2022 -January 17

2020 – June 9

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
January 17, 2022



Lord, may I please know what will happen next?

Peace to all those who love the truth. Peace to the repentant. Peace to those who worship God with all their might, mind and strength. Peace to those who enjoy My presence and long to dwell in My Kingdom.

Live each day as though it were your last. Walk humbly in My love and seek to help one another. My presence will remain with you if you choose to do those things pleasing in My sight. I walk with the humble and obedient. I hear the cries of My people and assist them in ways not fully understood. So when I speak of things to come, remember that it is because of My love for My people that I reveal that which will be hereafter. Remember also the promises found in My word for I reveal many things to those willing to search My word and willing to seek My grace. It is by My Spirit that revelation comes. It is by My grace that man is forewarned.

You have asked of Me what will happen next in the course of events. There is not just one thing, but many things that are soon to occur. The consequence of each event will be felt by those to whom the judgment falls. Frequently it has been asked, what is next? Several things of significance are on the horizon. I have already revealed there will be more plagues, the consequences of which will be felt by many. But it is the repercussions of these distresses that will cause extreme trials for many, not sparing some who walk in My ways and according to My will. I will protect and provide for those who trust in Me, but some will lose their lives for the sake of My Kingdom. They will be witnesses to the transgressions of the wicked who have set about the task of eliminating populations for their own devious purposes. So, when I speak of catastrophe, do not think that every saint will be spared. Remember, I am the One who decides who will remain and who will enter the Celestial world. Many will be spared and by the means of protecting others so that they may come to know their Savior. For inasmuch as My people are willing to lay down their lives for their fellowman and for My Kingdom, I will bestow upon them glory, peace, and joy such as they have never known.

Now having spoken these words, let Me proceed on, to the said consequences of evil design and behavior. The reason for judgment is two-fold. One is to punish those perverted in mind and body. The other, is to bring men unto repentance and transformation.

In the Book of Mormon, there was a time when women and children were burned at the stake for their belief. They gave their lives so that the wicked would be justly condemned and assigned their portion with the ungodly, who even now, bear unspeakable agony for the great persecution and destruction of the righteous. There were times of famine, war, pestilence, and earth disturbances, which brought many to their knees, lest they perish in the calamities.

So, it is, and so it will be, upon this nation, there will be increased pneumonic plagues killing masses of people, yet bringing repentance and a change of heart among the children of men. Another calamity will be of economic collapse, followed by increased hunger, pestilence, violence, and perversion. Men will kill others for a slice of bread. Every living thing will be affected, not only people, but animals will suffer for lack of sufficient food. This is a time when My saints will witness of Me in greater measure. When there is no food, they will cry unto Me and I will provide all things necessary to sustain life.

One plague will follow another, as one catastrophe will bring on the next. There will be no escape. Even those well-stocked with supplies will find their storehouses empty, as mobs of people rob, steal and destroy many businesses and homes. Some of the very wealthy will be spared for a time, but eventually all will be subject to mass starvation and illness of every kind. Only those who God is the Lord, will have ample supply, in order to provide for their own families, friends, and others, who I will send to their homes. The more you share, the more your storehouses will expand, as it was when Jesus fed the 5,000 from a small amount of fish and bread. Just a little food will feed thousands who lack enough sustenance to sustain life.

This will cause many to seek Me, as never before, and the word of God shall cover the earth, as the message of hope sweeps across the continents, and into the hearts of the people. I have spoken often, but few have heeded My call. However, thousands and tens of thousands will begin to hear the words of their Redeemer, and come to the gates of Zion with joyful hearts, even though for some, it will be by the things that they suffer. 

Amen and Amen.