2022 – December 13

2022 – September 27

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
December 13, 2022



Learning more and more about future planned pandemics, loss of more freedoms, collapse of our monetary system famine and war, I cried again unto the Lord asking Him how long He would allow these things o go on. Realizing that the judgments of God are upon the land, yet, believing in His promised protection I still desired to know more about the time element in relation to Zion. According to His will and purpose the following message was what I received. Glory be to his Holy Name.

The people of this land will see more plagues in days to come. The result of these additional pandemics will bring even more awareness that there is an evil force which seeks to exterminate the masses and allow wicked conspirators to decide who will live and who will be terminated. I have previously shared about the dreadful times that will envelope this nation and also many other nations. It will be by My Almighty Hand that My people will survive the satanic attacks that will come upon them. But I have also declared that I will intervene on their behalf. There will be judgment from My hand so severe that the very gates of hell shall tremble and the halls of the terrible ones will shake and crumble as I permeate the walls of demonic power and cast them into an everlasting lake of fire and brimstone.

As so many people are ignorant of the causes of the present crisis, so it is that many are ignorant of My Holy Word written by prophets who also bore the brutal impact of those filled with satanic desire. Due to the fact that so many flounder in ignorance of My laws and My statues they cannot discern that which is evil from that which is good. They perceive only in darkness because My light is not in them. If they would have spent time with Me in study and prayer, I would have been able to reveal, by My Spirit, in such a way that they would have questioned the urgent agenda. They would have risen up and eradicated present tyrannical protocol before it was able to deceive the general populace. These atrocities will continue until millions will be found in severe illness and some on the brink of death.

So, it is I must hasten My work in order to protect My flock from the raging wolves sent to steal, kill, and destroy the blessings that I have bestowed upon mankind. I admonish those who are aware of diabolical intentions to hasten to gather even closer to My divine hand constantly seeking to feel My presence. As I spoke in My word, seek Me while I may be found. I will hinder wicked efforts to annihilate but it will take a heavenly force and power to bring down those hypocritical representatives of national freedom and press. I will cause their weapons of destruction to return to their place of origin and they will cease to implement their diabolical agenda.

As a new viral plague is introduced upon the public, I will cause My priesthood to go forth in divine power to thwart the arrow that flies by day and the pestilence that stalks in the darkness. But My people must be totally committed to the cause of My Kingdom and they must now build within their lives a spiritual fortress that will repel even the demons of hell. For Satan is raging and the forces of darkness grow even stronger. Satan knows his end is near. He will be bound for a thousand years and his desires to lead many people into destruction will not prevail.

Howl ye for the day of the Lord is at hand. Follow My given pattern for deliverance. Know My will in all things by seeking My Spirit in every aspect of your life. Listen to My voice as I speak from the pulpit, as I minister truths from the scriptures, and as I pour My Spirit upon you each and every moment of the day. Those who discern the signs of the times need to rely completely on your Maker and do not hesitate to witness of Me to all who will listen.

The hour of redemption lies before you. The time of deliverance is near, to be evidenced in the lives of those who will stand in My stead and move the mountains of adversity casting them into the sea. Those men selected to be My witnesses will soon bring the powers of heaven down so that the world’s great people will know that there is a God who sits upon the throne of heaven and who carefully examines the hearts and minds of every man.

The vastness of His power will be felt to the ends of the earth. The marvels of His majesty will sham the wicked into wailing and torment. The beauty of His love will bring countless numbers into a relationship with their Heavenly King. Even their Rock of Deliverance. The powers unleashed will upturn the tables of the more changers, dislodge the pillars of humanism, and take the authority from those who rule in iniquity. Their armory of devilish implements will be cast into a pit of darkness where no man can retrieve them and no entity can use them against humanity.

Joy fills My heart as I see throngs of people moving toward the gates of Zion and beg entrance to her inner courts. My angels sing in great adoration as they know that I will take the reigns of those who now govern the earth, and establish righteousness as the Eternal Father intended.

Have no fear of earthly oppressors. They hiss and bellow as a raging dragon. They threaten death as with a sting from a scorpion. But their secret oaths and combinations will blow away as the ashes from a burning timber. Their roars and threats will sink into oblivion and the cries of their deceptions will be lost as the glory of heaven brings forth the Kingdom. The kings of the earth will bow in reverence to a King who will reign forever and to a God who willingly poured out His own blood to redeem His people.

Take heed that you do not lose your crown. You have been purchased by the blood of the Anointed One whose followers will reign with Him as He sits upon Zion’s throne.

Come now My children and behold My greatness. What force or entity can stand against the forces of heaven? Is it too much to cause a galaxy to come into being? Who can breathe the spirit into a lump of clay and make it live?

I have made you in My image. Forget not your purpose. Sorrow reigns in the night but joy comes in the morning. Sing for joy My saints. My hand is even ready now to deliver. I am with you and My purposes will not fail as the storm clouds gather to purge the land of all the disobedient. So be it. Amen and Amen