2018 – July 28

2018 – July 20

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 28, 2018



(Mike:) Lord, this great storm that is coming, will you please tell me more about it and will it come this year?

To my beloved ones – who will listen- PEACE. The storm will shortly befall this land for the wickedness is growing and My people hesitate to proclaim My gospel. They hold tightly to the blessings of heaven as if My church belongs only to them. So, it will be necessary to bring destruction so that many will be able to hear what wonderful things the Lord has done in these latter-days.

Do not be afraid or distraught. Great things will come after the storm, for I will heal the earth and bring joy to the inhabitants thereof.

Take time to meditate on these things and receive reassurance of My protection and grace. My divine hand will lead and direct My people how to survive and to witness to both family and neighbors.

Rely totally on Me. Do not depend upon what you can store. Freedom from illness will be a great blessing to those in need. They will rise up healed and whole and never again suffer afflictions as long as they remain faithful.

I long for My people to have a deeper relationship with Me, but I will not force them to embrace My love and truth.

To certain individuals, I will endow with power to overcome, and they will stand strong in faith and testimony.

Very few are prepared for the great upheaval. It will be devastating to those who thought they would not be affected by circumstances surrounding them.

My purpose in this storm will be even more evident as the time approaches. There is no longer time for fruitless debates and matter of opinion. Come together, My beloved saints, before these violent upheavals begin. I long to set My Church in order and protect the righteous of the land. Not only My saints will be protected, but there are others of true intent who are determined to live righteously in a wicked land.

I have shared of a coming catastrophe. Now I will speak in some detail as requested.

About sunset on a specific day a great wind will arise of such magnitude as seen only on the coastal areas of the land when hurricanes press heavily inland. This wind will house massive tornadoes, some of which will stretch across the horizon. Hail, lightning, thunder and rain will begin, not as a typical thunderstorm but of violent magnitude such as has never been upon this land.

The wind will cause great trees to snap and lift the roofs from houses. High buildings will weave and sway as violent gusts cause even stone structures to crumble. Yet, this is not all, for the earth itself will move in rhythm like the waves of the sea as subterranean rock strata moves with earthquake activity.

The homes of My saints will be held together by the hands of angels, but many will have no shelter wherewith to survive.

The earth’s tremors will continue for many days and will increase as vast areas of land will eventually rise to enormous heights.

The present structure of society will no longer exist for I must remove all necessities so that the souls of men will find their Savior.

The dynamics of this situation can only be recognized as one views the destruction caused by tornadoes and hurricanes of past storms. The earth herself will reel to and fro in order to relieve herself of the terrible and vile wickedness that has oppressed her for many generations.

Few consider the possibility that this destruction is a means to awaken a wicked generation and to bring to naught the desires of people who oppress and violate the rights of others.

I have covenanted with My people that out of this chaos a great city will arise. True to My purpose and promise, those who desire to live with Me will eventually be a part of the greatest and most beautiful habitation not seen on the earth since the days of Enoch.

 So, it is I have spoken and it will be. Amen and Amen.