2020 – June 9

2020 – March 12

Allene Gilmore
June 9, 2020



On page 2 of paper 5 it states, “…as vast areas of land will eventually rise to enormous heights.: This reminds me of a testimony that Evangelist Bill Davies shared as he visited us in the late “90’s. He said he dreamed one night that he walked outside his house in Oak Grove and this whole area was surrounded by mountains. He felt this was a spiritual dream so, before breakfast, he walked to his neighbor’s house to tell him the dream. (I presume his neighbor was a restored church member.)

He stood at the neighbor’s door and began telling his dream when his neighbor stopped him and said he wanted his wife to hear, also. He called to his wife and, after they heard the account of the dream, they told Brother Davies that the man had the same dream the night before and he had just finished telling his wife about it when Brother Davies knocked.

About 10 years ago, Sue Manning had an experience regarding the volcano in Yellowstone. Her testimony corresponds with Howard Parker’s experience. She will be happy to share with anyone who asks her about it.

I am thankful for Brothers Mike Ballantyne and Howard Parker for sharing these warnings that they have received from the Lord. Mike was asked if it was all right to pass these papers on to others and he told this person that the more people who know this the better.

May God bless all who read these revelations from He who loves us enough to warn us of the coming catastrophes so that we may be more spiritually and physically prepared. The wonderful part of all this is the coming of Zion!

“. . . weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

Allene Gilmore