2023 – January 10

2022 – December 13

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
January 10, 2023



Another warning.

From the ends of the earth My people will come to the threshold of God’s great city. They will enter with such joy that even the flowers of the field and the trees of the forest will sing forth in gladness. For those bound in chains and imprisoned by dishonorable dictators will shed their shackles and bring with them desires to worship their King and to live in His Mighty Fortress of Holiness.

You will see hundreds, even thousands, emerge from every corner of the globe. They will bear in their arms little of material substance but their hearts will be full of exceeding great joy and their countenances will radiate such light that their path will be lit up before them.

Even now, among nations, I am preparing many souls to gather towards America’s great standard, a place of security where songs of unending praise will be sung and children will play in the streets without fear.

The lights of Babylon’s cities will soon be darkened for mighty storms are coming that will snuff out the candles of pagan sanctuaries and cause the lights of decadent behavior to flicker and go out. After the great storm in Meso-America they could not even light a fire due to the overwhelming darkness that covered the land. They howled and wailed at their memories of disobedience, but they could not retrieve lost opportunities nor could they find loved ones buried under mountains, carried away by great whirlwinds, nor lost in the depths of the sea.

Soon, upon this land, darkness shall overshadow the sun and man will stumble even though it is noonday. Men and women in this country will seek answers to this disaster and long for a place where they can rest and find solace. Therefore, I have called My saints to this area to prepare a place where many can lodge under the shadow of the elm tree and rest comfortable under the branches of the great oak. Refreshing rivers of pure water will flow throughout the land bringing life-giving substance to a parched, dry earth.

People will see the walls of My City from a great distance. The longing to reach her borders will cause many to find their way to her welcoming gates.

You and others will receive many into your homes to reassure and to comfort, as this time of travail will rival earlier events that have occurred in other fallen civilizations. I have not forgotten My people and the conditions longed for will emerge if My people continue to keep their covenant with Me, ignoring the destruction that will surround them.

Receive this message with joy for as you heard the testimonies of those who ministered in Africa, even so My people on the African continent, whose heritage has been one of war, poverty and disease, will come even as I promised them for their covenant the Me is sure. Also, many others found in other countries subject to wicked leaders will be led forth by My hand, causing those of tyrannical authority to tremble at their departure. Prison doors will be opened as it was with Paul and Silas and many will be delivered escaping with other pilgrims toward a promised land.

How can I withhold the blessings of the Father when many have suffered torture and deprivation due to their unwavering testimony that I am their God and declaring that they will suffer even unto death rather than deny My Holy Name. where are the martyrs of My glory? Where are those who live in desolation conditions? They are found in all nations and speak many tongues.

Those bound by circumstance and imprisoned by oppressors will rise up as a great army and nothing shall stay their hand as they leave behind their trials and proceed without hesitation to Zion’s glad city. Will you be a part of this great consummation or will you sit in foolish stupor because you did not prepare for that which I have required at your hand?

Now is the time for unwavering obedience, for in a very short time you will see those of high office remove existing freedoms and enact laws hindering agency and bringing violence and strife to America’s cities. Rely not on militias nor on preppers who have diligently stored that which they deemed essential, for many will not share with those in distressed situations, neither will they grant help to those not of their clan. I have warned that unless you take up arms against your neighbor, you will need to flee to Zion for safety. This coming conflict will exceed that of past reference.

Mighty are the forces that will come against My people. Brutal are their weapons of annihilation but the weapons of My warfare are not carnal, but spiritual, bringing down the mighty and destroying their fortifications. My weapons will overpower the forces of darkness and those of My flock will not be destroyed in the coming desolation.

The power of Almighty love governs the cosmos, and the earth spins, cradled in the arms of My counsel. But I will allow, and I will dislodge that which is offensive to My will. Though 10,000 shall fall at your side, the forces of destruction will not come nigh unto you. I will guide you with My counsel and bring you safely through the terrors of the ungodly which will be all around you. Slowly, at first, the perversion will engulf this nation. But then, events will hasten to the point of no return.

But I say unto you this day, store up My words in your heart, keep your eyes on Me and not on evil intention. Look not to other forms of deliverance. Look only to your Savior, even Jesus the Messiah, for He is your pillar of strength in the midst of great turmoil. You will stand unharmed in the light of My glory and you will be one of My witnesses in meeting the challenges of coming destruction. So, it is. I have spoken. 

Amen and Amen.