dream, I’ve been praying for direction as to what I am to do with this experience. Do I take it to the church, and risk looking like a fool? Do I ignore it, and if the calamity takes place, and the people were caught unaware, remaining the eternal fool? I just wanted the Lords expectation.
On the night of January 4th, 2019, I had another dream. In this dream, I was at our church campground for a reunion. A young woman, probably college age, asked me if I could give her a ride home; that there was nothing here for her. I said “yes”, and told her I’d like to discuss this with her. As we got into my car, one brother called me into the dining hall, telling me I was needed. As I entered the room, all of the people were surrounding someone. When I entered the circle, there was a woman, laying on the floor with her head propped up against the wall. I recognized this woman! Only, I remembered her much healthier; she presently looked like she would soon pass away. Believing I was sent to administer to her, I bent over and asked how I could be of service. She then asked me to tell her my dream. Surprised by her request, I knelt down next to her, and shared the dream. When I was done, she exclaimed “I believe it! I believe it!” I looked at her, and to my amazement, she looked much healthier; she had taken strength. The dream ended.
As I woke and pondered the dream, my thoughts were taken back to the woman. I knew her! But who was she? I then felt the Lord speak to my mind, and tell me that she was the Church. The young girl represented the youth of the Church. I was going to deal with her, but a more pressing issue came to me: the Church. When the Church responds, so will the youth.
Dream of Howard Parker

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
June 11, 2019

–A portion of a message given–
Now it is time to reveal an even greater mystery.
For many years My saints have looked forward to some extra-ordinary things to transpire, even My act, My strange act. So, I will reveal to you a portion of this great initiative.
Before long you will see a change in the lives of certain of My priesthood for I am about to reveal Myself to some and direct them into areas of greater service.
I will host a group of chosen men in my Temple and endow them with My power of love. They will return to their own homes and congregations ready to reach out in ways not yet realized. For as many as believe on My name and obey My council shall be given power from on high to work many miracles in My name.
Whereas new blessings are received at their hands during administration of various ordinances, the time approaches when they will speak with such power that the people will know that they are endowed.
They will enlarge the understanding of My saints and there will be miraculous healing and other gifts of great beauty.
Yet this exhibition of My love will bring a persecution of great measure upon all that believe. For Satan will seek to stop this gift, of endowment for he knows that when My priesthood possess this  great ministry, they will convert thousands of lost souls who will then have access to My Kingdom of Zion. Thence, their testimony shall go forth bearing record of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
These men will be feared. They will also be sought after. My saints will rejoice at their presence and will reap the benefits of perfect peace.
Good tidings will reverberate throughout this area and eventually spread to foreign lands where they will witness to kings and potentates.
Only in this way can My people survive the increased pollution of mind and thought which is prevalent among the people of the land. Today, yet more babies were murdered. Tomorrow there will be more.  I will stop this mass genocide of My little ones and turn the heads of those promoting this abomination.
My saints long for deliverance. I tell you that it is even at the door. So, weep not for the forgotten, the forsaken and those suffering from the cruel devices of man. For I will intercede in such a way that the wicked will flee the presence of My fellow servants and hide from the ministry of holy men endowed from on high.
Long ago, many feared Enoch even though he was a small man, for he carried with him the sword of My indignation and the power of My word.
So it is, great and marvelous will be the time when My servants go forth to impart to mankind the great knowledge of salvation. They will demonstrate to multitudes that I have prepared a great feast for all who desire eternal happiness with their Savior.
As tribulation increases, as the thunders roar and the earth shakes in convulsions, all this will be nothing in comparison to the power of My sanctified fellow servants. They will move to restore and fulfill the promise of my great Kingdom here upon the earth.
It is soon, for I have declared it. So be it, Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 1, 2019

I have prepared many things for those who desire to live in my presence. Things beyond man’s ability to comprehend, things of profound beauty, things unheard of and unspoken among the children of men. Vast storehouses of knowledge will be available. Volumes of books containing the continuing creations of God. Information revealing the innermost thoughts of your Heavenly Father. Things of such spiritual magnitude that man will not be able to read them without a complete transformation of body and thought. For great and majestic is the God of the universe and there is no end to My works, neither to My glory.
The majesty of My presence causes all things to tremble and to acknowledge My great omnipotence. My great love and mercy for My creation cannot be explained or even comprehended.
My voice speaks now, and is heard ten thousand generations into the future.
Learning of your wonderful God will never stop for I am beyond time and beyond comprehension. Yet, I reach down to My creation in loving gesture seeking to hold each one and to share with everyone My undenying wisdom.
I am all powerful. When I walk, the heavens shake and tremble. When I speak, the universe listens with great anticipation, for many times the words of My mouth creates new stars and galaxies.
I exist in a dimension not yet known to man and it will take a thousand generations even to begin to comprehend a small portion of My ways.
So, I have revealed Myself in the person of Jesus. I have redeemed all men, in the sacrifice of My son. He has walked among men sharing His love. He longs to remain on the earth in order that He converse with My children, as a father longs to converse with his own offspring.
So, in a short time, He will reveal more of Himself to His beloved people, by endowing certain men chosen before the world was even in existence.
These men will go forth undaunted, declaring His existence and bringing thousands and tens of thousands to repentance.
My will is to draw all men unto Myself.  I love to see My image in their countenance.
As the universe continues to expand, so will the understanding of man continue to grow until man will eventually comprehend their God.
To be true to My word I will continue to bring to pass prophetic words uttered by many prophets and saints who lived from the time of Adam even down to the present day.
The prophetic words in the Doctrine and Covenants will come to pass as surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
Prophecy concerning the Jews is about to be fulfilled concerning a great war which will engulf all Middle Eastern countries and eventually spread death and carnage within the United States.
Pillars of smoke will rise to the heavens declaring the time of great devastation.
Genocide of the young will cease as war machines roar through the towns and cities destroying all things that are an offence in My sight.
I will use the weapons of destruction to destroy the wicked. My anger is kindled in heaven and I will not hold Judgment, for angels in heaven are ready to reap the earth.
My throne is set in the heavens. The day will come that I will reign upon the earth.
The roar of multitudes who now spend vast amounts of money on sports events will no longer be heard. But, there will be weeping and wailing. All things unholy will disappear during a time of great destruction never before witnessed upon the land.

A time of evangelism is about to begin for untold millions who know not that I exist. I will not allow those that have never known the truth to be swept away in My anger.
However, those who know My truth and do nothing, will not survive the cleansing soon to begin.
The priesthood will stand forth as never before, similar to the prophets of old and declare My doings in all parts of the land.
My outreach to the souls in other countries will amaze those who have lost sight of My great admonition to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.
My people in Asia, Mexico, the Middle East and other areas are hungering for My gospel and yearning to know their Savior. Many are yearning and longing to be delivered. Longing to find their God. Longing to be free.
So, arise ye men of Latter Day Israel. Proclaim My word to prepare My people for a great outpouring of My spirit which will cause the Knowledge of God to sweep the Earth as with a flood.
You have heard of the work being done in the Philippines and in Africa. These people are of a humble heart. They are ready for My Kingdom. Many have already sacrificed all for Zion. Yet, in this land of America, people hoard their wealth and do not seek to spread the word of My power.
So, I will hasten the destruction that I might awaken all who slumber at noonday. I will remove all things that keep My people occupied in Babylon.
I will cleanse the land and I will cleanse the hearts of many so that they will witness as Samuel the Lamanite who stood upon the wall.
In spite of persecution and threats of death, he delivered the message that I gave him.
The lodgings of My selected saints will be filled with so many people that it will be difficult to walk through their homes.
The cries for assistance will echo through the towns and villages of this country. The pleas for food, water and shelter will cause a wailing heard throughout the land.
So, again I say, be ready and your God will create upon your dwellings a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night so that many without means will know where to come for support.
Make your homes holy so that I might sanctify them. Be ready to witness to the physical needs first and then to the spiritual needs.
Let My light shine through you so that you radiate the love and concern of the Heavenly Father.
It all comes soon, My saints. It’s almost midnight. Hasten to receive those I send to your home and love them even as I have loved you. Amen and Amen

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
January 24, 2020

Make haste; prepare the feast; set in order your homes and seek your Lord. My arms are open wide, ready to receive all those who desire the riches of eternity and the loving presence of their Savior.
Make ready, for the enemy of your souls has mustered his army to destroy this land of freedom and to abolish the constitution which was ordained and brought forth by the direction of my Holy Spirit.
The enemy is becoming more brazen, not fearful of speaking lies. They are bringing down the wrath of God not only upon themselves but upon this nation that is upholding this wickedness in high places.
Call a solemn assembly of prayer. Sound the alarm in my holy mountain. Unknown to the general public, secret plans are underway to remove from his office the president of this land, even if it be by violence.
Cry out to your heavenly Father to protect the administration now in power. The alternative will bring desolation and death to any who will not follow after those evil men who practice witchcraft and government representatives in high places who seek more power.
Diligently make a cry throughout the land, for secret combinations now control many governmental offices, commerce, recreation and higher institutions of learning.
Seek the great I Am for He alone is able to protect and deliver. Even this night, groups are meeting in secret societies and underground camps to plan a complete take over of all Presidential duties.
These people hold massive amounts of wealth with which they buy votes and control large corporations with influence in the medical field and food industries.
The wary and watchful are praying, for when the watchmen see the danger, they warn the people, thus ridding their own garments of their blood.
But woe to the slothful. Woe to those who do not see the need to plead with their God. Very soon, many disillusioned people will storm the gates of your homes and commandeer your property and supplies.
Tonight this warning is being given for the handwriting is on the wall and this nation has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
The exhibitions of my power will soon be witnessed by those who love their Savior and desire His protection and grace.
My love for my people has not diminished, neither will my hand slacken in preserving my loved ones. For when I beckoned, you answered. When I pleaded, you heeded my warning. When I desired your service, you gave all to my cause. Oh, my Saints, I again cry unto you, for many do not see the evil working in the darkness, ready to devour all who will not follow them.
This plague in China is but the beginning of massive viruses that will soon be staggering and there will be no recovery from some of the illnesses.
Evil men are trying to create such a deadly form of disease that they will be able to control nations. Many new viruses are being developed in laboratories to use on those who will not submit to oppressive rule.
You know there are deadly substances in the hands of China, but also Russia has tested them on their own people as well, not caring about the suffering they have caused.
But, all of this has been prophesied and those who are in tune with the Savior are aware of many things to come.
And so, dearly beloved, I also yearn for Zion. I desire that my Saints will put their lives in order that I may shield them from the pestilence that stalks the night and the hatred that fills the day.
I yearn for my people for I must cause my holy city to come quickly lest even the very elect are lost. Even now there are those in prayer crying for deliverance and seeking my help as the wickedness of the day continues to grow.
So, to you who love your Savior and your God, fear not, for I will send mighty winds and great storms to protect those whose hearts are pure before Me.  Look up and be glad, for you will be my servants and the fruit from the vineyard will be harvested and gathered into the barns.
Let this message bring great hope and assurance, for I tell you these things before they happen that you not be taken unaware. Remember, none can harm who God protecteth.  Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 7, 2020

Listen to the one who has given His life for His creation. The one who has sacrificed all in order to bear the sins of men and women. This night brings sorrow into the courts of heaven for there has been unleashed upon the human family, a deadly plague that was developed and distributed in order to observe the effects on many souls.
The diabolic plague was meant to reduce population and to observe the results of a fatal disease.
For men to take the pure substances of the earth and transform them into deadly viruses is an abomination. But this is only the beginning, for in laboratories found in certain places are diseases which would cause the death of millions within a few hours of exposure.
Created and developed in order to control mankind, these man made substances will cause the suffering and death of many souls throughout the world.
It is vitally important that my people understand the forces of darkness behind these life threatening creations. Those who have subjected themselves to the adversary are being led to create substances of mass destruction. But remember, I can obliterate these threats with the wink of My eye.
The foolishness and perversions of many people has reached massive proportions in places where they worship materialism and power.
Again I say, to transform life giving substances into perils of death has caused the heavens to weep and will bring eternal recompense upon those who love the adversary more than the Savior.
Bitter will be the demise of all who destroy. Terrible will be their end. Eternal will be their damnation if they do not repent when I reveal myself to them.
All my creations are watching the events coming to pass upon the earth. My angels are ready. I will soon move to eliminate all sorcerers and evil ones who joy in the death of those without protection.
Remember, My Zion will be a place so wonderful that there are no words to describe its beauty. Seek Zion. Look to my scriptures for they are the words of life. Soon I will deliver. Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
March 12, 2020

Amidst the turmoil of news and other sources of information, I am at work in the lives of many people across this land and in other parts of the earth. My hand is not shortened and in every country on earth many things are happening that will work for the benefit of my Kingdom.
Things unseen and unknown to others are transpiring in other nations which are preparing them for a great journey towards Zion; the only place of safety on this planet.
Many people are beginning to search for me as things are falling apart in their lives and the lives of their own countrymen. They see signs of coming economic disaster as well as wars. They watch news reports of vile acts. They see youth of their own nations turning to the drug culture and other satanic activities. They fear the future, for everything seems uncertain and unstable in their lives. They cannot trust their own government, for corruption runs deep and far within all governing bodies. Neither can they rely on their religious beliefs for many worship pagan gods or unholy deities. These things produce only sorrow, fear, and despair,
So, many are remembering the teachings concerning a Savior who came, died on a cross and rose triumphant to the heavens. He would redeem all who would take up their cross and follow the one who led the way.
This desire to search for the creator is being quickened by the Spirit which touches every life and seeks every soul, whether bond or free, male or female, black or white.
There are groups this night searching whatever scripture thy may have, seeking answers to the many problems in their lives and in the world around them. They are hungering and thirsting after righteousness. They long for peace which the world cannot give them.
So, I am reaching down and gently leading them into a condition of willingness to follow my endowed priesthood as they go forth in great power and witness to the world.
The members of my priesthood who have sought this great opportunity are now almost ready for the great outpouring of my Spirit that I have for them. The Kirkland Temple that I commanded to be built is set apart for this great mission of endowment. The upper room is even now a place reserved for a number of my brethren who will witness my presence. As I washed my disciples feet in the past, so will I again perform this precious ordinance.
All of these men chosen have been preparing in great earnestness. They realize the importance of having a ministry of power in order to protect, comfort and heal many who will be in need physically and spiritually. So, the presence of my Spirit will soon embrace each one of these chosen brethren and carry them forth to my Temple. This will be a quiet act, not even noticed by others. Yet, I will bring these brethren to my house and it will be an experience never witnessed before.
The experience in the Temple as these brethren meet their Savior, cannot be explained. I will be witnessed as I stand in testimony to those who have sought and desired my presence and favor.
These ministers of my church will be given much knowledge of what they are to do and how they are to do it.
They will receive experiences of such power that never again will they fear or suffer affliction of body or mind. I have set apart these men to preform certain tasks which no one else can do. So, the magnitude of their work cannot be expressed in the writing of this message.
I will share much with these beloved servants, for they will face the opposition of all the forces of darkness. Yet no fear or dread will enter their minds. So strong will be their testimony that they will no longer be as men of the earth, serving to the best of their ability. But they will be endowed with the same power that Moses, Enoch, and others had in ancient times.
These men will no longer be bound by physical problems for I will renew them and their bodies will be able to abide the power of my Spirit. They will at times feel weary after bearing the fullness of all I will give.
These men will not be perfect, but their thoughts will be in accord with the will of the Father as He grants a portion of His power unto the sons of men.
Nephi raised his brother from the dead and performed other great miracles in front of those determined to destroy the men of God. But no matter what they did, my servants were unscathed and continued on their journey.
So it will be of these endowed men whom I have chosen. No prison will hold them. No savage desire will be able to stop their progress. No weapon will mar their ministry for I have ordained these men to a purpose and they will fulfill my purposes.
How great will be the joy of my people as they realize that those who have been endowed are in their midsts. Yet, as it was in times past, there will be some who object to their ministry and others will fight against their cause.
But I will honor my servants with my power. Whatever these servants ask, I will give. They will ask nothing contrary to my will. Therefore, they will ask and it will be given even at the very moment the request is made.
These soldiers of the cross will do a work that will cause many souls to seek the God of heaven, for in these few men they will see the power of His presence. They will know that Jesus lives and that He is willing and able to protect, liberate, heal and provide all their needs.
Just to know that the Messiah lives and is coming back to the earth, will bring a voice of rejoicing that will ring forth to the ends of the earth.
Many people, now bound to wicked nations and governments, will be free to follow some of my servants as they walk through areas of disaster or burning fields of death. People will rejoice to be following those who have power over the elements and all fear of death will be gone.
Those of my servants remaining in this land will continue their work among many souls who will be led from countries across the oceans. The journey to this hour has been one of great difficulty, for these chosen men have suffered affliction of mind and body in order that they might be sufficiently humble. But their journey has not been in vain, for I will grant unto them a portion of the powers of heaven which no man can bare, unless he is changed. This change will only be understood by those who will receive it.
Many great things of God will be revealed to those who are ready and prepared. The path will not always be easy, but it has been walked before by men in other dispensations of time, according to my will and purpose.
So, soon I will call and my beloved servants will answer. It is then I will declare that the movements of God in all His power and glory, is about to commence.
Go forth my brethren, even as my disciples of long ago, for your work will soon begin. Then the earth will know that the one and only true and living God is making himself known to the world who so desperately needs Him. Even so, it will be soon. Amen and Amen.

Allene Gilmore
June 9, 2020

On page 2 of paper 5 it states, “…as vast areas of land will eventually rise to enormous heights.: This reminds me of a testimony that Evangelist Bill Davies shared as he visited us in the late “90’s. He said he dreamed one night that he walked outside his house in Oak Grove and this whole area was surrounded by mountains. He felt this was a spiritual dream so, before breakfast, he walked to his neighbor’s house to tell him the dream. (I presume his neighbor was a restored church member.)
He stood at the neighbor’s door and began telling his dream when his neighbor stopped him and said he wanted his wife to hear, also. He called to his wife and, after they heard the account of the dream, they told Brother Davies that the man had the same dream the night before and he had just finished telling his wife about it when Brother Davies knocked.
About 10 years ago, Sue Manning had an experience regarding the volcano in Yellowstone. Her testimony corresponds with Howard Parker’s experience. She will be happy to share with anyone who asks her about it.
I am thankful for Brothers Mike Ballantyne and Howard Parker for sharing these warnings that they have received from the Lord. Mike was asked if it was all right to pass these papers on to others and he told this person that the more people who know this the better.
May God bless all who read these revelations from He who loves us enough to warn us of the coming catastrophes so that we may be more spiritually and physically prepared. The wonderful part of all this is the coming of Zion!
“. . . weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Psalm 30:5
Allene Gilmore

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
January 17, 2022

Lord, may I please know what will happen next?
Peace to all those who love the truth. Peace to the repentant. Peace to those who worship God with all their might, mind and strength. Peace to those who enjoy My presence and long to dwell in My Kingdom.
Live each day as though it were your last. Walk humbly in My love and seek to help one another. My presence will remain with you if you choose to do those things pleasing in My sight. I walk with the humble and obedient. I hear the cries of My people and assist them in ways not fully understood. So when I speak of things to come, remember that it is because of My love for My people that I reveal that which will be hereafter. Remember also the promises found in My word for I reveal many things to those willing to search My word and willing to seek My grace. It is by My Spirit that revelation comes. It is by My grace that man is forewarned.
You have asked of Me what will happen next in the course of events. There is not just one thing, but many things that are soon to occur. The consequence of each event will be felt by those to whom the judgment falls. Frequently it has bee asked, what is next? Several  things of significance are on the horizon. I have already revealed there will be more plagues, the consequences of which will be felt by many. But it is the repercussions of these distresses that will cause extreme trials for many, not sparing some who walk in My ways and according to My will. I will protect and provide for those who trust in Me, but some will loose their lives for the sake of My Kingdom. They will be witnesses to the transgressions of the wicked who have set about the task of eliminating populations for their own devious purposes. So, when I speak of catastrophe, do no think that every saint will be spared. Remember I am the One who decides who will remain and who will enter the Celestial world. Many will be spared and be the means of protecting others so that they may come to know their Savior. For inasmuch as My people are willing to lay down their lives for their fellowman and for My Kingdom, I will bestow upon them glory, peace, and joy such as they have never known.
Now having spoken these words, let Me proceed on to the said consequences of evil design and behavior. The reason for judgment is two-fold. One is to punish those perverted in mind and body. The other is to bring men unto repentance and transformation.
In the Book of Mormon there was a time when women and children were burned at the stake for their belief. They gave their lives so that the wicked would be justly condemned and assigned their portion with the ungodly who even now bear unspeakable agony for the great persecution and destruction of the righteous. There were times of famine, war, pestilence, and earth disturbances which brought many to their knees lest they perish in the calamities.
So it is and so it will be upon this nation there will be increased pneumonic plagues killing masses of people, yet bringing repentance and a change of heart among the children of men. Another calamity will be of economic collapse followed by increased hunger, pestilence, violence, and perversion. Men will kill others for a slice of bread. Every living thing will be affected, not only people, but animals will suffer for lack of sufficient food. This is a time when My saints will witness of Me in greater measure. When there is no food, they will cry unto Me and I will provide all things necessary to sustain life.
One plague will follow another as one catastrophe will bring on the next. There will be no escape. Even those well-stocked with supplies will find their storehouses empty as mobs of people rob, steal and destroy many business and homes. Some of the very wealthy will be spared for a time, but eventually all will be subject to mass starvation and illness of every kind. Only whose who God is the Lord will have ample supply in order to provide for their own families, friends, and others who I will send to their homes. The more you share, the more your storehouses will expand as it was when Jesus fed the 5,000 from a small amount of fish and bread. Just a little food will feed thousands who lack enough sustenance to sustain life.
This will cause many to seek Me as never before and the word of God shall cover the earth as the message of hope sweeps across the continents and into the hearts of the people. I have spoken often but few have heeded My call. However, thousands and tens of thousands will begin to hear the words of their Redeemer and come to the gates of Zion with joyful hearts even though for some it will be by the things that they suffer. Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 1, 2022

The President of this great land has endorsed a number of subversive activities which will be felt in the coming months. A few things will come in the month of March. By the end of September, a number of subversive situations will arise affecting the citizens of this land and causing repercussions by the end of this year.
The present government does not intend to release its stranglehold on the American people. It intends to bind the people down with more measures under the guise of protection bypassing the U.S. Supreme Court wand wreaking havoc upon the people involved. The military will participate and steps will be taken to ensure that the people understand that they must obey all government laws and mandates. Civil authority will be overshadowed by a military presence and people will no longer have the privilege of living a life of free choice.
It is important for My people to remain calm during the coming months, not fearing authorities. They must remember My promises to them. They will have My protection if they maintain a calm attitude and release to Me all concerns and diabolical action.
In order to help those who desire My protection and who long for Zion, they need to pray to me often. THEY  ARE MY PEOPLE AND I AM THEIR GOD! If they remain faithful, I will dispatch holy warriors to stand against the hordes of evil doers and raise a standard of protection that no demon or devilish person can penetrate.
It will be this way in Zion, for My presence will prevent the warmongers from taking My City and destroying My people. The way to Zion is sometimes a difficult journey, but once people enter her gates, the cry of perverseness will no longer be heard, and the powers of darkness will no longer have sway among My saints nor within the Citadel of Faith that I will raise in this generation.
Speak of hope to one another. Remember My doings in previous generations. Seek to know My will by studying the words found in My scriptures. For the words I have spoken bear a testimony of those who have gone before. Also, you have the prophetic words of those still living in this generation.
I have stated before in the history of the church that the brethren needed to wait a little longer until My army became very great and very terrible. But the times ha come when it will be necessary to go forth in battle array against the satanic forces that cover the earth and bind the people in chains. So it is, with the army I have at this time, I will cause My angels to sound the alarm and call forth My warriors into the battle. Their armament will be the shield of faith and the breastplate of righteousness. Their helmet will be that of salvation. They will be girded about with truth. Their feet shod with the gospel of peace. Their weapon will be the sword of the spirit which will divide asunder and conquer all those who seek to destroy My people and to do away with My purposes.
Those weak in the faith will stand at the back of the conflict and cry for deliverance as My warriors of truth go forth in the spirit and in the power of the Holy Ghost.
The men I have chosen to endow will have power beyond comprehension. Their swords will shine bright with My Word and they will go forth in My name bringing millions to repentance and causing the evil ones to tremble at My name.
March begins the conflict in greater measure though many will not realize that the battle has commenced. By the end of autumn, a great change will have occurred. So, brace yourselves for a series of events that will eventually shatter the bonds of iniquity and cause My people to tremble before Me at the exhibition of My power.
You believe in God, believe also in Me for I and My Father are one. The humble and the obedient will inherit the land and the holiness of God will bring the sons of men back into compliance with My will.
More will be given in coming days as to the details of future demonstration. Seek to focus on Me and look not at the collapse of the Babylonian cities. As the walls of security crumble around you, cast your eyes upon your Savior nailed to a cross who gave all for your salvation. For it is He who will gather the hosts to the battle. It is He who will gather the hosts to the battle. It is He who will ride victoriously throughout the earth bringing the sword of justice and the mantle of peace as a swift witness of His justice and of His grace. So be it. Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 26, 2022

The situation in the Ukraine is serious for Russia has an insatiable appetite for more land and she will not stop at the borders of the Ukraine. Her presence will destabilize the situation in Europe and there will be repercussions felt around the world. Trade will be affected as fear will be propagated so that people will panic-buy causing goods to rise in price. The cost of gasoline will increase causing a rise of prices not only here in the United States but in other countries. The expectation of war will encompass the globe bringing a sense of instability and price increases in world markets.

The tendency to promote fear about the situation is partly the result of greed, for manufactures will view this as an opportunity to gain more money at the expense of uncertain consumers. Wages will not rise but all other commodities will increase and eventually go beyond the ability of many people to purchase them.
Previously I mentioned that March would begin a series of events that will affect not only the nation’s purchasing power but also loss of freedoms. The suggestion of war will provide an artificial base for clamping down on people who resist government authority. People will gradually be given more mandates that will prevent freedom of expression if in opposition to government agendas.
Christians will begin feeling more vulnerable as they will be blamed as one major cause that American culture is deprived of a more satisfactory existence. Their code of morals will be judged as inhibiting American progress and determination. So, be prepared My people, as soon you’ll be targeted as responsible for a downturn in America’s domestic affairs. More and more mandates will be forthcoming and people will be subject to investigation if they are a Christian believer.
Do not fear this oncoming deluge even though it is but the beginning of further confrontation. Lack of resources and supplies alway brings a desire to blame a certain segment of society and Christians, as well as those who believe in personal freedom, will be a target of criticism in coming days. So, My people, time is of the essence now. Anchor yourselves in My Word. Trust in My promises and keep yourselves free of Babylon’s enticements.
I have told you often to release all worries and to trust in your Savior. Some of you are so embedded in Babylon that it will be more difficult for you as the wicked demand more loyalty and Christian thought and behavior will be in direct opposition to their stated belief and practice.
Continue on in your preparations. Do not look back but move ever forward into a fierce battle that will soon engulf ever nation and bring hardship on every man, woman, and child. This is My counsel. There is no turning back. So, march on to Zion keeping in mind that this City will be the only refuge on earth where people can live in peace and safety.
Let Me guide you with My counsel and seek not your own wisdom. For the wisdom of man shall perish and only God will prevail in the midst of great disturbances. Let Me, your Lord and Savior, carry you in My arms in days to come when you are unable to stand, and all that you have depended on will fade away as a mist on the top of troubled waters.
So it will be. Soon things will change. I love all those who desire righteousness and with an outstretched hand I will bring you safely through the torrents of destruction which will move through your lives like a tsunami from a turbulent sea. So it is, I have spoken.
Amen and Amen

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
March 16, 2022

Not far distant and even at the door, I declare that great and marvelous things will be revealed to My people. For as I have already stated, My work shall go forth even unto the far corners of the earth. I forget not My precious people who dwell in other nations and across the great waters, For what I have spoken will be fulfilled and what I have promised will come to pass.
Unbeknownst to My people,  there are prophets who even now are walking among the nations, speaking words of light and truth and giving knowledge of that  which is to come to all who will heed their words: These are those who are seeking Me fervently and are in communion with My spirit, enjoying the gifts I so freely offer.
Ready to come to this area are groups of many who have fasted and prayed to know the truth and who walk in holiness before Me. You remember that when Moses fled into the desert, he met a man of authority who was Jethro. Even though Israel was still in bondage, I had men ordained under My hand who kept in touch with their maker and retained precious truths handed down from generation to generation.
My people would be amazed to see holy Men walking among the Chinese and among other peoples in far away lands. After the flood, when the people were dispersed into all the earth at the confounding of the language, some held fast to the testimony given by Noah and others that they were to worship e and keep alive the doctrine preached by Noah and Shem. They wandered throughout the earth and although many forgot My ways and rejected My sovereignty, there were some who remained faithful. Hidden to th world yet known by Me, they were led to distant lands and a few kept the laws I had given. One group led away were the Jaredites, but there were others who I led to specific areas to keep their covenant with Me. Although many were lost, there yet remained a few who carried in their heart My words and precepts. Even down to the present day, they have endured centuries of war, famine, and inhumane treatment, yet they survived by My almighty hand.
So it is, soon their prophets will stretch forth their hands and proclaim amongst those who are committed, to gather up what possessions they can carry and follow their prophets to this great land of America.  And although this choice land has forsaken her blessings, yet Zion will rise and those of foreign ancestry will come to the borders of My City, with praise on their lips and joy in their hearts. For the earth is mine, and the God of Israel shall rule upon Mount Zion and in Jerusalem.
Make ready O saints of Latter day Israel. Some prepare with all heed to great warnings, but remember that you are here to welcome the lost tribes of Israel and others who seek My face. Prepare yourselves and make ready, for even My endowed priesthood will open the way so that many will see the truths of God and come to a knowledge of Jesus the Christ.
Who is it that will shelter within your homes? Who is it that you will feed, clothe, and nourish? Who are those who will listen to your voice and open their ears to My counsel? It will be those brought to sincere repentance and Godly understanding, not only in this land but also the Islands of the sea.
Acquaint yourself with My word to the point I can use you to speak like those of old who converted thousands and brought the knowledge of redemption to a sinful world. When the time comes, you must be ready for Me to give you words of eternal significance so that you will be able to speak the languages of many nations, sharing with them the great truths and mysteries of the Eternal Father.
When My priesthood bring even hundreds to the doors of your churches, will you receive them of different appearance, or shun those of different colors and races? If My people were ready, I could even now endow, and the numbers in your sanctuaries would extend beyond the walls and properties of your church buildings. Receive this counsel from your Father in heaven. If you were ready, I would even now bring many souls to your doors and there would be an explosion of faith and song not seen since the days of Pentecost and the days of Christ appearance to the Lamanite and Nephite nations. Yet if I have only eight who are ready, I will begin the great evangelical work that cries for fulfillment, for the days of much agony and distress are almost upon you. Rise up O latter Day Israel. You can take the land for I have promised it to you. You can overcome the giants and the fortresses that stand in your way if you will trust in My promises and go forth into battle with the hosts of heaven at your side.
My people of the restored church, I will send forth My endowment, IF YOU ARE PREPARED OR NOT, but I desire all to be a part of the great movement of God for I weep for those who will find themselves left out and cannot enter. Open your hearts and expand your understanding, for the enemy of your soul finds residence with those who fear and hide in their houses and tremble at the sound of wild beasts. My heart is filled with love for you. I yearn for you to be with Me I long for you to ride upon My winds. As I opened the sea before the people of Israel, I will open up the way for you to declare My gospel and to lead millions into the holy place known as Mount Zion.
Come My children. Those who are My sheep will heed and follow their Shepherd. The forces of destruction are gathering against you and if you wait too long the way will be most difficult, and for some it will be too late. Come My children. It is the closing hour. I come quickly and I bring the glories of eternal life with Me. So it is, I again have revealed some of what is to come. Now it is in your hands, to make ready or to be engulfed in the surge of destruction, soon to begin. Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
March 27, 2022

Make ready My children. Cleanse yourselves. Prepare for that which is to come, for prophecy is being fulfilled before your very eyes and God will soon reveal His endowed priesthood whom He has set apart and chosen for the closing hour of earth’s great calamity. Receive this message for I cry unto My saints and to all who will hear, that upon my house shall judgment soon begin in great measure.
Upon My hold sanctuaries there will be a fire that the congregations will be purged of all unrighteousness. And, as Israel gazed upon Mt Sinai and saw the fire of God, fearful of treading even upon the foothills, so will this fire prove whom I will preserve and will reveal who it is that will flee away.
Gird yourselves.. Make every effort to come out of Babylon so that you will not have to endure more plagues that will begin upon this land. Purge yourselves of all uncleanliness, for I will also purge the nations of their iniquities and make Myself known is great power, and bring to pass all those things spoken of by My prophets.
Again, I give counsel that time is fleeing away and all those not gathered into this area will need to flee or suffer severe judgment that will fill the land.
You, of sound understanding, those of your with spiritual insight, is it not plain what is transpiring in all the earth? Is it not clear what is about to happen? You, who see with your eyes, continue on for I have decreed that a nation of wicked design will come against you, and as people of the Ukraine are fleeing now before Russian forces, so many will flee into the Center Place and surrounding areas.
So, I keep speaking and I keep warning. I challenge those of pure intent. Get all things in order within your homes that is of an unholy nature, and that which you cannot remove, due to present circumstances, will dissolve away as I increase My Holy Presence in your houses and in your churches. Leave all behind that will render you helpless when the forces of darkness lean heavily upon you. Take My sword and quote My word. Take My shield to guard against the adversary. Wear the helmet of salvation and let your feet be shod with gospel.
The time of great upheavals is soon to come. Present day life will give way to pioneer living. Groceries and staples will disappear, no longer to be found or purchased. Mass starvation will cover the land, and people will even eat their children in some places. Be believing and do not doubt, for even though a scourge is coming there will also be glorious displays, and remnants of Israel shall come to Zion in melodious song and praise. Live each day as thou I were here. Follow the ancient landmarks that will lead to Zion’s redemption.

Though weapons of war will reign down terror, I will intervene and their weapons will turn upon their own heads for I decree that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. No evil force of a spiritual nature will reign in your midst for I and I alone reign supreme. The time is approaching, for even now on the horizon are seen raging lions seeking to destroy and devour. Who is it that will go forth as lions and tear in pieces those not prepared for My Arm of Protection? Those from the south, armed with bitterness and hatred, are even now numbering their swords and preparing to sweep through the land. Cry My people. Sound an alarm in all My Holy Mountain. Break forth in full measure, reassuring those of true discipleship that they will be preserved. It is soon to begin. Look to September and to other days of autumn, for little by little, the dominion of Satan will crumble and the great hordes of the wicked will no longer be found. So be it. Amen

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
April 12, 2022

Until my people adhere to My words and obey My commandments, a lesser portion of My Spirit will be felt among the congregations. For I have often reminded those of my flock that I will indeed direct all who seek Me fervently. I have pleaded with those whom have taken upon themselves My names. I love My saints and I long to walk with them and tell them more of the things that will enrich their lives and cause their souls to rejoice at My constant companionship.
I am troubled, for although there have been some difficult times, I still see a lack of commitment among some of my people. Is the path too easy at this time that you have forgotten the things I have required at your hand? Has the enemy ceased to invade the land of Zion and to ensnare My people? No, for I say he continues to seek to thwart My efforts to bring to pass My Kingdom which will be the Ark of the Latter Day.
Have I lightened your load so much that you cannot hear the menacing voice of those who desire your destruction? Have you regarded not My provincial care for you during times of duress and conflict? Are you deserting the ranks and chosen to sit on the sidelines while a few faithful men and women continue to battle for the truth and witness of Me in every situation that confronts them? For I declare this day that the battle will become more fierce. The foe will increase his attacks. The lives of many will be lost because My saints have not engaged in the conflict but busy themselves with the lesser things of life.
My heart is heavy, yet I rejoice in those who wait longingly for the endowment and who never lay down their weapons in the fight for deliverance. It is now I speak to My faithful, My cherished children, My warriors of faith and defenders of truth. The time approaches that again My hand of judgment will fall upon those who seek wicked practice and upon those whose desire it is to pervert and destroy My blessed people and My sacred land.
Today within the borders of your land, many are traveling north, west, and east to settle in your cities and to take up residence in your land. Many have been brought here by My hand, while others are here to erase the inhabitants and take that which is not theirs. Their numbers increase and will continue to increase for the boarders are no longer secure.
As My people have let down their guard against the enemy of their soul so that they might not be protected, so it is the borders are no longer in place to guard this country. My people are less concerned about their purpose and more concerned about material and financial gain.
So it is, I must again lay siege to the devil’s intentions by wiping away all existing stability offered by Babylon and which will cause My saints to remember whom it is they serve. The battle rages on although some lie down on their couches and hear not the enemy coming down the path.
But to those engaged in My great cause, I bid you to be of good cheer, for you will inhabit the land I have prepared for you and the gates of security will again arise around Zion’s encampment. So, as the days of pleasant weather approach, I continue to admonish those who seek My Kingdom. Keep on My children, though your numbers be few, for I am God and I will fulfill all that I have promised.

Have you noticed a lull in activity among the wicked? Does it seem as though all may be well even though conflicts continue in other lands? Those with sound understanding realize that all they see happening in Ukraine will soon be upon this land.
The noose grows tighter as the people called by My name relax in their stupor and focus on exciting summer activities and pleasurable engagements. So it has been and will continue to be, but underneath the deceptive surface, a cauldron of mass destruction is about to boil into vision, and for those not prepared the great deluge will not spare them due to their lack of commitment.
Zion, My city, awaits to descend, for I long to be with My beloved as the cries of the masses continue to rise up before Me. Be not content with present circumstance. Live completely for your Savior. Man the lifeboats for the ship is sinking. For although it seems peaceful and silent, the immensity of desolation is soon upon you.
Again, I am warning yet only a few heed My voice. I come and come quickly. Make the wedding garments ready and bring all to the wedding feast who will heed your warnings. I send My angels to help you. Step forward and do not delay, for great and mighty destruction awaits the heedless, but My arm of mercy will embrace and protect all who hear My voice. So be it. Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
May 12, 2022

Encouraging Message to the Saints
Awaken, my saints, cast away unbelief and doubt. Look to My word for it reveals what is about to transpire. I have given you this message to share with those you love and with others who will soon see My power revealed in great measure, even a blessing of endowment, a blessing of courage, a blessing of hope.
My saints are now downtrodden, as were the Native American people. They have been deceived, thinking that My church is no longer a viable tool in the midst of great wickedness. But I say to you that soon a great and might force will be released from heaven. It will engulf the world with such power that the emissaries of darkness will tremble at its presence ad cry aloud in terror as My Spirit moves across this great land. The frontiers of evangelism have not been fully realized. When My power descends in full measure, the wandering tribes of Israel will gather to the center of this land and the light that will be shown will illuminate the path of those seeking deliverance, causing many to abandon false beliefs and foolish traditions in favor of My presence and in accordance with My promises.
Due to the lateness of the hour, some think that only disaster awaits those of My choosing. But I declare that the situation you now find among those of My church will drastically change. Those of a downcast nature will turn from their sorrow into ministers of radiant hope and missionaries of great conversion.
Look no more at the tragic circumstances existing in government and in the social order. Look only to My promise that Zion will rise and the multitudes that have wandered in the desert shall find their path to My City. A City set on a hill filled with the presence of My Spirit and filled with My omnipotent power and grace.
Those who sit in the pews of My sanctuaries lacking Vibrant testimony and stanch belief will rise up and speak forth in My name, crying out to all within their reach to prepare. Prepare, for the fulfillment of redemption is near at hand.
The earth will tremble. The mountains will move out of their place. The oceans will rise and fall in great tumultuous emulations, but this is all in preparation for the King of Heaven. His return will cause even the starts to fall and the sun and moon shall hide their light in shame.
Do not sit now in the valley of desperation. Rely not on your physical preparations, for it is not those whose pantries are filled with merchandise that will find true peace and sustained safety. But it is those filled with My Spirit who will walk on top of the waters and shout to the heavens that Zion is born. Keep not silent. Keep not back your proclamation, for that which many have viewed as ultimate disaster will realize that God’s hand is reshaping the land and bringing back that which has been lost since My church was first established.
Cry, shout forth, all you who are a remnant of Israel, either by lineage or by baptism! Why weep in the valley of temporalities? Step out of the darkness and walk in My blessed assurance. For as surely as the sun gives light to the day and as surely as the moon gives light to the darkness, My hand of mercy shall set in order My church and restore the nations to their former purpose. For many men will stand girded with My armor and evil will be conquered by the power of My word.
I have spoke, Listen to the voice of One who rules in the heavens as well as on the earth. You are the generation of Zion’s fair towers and you are the people who will abide till I come. Amen and Amen

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
May 26, 2022

Message given shortly after the massacre of children in a school in Uvalde, Texas.
O Land of Mine Inheritance, children of My Covenant, open your ears and listen again to the One Mighty and Strong. Listen, O children of the Most Hight. Turn your hearts and minds to what I would say this day.
For as it was in the days of Noah, so it is today. For men’s hearts are failing them for fear, and the call of more disruption is filling this land with fear and dread.
As was broadcast on all networks and sounded from media sources, the young man who took the lives of the young, was but a product of society’s lack of adherence to the righteous laws of God. As the people mourn the loss of those slain, I say unto those who are wailing weep not for the slain, but weep for yourselves.
As I carried my cross to Golgotha, many women wept in bitter apprehension of what lay ahead of Me. Yet, I too, reminded them of future desolation that would befall the city of Jerusalem and other towns and places of Jewish habitation.
Though this tragedy was felt by many, it is but one more sign of the disastrous conditions that exist upon this land of eternal purpose. So, be comforted knowing that those who were slain are with Me in pleasant circumstances and the children are playing and rejoicing in pleasant field an lush valley floor. The adults that fell in this provoked situation are also enjoying the loveliness of flowered valley and the fragrant aroma of heaven’s domain.
I speak of this loss to give further evidence that I am well aware of all that will happen and I am in charge of all that will come.
Now to the present situation and to the disclosure of future events. The time for another serious offense is almost upon you. Men of sordid countenance plan to unleash another morbid plague that will overpower multitudes due to its fierce nature. This next atrocity will have a rippling affect upon all men even those far removed from the deadly infection. This has been planned and will soon be released as the year progresses. It is not possible to describe the holocaust of this next event as the severity cannot be explained in words you could fully comprehend.
But know this, that My hand of protection will be over those who now search My scriptures and rely heavily on My extended hand of mercy. I have warned before of future plague and some of My people have made it a concerned matter of prayer. But others choose to ignore the warning and refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of coming epidemic. So, to those who are willing to receive this warning, I bid you to be at peace, for I stand in the gap to protect those chosen, for a great plan of revival. For the willing and obedient shall, indeed, inherit the land.
I give you not an exact day of great upheaval but I would declare to you that many, who now feel that the tragedy of Covid is past, will soon be devastated when word spreads of another more deadly infection sweeping through the land.
When the Israelites placed the blood on their door posts and on the lintels, they were safe from all disease and sorrow that fell upon the Egyptians. I gladly bore them in My arms and carried them forth to the chosen land they were to inherit.
Today, My people of all faiths who seek to do My will have the opportunity to apply My blood on the thresholds of their dwellings by obeying My covenant and yielding to My will in their lives. Again, the blood of the Lamb is given freely to anoint the entrance to every home and to protect all those within its chambers.
The ancient people had little knowledge of their past due to severe repression and oppression under slavery. But My people today have full access to Biblical text as well as Book of Mormon knowledge and revelation in these latter days. Yet many, even today, have a limited amount of knowledge to acquaint themselves with the provision of protection I have given in My Word. Nevertheless, I shall be merciful, but there will be great distress among some who seek to live with Me in My Kingdom if they are unaware of the light and truth given in recorded text.
Therefore, I charge My priesthood to prepare… Prepare to share with all those I send to your, and provide the information that will inform not only church members but people of many denominations how they can protect their families and provide haven for many who will come.
My priesthood of latter day dispensation, can you now say that you are ready to share the fullness of revealment found in My Holy Writ? Are you prepared to witness in vigor and grant unto many those truths which will set people free and acquaint them with the power of My written and spoken work? Are you ready to stand boldly in the presence of mass hysteria and proclaim the sacrificial death of Christ to set men free and give them peace during armed conflict and social unrest? Are you prepared to proclaim in unwavering commitment that all men must stand before God? Repentance is absolutely essential for eternal blessing and contentment.
Look at your lives, My dear brethren of the gospel. Does your life radiate My peace, My glory, My assurance that all who five their lives to My authority will reign with Me on Mt. Zion and prove to earth’s people that God alone reigns supreme?
Open brethren, open your eyes to the light of understanding. Seek Me now with great fervency. Do not let one day pass without further investigation into My words found in the scriptures.  These words will fill you with peace, joy, assurance, and power to perform the tasks I have set before you.
Trust not in your own devices, but look more to Me for I a m the resource of all that is needed to subdue kingdoms and cause the masses to fall in adoration.
Continue on, My brethren, you who have diligently tried to prepare in the midst of sickness and family problems. I have anointed your for My purpose and I will stand with your though the forces of evil come against you to overthrow My purpose and to end your dedication.
No evil will befall you neither will any army of the earth overtake your efforts for My Spirit is with you and My work shall be victorious by the blood of My Son and by the word of your testimony.
So be it again. Amen and Amen. Peace unto you

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
June 8, 2022

Cry unto Me, all that seek to live with Me in My Kingdom that is soon to be, for Satan rages in the hearts of men. The magnification of wickedness is about to break forth causing even those grounded in My word to tremble at the exhibition of My power on behalf of My lovely saints, whom I have gathered into this area, to prepare for the judgments of Almighty God soon to be released upon a disobedient nation. A people perverted in mind and heart. A people engaged in the wicked practices that once held sway, before the flood, and in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
You heard today of another increase in gas prices. You have seen prices increases in food and other commodities. You have felt the effects of social disgrace and complacent reaction. But, as yet, you have not witnessed excessive violence and distress in all cities and towns throughout America. So prepare, prepare for the hour of great WOES is almost upon you.
I have warned before, and I warn again, for I see a few in preparation while there are still some acting as though their lives, now enjoyed, will continue on without interruption. Stop and consider the many attractions that lead you away from My cross and cause you to laugh in giddiness at satire, and amusement found on your televisions and viewed constantly on your electronic devices.
Consider the things around you. Cast not a frowning brow on what you consider more future warnings. Warnings which you choose to ignore as you imagine that things will continue as they have been. Oh, men of strength and women of beauty, why will you choose death? Why will you not hear and obey? So it is, I have cried many times for I see that which is not yet exposed. I know that which will overtake you and cause you to wail in unbelief and seek for that which you might have obtained before calamity began.
Now I set before you a plain and grievous scene. I set before you that which is even now beginning so that you cannot say, “Why was I not told of these things? Why had God abandoned His people? Where is the evidence of His protection?”
Even now the price of all goods and services continues to rise insomuch that, before long, some may have to choose between buying food or paying for energy to heat their homes. This is already present in many parts of the world. A choice will have to be made between eating wholesome foods or striving to subsist on food of lesser value and quality. You may have to resort to eating  things that prove very distasteful or even repulsive to your appetite.
But, those who have stored what they can will find their pantries will continue to flourish as long as they share what they have, and give their lives to Me for the sake of My Kingdom.
Are you ready to seek protection form heaven’s arsenal? Or, are you depending on local police authority? Trust only in My provision for My angels are ready and prepared to assist you when anger knocks at your door and evil seeks to cross your threshold.
You were not present during past revolutions when every man sought to obtain his daily bread, even if it meant stealing from his own family or betraying trusted friends. The desolation of The Civil War is beyond your imagination, for how can you truly understand that which you have never experienced?
So cry unto Me, even in your closets, in your homes, in your fields, at your workplace. Cry unto Me now and I will hear and give your an abundance of peace and comfort that is beyond that which the world can offer.
Hear ye not the rumblings of war in other lands? See the agony of despair now experienced in Ukraine. But, hear also the rumbling of severe destruction in your own land as mobs of militant civilians take up arms in search of life-sustaining provisions.
Love all those whom I send to your dwellings. Seek to be a nurturing father or mother to those distressed and depressed in mind and body. Bring knowledge of Me to every single person. Help people cope with the catastrophes that will sweep through the lives of men, but have never been experienced in this land of promised security.
I stand ready to assist. I am your God, your Lord, your Savior, your friend. I long to reveal even more, but for now this is sufficient for My people to consider. To those prepared, stand fast in your commitment, for Zion’s enclosure awaits those who live all for their Lord, as I have given My life for all mankind.
Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 24, 2022

My lovely saints, chosen and set apart in these latter days to be a testimony to the world that Zion, the Holy City, will return to the earth to join with My saints and restore the great and marvelous habitation that once existed in Enoch’s day.
Proclaim, proclaim that this place of beauty will be the only place on earth where man is not a t war with one another. Make all things clear to those who have never heard, for this will be a place of refuge for those fleeing the devastating wave of wickedness soon to engulf the world. The time of preparation is drawing to a close for those who have had the knowledge for a number of years. Their testimony will ring forth bearing fruit in the lives of many who will feel as though there is no hope and no escape from the perpetrators of darkness.
You have been told of famine, of plague, and of commotion. Tonight I will reveal even more of what will be seen in this country and throughout the earth. Changes of great magnitude will be experienced by all people and even My saints shall barely escape.
Trust not your financial institutions, neither place your hope in your financial stability. Place all your hope in Me for all things that now provide a measure of security will no longer offer a service of confidence. Let My Spirit guide your ever activity. Let My provincial care guide your preparations. Let My Spirit guide your purchases and do not lean upon your own understanding.
Riots of great magnitude will soon erupt in every major city. Even small towns will be filled with violent behavior and extensive lawlessness. Store My Word in your heart so that when you are confronted with evil you will have a storehouse of scripture for a sword and an abundance of faith as your shield.
It is not sufficient to glance occasionally at the words of the prophets. Make them a part of your vocabulary. Carry them into every conflict. Speak them forth when in confrontation. For when Satan approached Me to tempt My authority, I used the Word as he has no power over My Holy Word. Let My Light shine in your every activity. Make known your belief to all those who do not realize that I stand ready to assist them in severe circumstance.
Set up an alter in your home if you do not have one. Let everyone who enters your dwelling see a holy station set aside revealing the 3 standard books and other items of religious profession.
Make no mistake for that which I have given will be fulfilled. Those unacquainted with spiritual manifestation and those who sit in darkness, not knowing that I live, will seek your knowledge and you need to be ready to share that which you have studied.
Let all things be done in order and do not make hasty decisions even though the time of fulfillment is soon to come. In the midst of all this turmoil there will be a missionary effort such as has never been seen. There will be manifestations of power in order that multitudes may realize that those things which happened in biblical text were true. And the great power that parted the Red Sea and that was witnessed through Bible narrative was not only true but can be seen and experienced in today’s sinful world.
There will be evidence of angels descending, helping many whose very lives are subject to violent demonstration. There will be healings and prophetic word heard through the land. Incidents of miraculous manifestation will fill the saints with wonder and amazement. Food will appear on tables and men will tremble as My endowed brethren share the gospel of truth with a fallen people. There will be extensive altercations in man’s desperate attempt to survive in a brutal and civil war situation. But My hand of mercy will save many who would otherwise perish by sword and by famine.
Little ones will be brought in by angels and some of the churches will be filled with these children as they bask in the presence of holy couriers and angels of brilliance. Multitudes fleeing persecution will find a welcoming crowd of dedicated believers.
Armies of evil intent will not be able to enter the precinct of Zion’s enclosure. Radiant beams of heavenly light will be seen even from a great distance as the portals of heaven are opened to reveal the marvelous wonders sent down to soothe a hurting and desperate people. Vast quantities of provision will be made available to those who find their way to Zion’s fortress. And never again will the cry of hunger or agony of sickness be felt or seen.
It is soon My people, even sooner than you might suspect. So, hasten to the task for the joy of redemption will be offered to all. I gave My life for all My creation. And those who receive it shall never more mourn.
Life is everlasting and those who taste of the fruits of My Kingdom will sing of My glory and be happy and joyful forevermore. Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
October 12, 2022

Listen, My saints, for I speak once more in counsel. I have much to impart to you for time is ripe and My work must hasten for Zion in these latter days.
You have received much in the way of warning. You have received much in the knowledge that I will protect My people for the terrible things soon to befall the nations. I have cried unto the children of men in many diverse ways. I have allowed storms to deface the land. I have allowed sickness to claim the lives of some, even those who have known Me. Yet, I have withheld various disastrous events for My people are not yet ready to endure the final days of earth’s rebellion.
So I speak once again, but this time I reveal some hidden mysteries, yet to be revealed in greater measure by My priesthood who represent Me in these last moments of preparation.
My servant, Aaron Smith, spoke of the midnight hour. He spoke of an eagle consuming a carcass on a highway. He spoke of a figure skater and her position of increased velocity as she drew herself into the center of gravity and raised her arms above her head. So, I speak now from a different perspective which will draw My people into a center of power where they will be able to move at unprecedented speed, bringing many souls into My sanctuary where I might bless and bestow upon them greater light and truth. For I say unto you, the time of great commotion is soon to overtake you beyond anything that has been or ever will be again.
Look at your time piece by gazing at current events within the world’s arena. See the rising threat of nuclear exchange and the unsettling situation in the stock market. Had you known the exact hour, would you have invested money in the stock exchange or would you have prepared your lives to be fitting representatives of My will and My ways?
Too long My people have languished in their commitment, but I now see some who have truly taken hold of present warnings and have placed their hands on the plow, not looking back at previous experience.
Look forward to abundance in the face of starvation. Look forward to healing where there is now death. Look forward to conversion where atheism and communism now stalk the land. Lest you forget, I have already promised abundance and the terrors that lie before you are but small incidentals in My work among men.
In the world the pendulum will swing from prosperity to poverty. The best of man’s efforts will sink into the sands of time. But My work shall stand forever and the cause of Zion will expand forward revealing Zion’s full presence in the enter of this land.
So it is, with loving concern that I present to you  a few harrowing events which will be witnessed before a future expose of violent action.
The time of purchasing items will end before the next purposed presidential election. The time for preparation is drawing to a close. My priesthood were given both blessing and warning in Kirtland’s prophetic message. But I will speak further of secular events and conspiracies.
After a collapse of the money system and the halt of all trade and commerce, great violence will erupt on every street in every town and in every area of human habitation. So much so that it will be dangerous to venture outside your home or move from one area to another. But, as my servant, Arthur Oakman, mentioned, Zionic communities yet to be witnessed, will cause many people to flee to areas where they see a fire by night and a pillar of smoke by day overshadowing a place of refuge and retreat.
There will be a multitude of people approaching your residences in the very near future. You will see the faces of many distressed and impoverished souls. You will hear the cries of weeping mothers and hear the moans of disoriented and frightened children. You will see the plight of homeless refugees moving in desperation toward any hopeful sanctuary.
You need to prepare yourselves to house each destitute soul. You need to receive those whom I send to you regardless of their nationality and circumstance. Some will leave your dwellings when they find that your home is one of reverence and belief in the Lord God Almighty, while others will cling to your garments as a child clings to his mother’s skirt. Some will need medical attention. They will need mighty prayer from all those who know My ways of healing. Others of occupancy will be extremely distraught and will need divine counseling for the reality of their situation which will cause them to grieve in consequence of present circumstances.
Be ready to assist in whatever way I desire and do not look at your present state of infirmity or weakness.
Are you able to speak with the tongue of angels? Are you so endowed with my Spirit that your every word will bring joy and consolation to the lost and downtrodden? Will you speak forth My worlds in hesitancy or will you know with your heart that what has been written will be fulfilled if the spokesman carries My Spirit and My Grace. Be familiar with the words of My testimony. Read the scriptures in such a way that My Words will be received and taken in as one would give water to a thirsty soul.
Know the scriptures dealing with various human weaknesses. Quote them in full confidence to anyone who is seeking. My Words are as valid today as they were 2,000 years ago. The words of the prophets never fail when read in the spirit of My holiness and as I spoke to devils, words of powerful influence, they fled from before Me. Your work is only limited by your understanding and faith in what I have given and revealed through the words of My prophets.
Have you armed yourself with scriptures of peace, of light, and of truth? Are you ready to quote Scriptures on protection, healing, and provision in time of need? Do you think I spoke only to people of past centuries? Do you not recognize that My Words are for all time and eternity and will fulfill their purpose? Are you are  able to understand their power when spoken by those who believe and trust in their God?
Did I speak negatively when accosted by evil forces? Did I hesitate to heal and comfort in the face of disease and consumption? I spoke and it was done. I declared and it came to pass.
I have given you My Words to use as part of your armor. I have provided for you all the weapons necessary for spiritual and physical warfare.
Your foe is not only famine and desolation Your foe is also nuclear exchange and foreign invasion. Do you wither at the prospect of foreign soldiers on your land? Do you cower in anticipation of armies approaching your door? Greater is the army that will defend you than the army that comes against you.
Speak My Words in My Name and watch the enemies of freedom flee before you. Speak My Words of healing and watch the infirm rise up in health. Speak words of abundance found throughout the scriptures and see food appear on your tables and water pour from your taps.
Have you no faith in My counsel and dominion? I saw these atrocities long before you were born. I have planned from  the beginning and no force in heaven or earth can penetrate My decisions nor change the outcome of My declarations.
Seek now to study, with even greater determination, the words I have spoken through time. Seek to read with defined concentration so that you might understand what I have given.
SAY what I have Said. BELIEVE what I have taught, and if you are conscientious in your commitments, in the quoting of My Words, it will be as though I am speaking and present before you.
Listen not to negative conversation. Move out on faith and see God’s power accelerate among men even to the ends of the earth.
So, again I have spoken. Heed the voice of your Master and friend. So be it. Amen and Amen.

Through Richard F. Neill
September 24&25, 2022

To the Priesthood Assembled, I come before you this day to bring counsel of the Lord. I have been made aware from the beginning that the Lord desired a message to be brought forth to this body of Priesthood, assembled together.
The spirit of discouragement has taken its toll on the people of the Church. This has affected the whole body, and in particular the youth, the aged, and the vulnerable.
There has been a great loss of hope among God’s people for many years. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, and many have lost their hope and faith in the Church as expressed in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without faith and hope, charity diminishes, and the gospel of Jesus Christ suffers. Many have become lost from the Lord, and lost from teach other. The Lord grieves over this condition.
For some time, the Lord has invited me into His presence to share some things with me. I have stepped into the realm of eternity, and I felt unworthiness to be in such a place. The Lord has comforted me with His Spirit, each and every time, and without exception, when I have felt this unworthiness.
Over the last several months, I have inquired repeatedly of Him, if these thoughts are of Him, to the point that the natural man would have become weary of me asking over and over again the same questions. On many occasions, I was ready to leave this behind, because of my weakness, and walk away, but the Lord is merciful, He is kind, and He is patient.
He has patiently assured me of what it is that He wants done and said at this time. I have promised to Him that I would do what He has asked of me. Not my will,, but His will be done.
It is by His Spirit, that I come to you, now, in this hallowed place.
The time has come for these words to be spoken unto you. It is now 38 years since the 1984 World Conference. It is from this point in time that much of the Restoration Movement was formed, because of many decisions that were made within the Church. These events have led you to this point in time.
With good intentions of my servants of the priesthood, you have heard at times differing messages. Some have said to wait, and some have said to act. There is a time and place for each of these responses. Both of these counsels given together, at the same time, have caused confusion and doubt among the people. I am not the author of confusion. I love you, and desire to guide you through this.
These conditions have brought about separation, and despair in the minds of the people.
This has led to different degrees of organization. Churches have been established, groups have been formed, branches have become independently separated, and many of my people have become lost because of the ‘mists of darkness’, and because of ‘wandering in strange road’. (I Nephi 2:67,81)
The Restoration has become filled, too often, with the spirit of contention. This is unseemly to me, when I have made it clear to you so many times that you must become one. Have you not heard my voice calling to you? I prayed in Gethsemane, in my final hours upon the earth, that you may be one.
You have placed the command to wait, and the command to act, above the commandment that I give unto you. The command I give unto you is to ‘listen’. There is a time and a season to wait, and a time and a season to act, but you will never discern the difference if you choose not to listen to Me first.
I have brought this church out of the wilderness, in these latter days, to have and hold a stewardship in the coming forth of my kingdom of Zion on earth. I have not changed in my intentions for you.
If you will be obedient to keep the Two Great Commandments of Love for the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, and one another as you neighbors, I will yet use you for this purpose and stewardship that I have given you. If not, my purposes will not fail, but, as I said in former years, I will raise up another people.
As I led the children of Israel across the Red Sea by revelation, and protected them with ‘a pillar by day and a fire by night’, so I will be in your midst if you will hearken unto my words. With those who I have prepared, and who will be added to this work, along with the forces of Heaven, I have sufficient to fulfill my promise of Zion. But what is lacking is the spiritual condition required of you for Zion to come forth.
I say unto you, listen to me. There are two stewardships that will ensure success if you will do them.
1) As the five wise virgins did in the parable of the last days, ‘Gather and sanctify your oil, before the cry at midnight’. Prepare yourself through scripture, prayer, fasting, and humble service. You must take the Holy Spirit as a guide in all things that you do in your life.
2) Be willing to remove all barriers and hindrances to the achievement of Zion. You must become one. This would include the groups and associations you have formed, and the responsibilities that you carry. Needful things will be restored. All else is inconsequential.
I give unto you two years to implement these stewardships. Then, if you are obedient, I will give you the things which are to follow. The two years would be by the same time of year as this Assembly.
Do not tarry in these things, like the unwise virgins. You are not adequately prepared for what is to come upon the world in the next two years. How long must I wait? I will have given you 40 years.
If you will heed these words you will marvel at the protection that I will give to you. This I did in the journey to the Promised Land in the days of Moses. You will receive daily manna. I am the Bread.
“The Church will yet flourish. I will show you power from on High, but only if you will listen to me and come together in My spirit. I am pleased that you have gathered into my presence, now go forth as one.”

September 27, 2022

Many of My servants came to My Temple in anticipation of great and marvelous manifestations of power. I was indeed in their presence but I could not endow them with the things they desired as they are not as yet of one heart and one mind.
They came before Me, some in great preparation, while others came with a minor amount of preparatory experience. I love these My brethren and I desire to show them the greater truth of My power. I desire to grant unto them an increased knowledge of spiritual things but although some were prepared to even enter My chambers, others sat slightly aware of the true reason for their gathering.
I moved among them even though they received not what was desired, I still blessed them with My presence and many received a blessing of which they are not yet fully aware. To My servants who came clothed in My righteousness I granted a special blessing which will be revealed in a very short time.
There were a few who had spiritual manifestations and visions into future events. But many sat waiting for God to pour out on them spiritual power not experienced before. Indeed, some were ready, but I could not fill their vessels with what I had to give them or it would have destroyed them in their present state.
My brethren, oh how I long for you to be in a closer relationship with Me. How I long to sit with you and have you drink of the waters of further revealment and to eat the manna of spiritual enlightenment. The day will come that most of you will be prepared, for the days are soon that unless you choose to walk in harmony with My laws and My commandments, I will choose other men to stand in your stead.
But be not cast down for I will fulfill My promises to My Holy priesthood and many will adhere to My call and seek Me, crying before My alter and I will spare the people for whom they implore supplication.
Evil desires are in the hearts and minds of Satan’s followers, even to the point that before long many will behold the destruction of those who take counsel from medical professionals and from those not familiar with the vices being used to increase massive genocide among the nations.
So it is, I wait a little longer for those who are trying to do My will. But it is soon time to endow those who live unto Me in every thought and deed. For the floodgates are lifting and I need to send forth My warriors into battle to secure the ramparts and to bring safely home those who are bound by Satan’s devices. Not much time is left. Heed to My warning for salt which has lost its savor will be cast out and trodden under foot.
I long for all to be with Me when I set up My Kingdom. Will you be there oh men of high calling? Or will you choose the way of Inadequate preparation The choice is in your hands, but I beckon longingly as a Father beckons to a heedless son.
Come, come unto Me. Now is the time that I will receive you. Take My counsel or be lost in the way. Amen and Amen

MESSAGE GIVEN THROUGH Patriarch Mike Ballantyne December 13, 2022

Learning more and more about future planned pandemics, loss of more freedoms, collapse of our monetary system famine and war, I cried again unto the Lord asking Him how long He would allow these things o go on. Realizing that the judgments of God are upon the land, yet, believing in His promised protection I still desired to know more about the time element in relation to Zion.  According to His will and purpose the following message was what I received. Glory be to his Holy Name.
The people of this land will see more plagues in days to come. The result of these additional pandemics will bring even more awareness  that there is an evil force which seeks to exterminate the masses and allow wicked conspirators to decide who will live and who will be terminated. I have previously shared about the dreadful times that will envelope this nation and also many other nations. I t will be by My Almighty Hand that My people will survive the satanic attacks tat will come upon them. But I have also declared that I will intervene on their behalf. There will be judgment from My hand so severe that the very gates of hell shall tremble and the halls of the terrible ones will shake and crumble as I permeate the walls of demonic power and cast them into an everlasting lake of fire and brimstone.
As so many people are ignorant of the causes of the present crisis, so it is that many are ignorant of My Holy Word written by prophets who also bore the brutal impact of those filled with satanic desire. Due to the fact that so many flounder in ignorance of My laws and My statues they cannot discern that which is evil from that which is good. They perceive only in darkness because My light is not in them. If they would have spent time with Me in study and prayer, I would have been able to reveal, by My Spirit, in such a way that they would have questioned the urgent agenda. They would have risen up and eradicated present tyrannical protocol before it was able to deceive the general populace. These atrocities will continue until millions will be found in severe illness and some on the brink of death.
So it is I must hasten My work in order to protect My flock from the raging wolves sent to steal, kill, and destroy the blessings that I have bestowed upon mankind. I admonish those who are aware of diabolical intentions to hasten to  gather even closer to My divine hand constantly seeking to feel My presence. As I spoke in My word, seek Me while I may be found. I will hinder wicked efforts to annihilate but it will take a heavenly force and power to bring down those hypocritical representatives of national freedom and press. I will cause their weapons of destruction to return to their place of origin and they will cease to implement their diabolical agenda.
As a new viral plague is introduced upon the public, I will cause My priesthood to go forth in divine  power to thwart the arrow that flies by day and the pestilence that stalks in the darkness. But My people must be totally committed to the cause of My Kingdom and they must now build within their lives a spiritual fortress that will repel even the demons of hell. For Satan is raging and the forces of darkness grow even stronger. Satan knows his end is near. He will be bound for a thousand years and his desires to lead many people into destruction will not prevail.
Howl ye for the day of the Lord is at hand. Follow My given pattern for deliverance. Know My will in all things by seeking My Spirit in every aspect of your life. Listen to My voice as I speak from the pulpit, as I minister truths from the scriptures, and as I pour My Spirit upon you each and every moment of the day. Those who discern the signs of the times need to rely completely on your Maker and do not hesitate to witness of Me to all who will listen.
The hour of redemption lies before you. The time of deliverance is near, to be evidenced in the lives of those who will stand in My stead and move the mountains of adversity casting them into the sea. Those men selected to be My witnesses will soon bring the powers of heaven down so that the world’s great people will know that there is a God who sits upon the throne of heaven and who carefully examines the hearts and minds of every man.
The vastness of His power will be felt to the ends of the earth. The marvels of His majesty will sham the wicked into wailing and torment. The beauty of His love will bring countless numbers into a relationship with their Heavenly King. Even their Rock of Deliverance. The powers unleashed will upturn the tables of the more changers, dislodge the pillars of humanism, and take the authority from those who rule in iniquity. Their armory of devilish implements will be cast into a pit of darkness where no man can retrieve them and no entity can use them against humanity.
Joy fills My heart as I see throngs of people moving toward the gates of Zion and beg entrance to her inner courts. My angels sing in great adoration as they know that I will take the reigns of those who now  govern the earth, and establish righteousness as the Eternal Father intended.
Have no fear of earthly oppressors. They hiss and bellow as a raging dragon. They threaten death as with a sting from a scorpion. But their secret oaths and combinations will blow away as the ashes from a burning timber. Their roars and threats will sink into oblivion and the cries of their deceptions will be lost as the glory of heaven brings forth the Kingdom. The kings of the earth will bow in reverence to a King who will reign forever and to a God who willingly poured out His own blood to redeem His people.
Take heed that you do not lose your crown. You have been purchased by the blood of the Anointed One whose followers will reign with Him as He sits upon Zion’s throne.
Come now My children and behold My greatness. What force or entity can stand against the forces of heaven? Is it too much to cause a galaxy to come into being? Who can breathe the spirit into a lump of clay and make it live?
I have made you in My image. Forget not your purpose. Sorrow reigns in the night but joy comes in the morning. Sing for joy My saints. My hand is even ready now to deliver. I am with you and My purposes will not fail as the storm clouds gather to purge the land of all the disobedient. So be it. Amen and Amen

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
January 10, 2023

Another warning.
From the ends of the earth My people will come to the threshold of God’s great city They will enter with such joy that even the flowers of the field and the trees of the forest will sing forth in gladness. For those bound in chains and imprisoned by dishonorable dictators will shed their shackles and bring with them desires to worship their King and to live in His Mighty Fortress of Holiness.
You will see hundreds, even thousands, emerge from every corner of the globe. They will bear in their arms little of material substance but their hearts will be full of exceeding great joy and their countenances will radiate such light that their path will be lit up before them.
Even now, among nations, I am preparing many souls to gather towards America’s great standard, a place of security where songs of unending praise will be sung and children will play in the streets without fear.
The lights of Babylon’s cities will soon be darkened for mighty storms are coming that will snuff out the candles of pagan sanctuaries and cause the lights of decadent behavior to flicker and go out. After the great storm in Meso-America they could not even light a fire due to the overwhelming darkness that covered the land. They howled and wailed at their memories of disobedience, but they could not retrieve lost opportunities nor could they find loved ones buried under mountains, carried away by great whirlwinds, nor lost in the depths of the sea.
Soon, upon this land, darkness shall overshadow the sun and man will stumble even though it is noonday. Men and women in this country will seek answers to this disaster and long for a place where they can rest and find solace. Therefore, I have called My saints to this area to prepare a place where many can lodge under the shadow of the elm tree and rest comfortable under the branches of the great oak. Refreshing rivers of pure water will flow throughout the land bringing life-giving substance to a parched, dry earth.
People will see the walls of My City from a great distance. The longing to reach her borders will cause many who find their way to her welcoming gates.
You and others will receive many into your homes to reassure and to comfort, as this time of travail will rival earlier events that have occurred in other fallen civilizations. I have not forgotten My people and the conditions longed for will emerge if My people continue to keep their covenant with Me, ignoring the destruction that will surround them.
Receive this message with joy for as you heard the testimonies of those who ministered in Africa, even so My people on the African continent, whose heritage has been one of war, poverty and disease, will come even as I promised them for their covenant the Me is sure. Also, many others found in other countries subject to wicked leaders will be led forth by My hand, causing those of tyrannical authority to tremble at their departure. Prison doors will be opened as it was with Paul and Silas and many will be delivered escaping with other pilgrims toward a promised land.
How can I withhold the blessings of the Father when many have suffered torture and deprivation due to their unwavering testimony that I am their God and declaring that they will suffer even unto death rather than deny My Holy Name. where are the martyrs of My glory? Where are those  who live in desolation conditions? They are found in all nations and speak many tongues.
Those bound by circumstance and imprisoned by oppressors will rise up as a great army and nothing shall stay their hand as they leave behind their trials and proceed without hesitation to Zion’s glad city.  Will you be a part of this great consummation or will you sit in foolish stupor because you did not prepare for that which I have requires at your hand?
Now is the time for unwavering obedience, for in a very short time your will see those of high office remove existing freedoms and enact laws hindering agency and bringing violence and strife to America’s cities. Rely not on militias nor on preppers who have diligently stored that which they deemed essential, for many will not share with those in distressed situations, neither will they grant help to those not of their clan. I have warned that unless you take up arms against your neighbor, you will need to flee to Zion for safety. This coming conflict will exceed that of past reference.
Mighty are the forces that will come against My people. Brutal are their weapons of annihilation but the weapons of My warfare are not carnal, but spiritual, bringing down the mighty and destroying their fortifications. My weapons will overpower the forces of darkness and those of My flock will not be destroyed in the coming desolation.
The power of Almighty love governs the cosmos, and the earth spins, cradled in the arms of My counsel. But, I will allow, and I will dislodge that which is offensive to My will. Though 10,000 shall fall at your side, the forces of destruction will not come nigh unto you. I will guide you with My counsel and bring you safely through the terrors of the ungodly which will be all around you. Slowly, at first, the perversion will engulf this nation. But then, events will hasten to the point of no return.
But, I say unto you this day, store up My words in your heart, keep your eyes on Me and not on evil intention. Look not to other forms of deliverance. Look only to your Savior, even Jesus the Messiah, for He is your pillar of strength in the midst of great turmoil. You will stand unharmed in the light of My glory and you will be one of My witnesses in meeting the challenges of coming destruction. So it is. I have spoken. Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
April 10, 2023

Listen to the one who has given His life for His creation. The one who has sacrificed all in order to bear the sins of men and women. This night brings sorrow into the courts of heaven for there has been unleashed upon the human family, a deadly plague that was developed and distributed in order to observe the effects on many souls.
This diabolic plague was meant to reduce population and to observe the results of a fatal disease.
For men to take the pure substances of the earth and transform them into deadly viruses is an abomination. But this is only the beginning, for in laboratories found in certain places are diseases which would cause the death of millions with a few hours of exposure.
Created and developed in order to control mankind, these man made substances will cause the suffering and death of many souls throughout the world.
It is vitally important that my people understand the forces of darkness behind these life threatening creations. Those who have subjected themselves to the adversary are being led to create substances of mass destruction. But remember, I can obliterate these threats with the wink of my eye.
The foolishness and perversions of many people has reached massive proportions in places where they worship materialism and power.
Again I say, to transform life giving substances into perils of death has caused the heavens to weep and will bring eternal recompense upon those who love the adversary more than the Savior.
Bitter will be the demise of all who destroy. Terrible will be their end. Eternal will be their damnation if they do no repent when I reveal myself to them.
All my creations are watching the events coming to pass upon the earth. My angels are ready. I will soon move to eliminate all sorcerers and evil ones who joy in the death of those without protection.
Remember, my Zion will be a place so wonderful that there are no words of to describe its beauty. Seek Zion. Look to my scriptures for they are the words of life. Soon I will deliver. Amen and Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 7, 2023

Listen, My lovely saints, to the voice of your Heavenly Father. One who loves you unconditionally. No matter what you have done, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, no matter how many times you have forsaken your covenant with Me, I still love you with a love that transcends time and understanding.
I held you in My arms before you were born. I looked upon you knowing that you would someday turn away from Me. I knew that you would forget that which I had spoken to you. I knew there would be times when you would deny Me by following your own desires and placing yourselves upon the throne of your own will. Even Peter, when I stood before Caiaphas, denied Me three times when I was in need of his love and support. Yet, My love did not waver for him and it does not waver for you.
I will continue to bestow upon you countless blessings. I will never forget you for your are engraven upon the palms of My hands. I paid for each one of you with my blood and I seek you continually when you begin to stray from My presence. So it is, in the great love that I bear you, I again give you counsel. Receive now My Spirit and turn not away from all that I have prepared for you.
Long before the earth was created, you were with Me in the heavenly realm. I created you spiritually before I placed you in your mother’s womb. I chose you to live in these last days for I had given you talents and gifts that would assist My work in building the Kingdom.
Many are returning o Me in the face of growing concern over that which is to come. I weep for those who see not and hear not the words of warning, but I continue to call them for My love never ceases and it fades not with time.
You have been promised a city that has not been on the earth since Enoch’s day. I watched his society dwindle in unbelief  and rebel against My laws and commandments. Many were lost but some made their way to the Tree of Life and partook freely of the fruit that I had prepared.
The world has now entered the final days of the journey, some pressing onward inspire of severe trials. Scoffers hold great persuasion as they mock from their high towers. Many are lost in the surrounding darkness and some disappear in the filthy waters of the great river which flows beside the Rod of Iron. To those holding fast, I promise blessings without measure. I offer eternal joy living among heavenly beings and among saints who have chosen Me since the beginning of time.
Come closer, My people, and partake of My bounty, reaping the benefits of sacrificial living. So many flounder in a sea of iniquity, not realizing the terrible price of existing without their Creator throughout eternity. So do not be idle at your station, but seek to bring others to My feet so that I might lift them up and show them My glory.
I declare this day, with great concern,, that great and terrible event will soon unfold before you. Would you not warn your own children of impending disaster? Again, I plead to all who have not yet made a covenant with Me, that they will serve Me even though their lives may be threatened.
How pleasant is this day with warmer temperatures as the sun peeks through the clouds touching the earth with its rays of promise. But soon, events foretold will sweep down upon this nation as a blast from a fiery furnace. Many will be consumed as they sit by, enjoying the flesh pots of Egypt, unaware that the angel of death is now hovering over this land, awaiting command to bring down judgment as the plagues sweep through Egypt, even taking the firstborn of each heathen household.
This moment of apparent solidarity is only a deception shrouding the reality that brother will take up sword against brother, and people will be betrayed by their own family and friends. So, heed this plea, for I cannot easily lose those who once adored Me in spirit, long before they entered earths domain.
Come unto me, My people. I yearn for you to find refuge in My mercy as you enter the days of severe provocation such as existed on the earth before the flood swept them all away. Come, come! Take hold of My hand and I will lead you through the waters of disturbance as I led Israel through the Red Sea. Come, be a part of My redemption. I offer it freely and you will be ready to face adversity knowing that My angels will stand beside you. I alone will guide you safely back to the purpose of your creation.
This is your Savior, even Jesus, the Great I AM. The day comes swiftly when My voice will seem silent as waves of troublesome waters cover this land and humanistic comforts will fade away in the deluge that is pending.
So, once more I have spoken and once more I offer all that you will need, if you heed My Father’s counsel and look not unto your own will and wisdom. So be it. Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 11, 2023

Learning more about the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and how it will dictate what we can buy and what we cannot buy. Also realizing that Britain is about to implement this plan which is not another currency but, in reality, a voucher system of money under complete control by the government, I sought the Lord in earnest prayer as to how this will affect God’s people as the U.S. is moving closer to this system. Father, please hear my humble plea concerning the CBDC. Will they be able to implement this here in the U.S. In Jesus name I beseech thee according to your will.
Fear not these oppressors for although they plan to control the choices of the American people, they will run into a snag. For America is used to a higher standard of living than most other countries. They are accustomed to buying goods according to price comparisons. They seek the best product at the lowest price. So, if those in authority implement this diabolical plan, a wave of revolution will sweep through the land bringing militias out of their dens and causing many American citizens  to rise up in revolt, even to the point that they will take up arms in order to secure good and provisions.
So, do not fear any plans propagated by the wicked for their foundation is the devil and when the truth of their tyranny is realized this nation will erupt in civil war. But, My people will inherit the promise of a new way of living within Zionic boundaries, a freedom of choice which can only flourish among people who seek the right way, the way of My Kingdom here upon the earth.
Trust in My aid when any of these perverted laws are forced upon a people who have not known bondage or communistic control. Remember it is I who provides all sustenance to sustain life. So, when your hearts are troubled by satanic lies and entrapments, hold fast to My Word, that whatsoever you need will be provided if you remain faithful to your Heavenly King.
I speak from My throne in heaven, but I will soon speak from Zion’s fortress as I reign on the earth for a thousand years. During this time My people will enjoy a freedom of expression and activity within righteous bounds. This type of joyful living has not been fully realized on earth since the days of Enoch’s blessed city.
Don’t fear but keep preparing for soon events will hasten and time to prepare will be gone. I love you My people who seek the right way, the way of My Kingdom here upon the earth.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
April 10, 2023

Lord, according to the message shared with the priesthood at Kirkland Temple last year, we have only one and a half years left for preparation. May I please know what will transpire at the end of this period, according to your will, and all to your glory?
Remember those things that I have already revealed to you. You will see a myriad of events that will change the course of history. These events will close the age of technology and usher in an age of reliance as I will provide the things necessary for survival, for the former things will have passed away.
The technology of the present age was given as a blessing, but men have used it to destroy all things beautiful and attempted to reverse the order of creation, perverting the ways of My will, transforming what is lovely and holy in My sight, turning it into something evil, deformed, and of satanic design. So, I will remove those blessings and replace them with a struggle for survival of men will annihilate themselves by the perversion of divine will. The cause of evil intent must cease or there will be no life left on this earth, which I have created for My own purpose. So it is that prophesied events will begin after the time designated has been fulfilled.
People still clinging to Babylon will find it very difficult to continue on, but hose who seek My Kingdom will transition into a better way of life and they will be able to cope with the loss of modern conveniences. There will also be a great outpouring of My Spirit insomuch that there will be great miracles of healing, restoration, and prophetic ministry. There will be masses of people converted and the cry for repentance will fill the land and cause the terrible ones to tremble in anticipation of divine judgment. Those ready to receive My gift of power will not fear what man can do, but they will be My torchbearers, going throughout the earth to gather up the remnant of the lost tribes of Israel, guiding them safely back into My fold. Those not prepared will suffer at the hands of brutal mobs, not even aware that I would rescue them if they would have sought Me in the days of peace and prosperity. Nevertheless, I will be merciful to many, though the trials will be great and the sufferings nearly unbearable.
The magnitude of earth’s convulsion will be but a mere shaking in comparison to the power that I will send down upon those chosen for opportunity. The might acts of Moses, and even those prophets who went before him, will pale in comparison to the mighty forces of heaven that will be released upon flagrantly arrogant people, and will be felt and experienced as one would feel the effects of tornadic activity or of violent earthquake.
Do you think that people will cast their lot with the wicked when I cause mountains to rise up and cover cities? Do you think masses will submit to the authority of the godless when tornadoes of great power rip through towns and communities, carrying away structures of steel and concrete, causing homes to be torn apart like matchsticks? Where will their deliverance lie when all they relied on is rallied to a refuge pile, and all they depended upon is distributed on a garbage heap?
My people, who have listened to the words of My warning, will be ready to succor those in distressful situations. They will testify of My love and strengthen the hearts of those wounded in the great commotion. They will share their great provision as I multiply all items dedicated to My glory and for the sake of My Kingdom. They will lay hold of My promises and walk through disaster with their eyes fixed on Me, their divine Creator, their Master, their Friend. They will share with multitudes My divine intentions  and help to prepare them for further revelations of My greatness and benevolence. As they face the mobs of destruction, they will call for My angels and two of My warriors will turn 10,000 to flight.
The time is approaching and let there be no misunderstanding, those who prepare for this deluge will be used of My Father to save the wounded souls of circumstance and to raise the standard so that all will be ready when I come in My glory.

So many are suffering and seeking deliverance, no realizing that their suffering is preparing them for selfless service, for they will give all when I summon them to battle, and past sorrows and afflictions will be forgotten as My hand moves across the land, removing all things of devilish intention, bringing multitudes of people into humble obedience.
It has been spoken that this time, which lies before you, will be more severe than any other time in history. I declare with the greatest concern for all people, that although the earth shall weave to and fro like a drunken man, the elements will obey all My commands, and if you walk in obedience to My written and spoken declarations, I will not suffer you to be destroyed, but will cause you to walk among disaster as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego walked among the flames of a fiery furnace and felt not the flames nor retained the smell of smoke on their garments.
Lift up your heads, look past the evil provocations all around you. Focus not on planned atrocities, but let your eyes be focused on Me. You must not turn to the right nor to the left. Look to the majesty of My presence and see the Towers of Zion rise in great splendor amongst the ashes of destruction that will cover the land.
I have spoken. Listen to My words and do not procrastinate your preparation, for if you do not obey, you have no promise. Submit to My will and walk triumphantly through earth’s dark hour and into the light of My glorious coming.
I speak no to My people. I love those who adore Me and I will save those who relay on My grace. So be it. Amen.

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
April 12, 2023

Until my people adhere to My words and obey My commandments, a lesser portion of My Spirit will be felt among the congregations. For I have often reminded those of My flock that I will indeed direct and guide all who seek Me fervently. I have pleaded with those whom have taken upon themselves My name. I love My saints and I long to walk with them and tell them more of the things that will enrich their lives and cause their soul to rejoice at My constant companionship.
I am troubled, for although there have been some difficult times, I still see a lack of commitment among some of My people. Is the path too easy at this time that your have forgotten the things I have required at your hands? Has the enemy ceased to invade the land of Zion and to ensnare My people? No, for I say he continues to seek to thwart My efforts to bring to pass My Kingdom which will be the Ark of the Latter Day.
Have I lightened your load so much that you cannot heart the menacing voice of those who desire your destruction? Have you regarded not My provincial care for you during times of duress and conflict? Are you deserting the ranks and chosen to sit on the sidelines while a few faithful men and women continue to battle for the truth and witness of Me in every situation that confronts them? For I declare this day that the battle will become more fierce. The foe will increase his attacks, The lives of many will be lost because My saints have not engaged in the conflict buy busy themselves with the lesser things of life.
My heart is heavy, yet I rejoice in those who wait longingly for the endowment and who never lay down their weapons in the fight for deliverance. It is now I speak to My faithful, My cherished children My warriors of faith and defenders of truth. The time approaches that again My hand of judgment will fall upon those who week wicked practices and upon those whose desire it is to pervert and destroy My blessed people and My sacred land.
Today within the borders of your land, many are traveling north, west, and east to settle in your cities and to take up residence in your land. Many have been brought here by My hand, while others are here to erase the inhabitants and take that which not theirs. Their numbers increase and will continue to increase for the borders are no longer secure.
As My people have let down their guard against the enemy of their soul so that they might not be protected, so it is the borders are no longer in place to guard this country. My people are less concerned about their purpose and more concerned about material and financial gain.
So it is, I must again lay siege to the devil’s intentions by wiping away existing stability offered by Babylon an which will cause My saints to remember whom it is they serve. The battles rages on although some lie down on their couches and hear not the enemy coming down the path.
But to those engaged in My great cause, I bid you be of good cheer, for you will inhabit the land I have prepared for you and the gates of security will again arise around Zion’s encampment. So, as the days of pleasant weather approach, I continue to admonish those who seek My Kingdom. Keep on My children, though your numbers be few, for I am God and I will fulfill all that I have promised.
Have you noticed a lull in activity among the wicked? Does it seem as though all may be well even though conflicts continue in other lands? Those with sound understanding realize that all they see happening in the Ukraine will soon be upon this land.
The noose grows tighter as the people called by My name relax in their stupor and focus on exciting summer activities and pleasurable engagements. So it has been and will continue to be, but underneath the deceptive surface, a cauldron of mass destruction is about to boil into vision, and for those not prepared the great deluge will not spare them due to their lack of commitment.
Zion, My city, awaits to descend, for I long to be with My beloved as the cries of the masses continue to rise up before Me. Be not content with present circumstance. Live completely for your Savior. Man the lifeboats for the ship is sinking. For although it seems peaceful and silent, the immensity of desolation is soon upon you.
Again, I am warning yet only a few heed My voice. I come and come quickly. Make the wedding garments ready and bring all to the wedding feast who will heed your warnings. I send My angels to help you. Step forward and do not delay, for great and might destruction awaits the heedless, but My arm of mercy will embrace and protect all who hear My voice. So be it. Amen.