2020 – February 7

2020 – January 24

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 7, 2020



Listen to the one who has given His life for His creation. The one who has sacrificed all in order to bear the sins of men and women. This night brings sorrow into the courts of heaven for there has been unleashed upon the human family, a deadly plague that was developed and distributed in order to observe the effects on many souls.

The diabolic plague was meant to reduce population and to observe the results of a fatal disease.

For men to take the pure substances of the earth and transform them into deadly viruses is an abomination. But this is only the beginning, for in laboratories found in certain places are diseases which would cause the death of millions within a few hours of exposure.

Created and developed in order to control mankind, these man made substances will cause the suffering and death of many souls throughout the world.

It is vitally important that my people understand the forces of darkness behind these life threatening creations. Those who have subjected themselves to the adversary are being led to create substances of mass destruction. But remember, I can obliterate these threats with the wink of My eye.

The foolishness and perversions of many people has reached massive proportions in places where they worship materialism and power.

Again, I say, to transform life giving substances into perils of death has caused the heavens to weep and will bring eternal recompense upon those who love the adversary more than the Savior.

Bitter will be the demise of all who destroy. Terrible will be their end. Eternal will be their damnation if they do not repent when I reveal myself to them.

All my creations are watching the events coming to pass upon the earth. My angels are ready. I will soon move to eliminate all sorcerers and evil ones who joy in the death of those without protection.

Remember, My Zion will be a place so wonderful that there are no words to describe its beauty. Seek Zion. Look to my scriptures for they are the words of life. Soon I will deliver. 

Amen and Amen.