2018 – August 5

2018 – July 28

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
August 5, 2018



Beloved children of my Kingdom, long have I desired to walk among my Saints, to heal their sick, to minister unto the lonely and afraid and to set at naught the false traditions which have entered my sanctuary.

Too often I have been unable to speak forth my words unto many due to limitations of time and lack of spiritual preparedness.

But this time is passing. Today my servant Aaron Smith spoke forth words of warning and some received his words with great desire. Others were terrified of his warnings. Still others withdrew in thought and ignored my pleadings. Thus, it has always been and shall be until Zionā€™s redemption.

But to those who heeded the counsel given I will bestow more and more of my light and people will move higher and higher in their spiritual perception.

This message was given out of my love for my Saints. I long to give even more but for now few can receive the amount of enlightenment that I offer.

Proclaiming that the hour of calamity is near is only part of the message. My people must prepare as never before, previous to the expected destruction.

They must be guided in thought, activity and study. And whom shall I appoint to show them the way? I will need many shepherds to speak forth my words of truth. I will need many who are guided by my Spirit. Yet I have but few. Nevertheless, these few men are seeking to help those who desire to be in my presence.

So, with a few I will move forward. So, with a few I will grant wisdom, knowledge, faith and foresight that they might know how to prepare a people who have slackened in purpose.

The day soon cometh that for many the time for preparation will have ended. That will be a time of great tribulation and only those who have heeded instruction will be able to succor others in need.

The task of preparation is great, very great, and the time to accomplish it is short, very short. So it is, the pages of destiny are turning and we are almost to the last page which will usher in the Kingdom.

How can I restrain the forces of judgment when wickedness covers the land? More and more are being deceived and will be swept away because of false information.

The young of this generation know not their God. Neither do they believe that He is. I must shatter this unbelief and cause them to look upward lest they be lost to all privileges of an eternal abode with the Father and I.

Were it not for the prayers of a few Saints I would already have swept the land clean. But I am merciful and I wait for a few others to join in the greatest evangelism the world has ever seen.

Despite the rising tide of indifference and selfish desire there is a movement among a few to live in complete obedience to my laws. There are those who love me intensely and with those few I will thresh the nations with my power.

Obedience and love are the keys to great ministry. Within the Oak Grove congregation alone there are sufficient numbers of men that an explosion of truth is possible that will turn this whole area back to the God of Heaven. Those who are preparing will be used in such a manner.

I have revealed events shortly to come. I have opened the door to visions, dreams and prophetic insights to those willing to receive. But, the moment of decision is set before my church. Follow Me and embrace the cause of Zion, or be lost in the changes soon to occur. It is up to the individual to decide.

My ministry offers eternal life freely to all who will abide the hour and who choose to follow the Messiah, even if the path leads to Calvary.

Make preparation my people for events are unfolding that will overtake the hesitant and they will not be able to escape the judgment, soon to come. 

Even so, it will be. Amen.