2020 – March 12

2020 – February 7

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
March 12, 2020



Amidst the turmoil of news and other sources of information, I am at work in the lives of many people across this land and in other parts of the earth. My hand is not shortened and in every country on earth many things are happening that will work for the benefit of my Kingdom.

Things unseen and unknown to others are transpiring in other nations which are preparing them for a great journey towards Zion; the only place of safety on this planet.

Many people are beginning to search for me as things are falling apart in their lives and the lives of their own countrymen. They see signs of coming economic disaster as well as wars. They watch news reports of vile acts. They see youth of their own nations turning to the drug culture and other satanic activities. They fear the future, for everything seems uncertain and unstable in their lives. They cannot trust their own government, for corruption runs deep and far within all governing bodies. Neither can they rely on their religious beliefs for many worship pagan gods or unholy deities. These things produce only sorrow, fear, and despair.

So, many are remembering the teachings concerning a Savior who came, died on a cross and rose triumphant to the heavens. He would redeem all who would take up their cross and follow the one who led the way.

This desire to search for the creator is being quickened by the Spirit which touches every life and seeks every soul, whether bond or free, male or female, black or white.

There are groups this night searching whatever scripture they may have, seeking answers to the many problems in their lives and in the world around them. They are hungering and thirsting after righteousness. They long for peace which the world cannot give them.

So, I am reaching down and gently leading them into a condition of willingness to follow my endowed priesthood as they go forth in great power and witness to the world.

The members of my priesthood who have sought this great opportunity are now almost ready for the great outpouring of my Spirit that I have for them. The Kirkland Temple, that I commanded to be built, is set apart for this great mission of endowment. The upper room is, even now, a place reserved for a number of my brethren, who will witness my presence. As I washed my disciples feet in the past, so will I again perform this precious ordinance.

All of these men chosen, have been preparing in great earnestness. They realize the importance of having a ministry of power in order to protect, comfort and heal many who will be in need physically and spiritually. So, the presence of my Spirit will soon embrace each one of these chosen brethren and carry them forth to my Temple. This will be a quiet act, not even noticed by others. Yet, I will bring these brethren to my house and it will be an experience never witnessed before.

The experience in the Temple, as these brethren meet their Savior, cannot be explained. I will be witnessed as I stand in testimony to those who have sought and desired my presence and favor.

These ministers of my church will be given much knowledge of what they are to do and how they are to do it.

They will receive experiences of such power that never again will they fear or suffer affliction of body or mind. I have set apart these men to perform certain tasks which no one else can do. So, the magnitude of their work cannot be expressed in the writing of this message.

I will share much with these beloved servants, for they will face the opposition of all the forces of darkness. Yet no fear or dread will enter their minds. So strong will be their testimony that they will no longer be as men of the earth, serving to the best of their ability. But they will be endowed with the same power that Moses, Enoch, and others had in ancient times.

These men will no longer be bound by physical problems for I will renew them and their bodies will be able to abide the power of my Spirit. They will at times feel weary after bearing the fullness of all I will give.

These men will not be perfect, but their thoughts will be in accord with the will of the Father as He grants a portion of His power unto the sons of men.

Nephi raised his brother from the dead and performed other great miracles in front of those determined to destroy the men of God. But no matter what they did, my servants were unscathed and continued on their journey.

So, it will be of these endowed men whom I have chosen. No prison will hold them. No savage desire will be able to stop their progress. No weapon will mar their ministry for I have ordained these men to a purpose and they will fulfill my purposes.

How great will be the joy of my people as they realize that those who have been endowed are in their midsts. Yet, as it was in times past, there will be some who object to their ministry and others will fight against their cause.

But I will honor my servants with my power. Whatever these servants ask, I will give. They will ask nothing contrary to my will. Therefore, they will ask and it will be given even at the very moment the request is made.

These soldiers of the cross will do a work that will cause many souls to seek the God of heaven, for in these few men they will see the power of His presence. They will know that Jesus lives and that He is willing and able to protect, liberate, heal and provide all their needs.

Just to know that the Messiah lives and is coming back to the earth, will bring a voice of rejoicing that will ring forth to the ends of the earth.

Many people, now bound to wicked nations and governments, will be free to follow some of my servants as they walk through areas of disaster or burning fields of death. People will rejoice to be following those who have power over the elements and all fear of death will be gone.

Those of my servants remaining in this land will continue their work among many souls who will be led from countries across the oceans. The journey to this hour has been one of great difficulty, for these chosen men have suffered affliction of mind and body in order that they might be sufficiently humble. But their journey has not been in vain, for I will grant unto them a portion of the powers of heaven which no man can bare, unless he is changed. This change will only be understood by those who will receive it.

Many great things of God will be revealed to those who are ready and prepared. The path will not always be easy, but it has been walked before by men in other dispensations of time, according to my will and purpose.

So, soon I will call and my beloved servants will answer. It is then I will declare that the movements of God in all His power and glory, is about to commence.

Go forth my brethren, even as my disciples of long ago, for your work will soon begin. Then the earth will know that the one and only true and living God is making himself known to the world who so desperately needs Him. Even so, it will be soon. Amen and Amen.