2022 – February 1

2022 -January 17

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 1, 2022



The President of this great land has endorsed a number of subversive activities, which will be felt in the coming months. A few things will come in the month of March. By the end of September, a number of subversive situations will arise, affecting the citizens of this land, and causing repercussions by the end of this year.

The present government does not intend to release its stranglehold on the American people. It intends to bind the people down with more measures, under the guise of protection, bypassing the U.S. Supreme Court and wreaking havoc upon the people involved. The military will participate, and steps will be taken to ensure that the people understand that they must obey all government laws and mandates. Civil authority will be overshadowed by a military presence, and people will no longer have the privilege of living a life of free choice.

It is important for My people to remain calm during the coming months, not fearing authorities. They must remember My promises to them. They will have My protection if they maintain a calm attitude, and release to Me all concerns and diabolical action.

In order to help those who desire My protection and who long for Zion, they need to pray to me often. THEY ARE MY PEOPLE AND I AM THEIR GOD! If they remain faithful, I will dispatch holy warriors to stand against the hordes of evil doers, and raise a standard of protection that no demon or devilish person can penetrate.

It will be this way in Zion, for My presence will prevent the warmongers from taking My City, and destroying My people. The way to Zion is sometimes a difficult journey, but once people enter her gates, the cry of perverseness will no longer be heard, and the powers of darkness will no longer have sway among My saints, nor within the Citadel of Faith, that I will raise, in this generation.

Speak of hope to one another. Remember My doings in previous generations. Seek to know My will, by studying the words found in My scriptures. For the words I have spoken, bear a testimony of those who have gone before. Also, you have the prophetic words of those still living in this generation.

I have stated before, in the history of the church, that the brethren needed to wait a little longer, until My army became very great and very terrible. But the times have come when it will be necessary to go forth in battle array, against the satanic forces that cover the earth, and bind the people in chains. So it is, with the army I have at this time, I will cause My angels to sound the alarm and call forth My warriors into the battle. Their armament will be the shield of faith, and the breastplate of righteousness. Their helmet will be that of salvation. They will be girded about with truth. Their feet shod with the gospel of peace. Their weapon will be the sword of the spirit, which will divide asunder, and conquer all those who seek to destroy My people, and to do away with My purposes.

Those weak in the faith will stand at the back of the conflict, and cry for deliverance, as My warriors of truth go forth in the spirit, and in the power of the Holy Ghost.

The men I have chosen to endow, will have power beyond comprehension. Their swords will shine bright with My Word, and they will go forth in My name, bringing millions to repentance, and causing the evil ones to tremble at My name.

March begins the conflict in greater measure, though many will not realize that the battle has commenced. By the end of autumn, a great change will have occurred. So, brace yourselves for a series of events that will eventually shatter the bonds of iniquity and cause My people to tremble before Me at the exhibition of My power.

You believe in God, believe also in Me for I and My Father are one. The humble and the obedient will inherit the land and the holiness of God will bring the sons of men back into compliance with My will.

More will be given in coming days as to the details of future demonstration. Seek to focus on Me and look not at the collapse of the Babylonian cities. As the walls of security crumble around you, cast your eyes upon your Savior nailed to a cross who gave all for your salvation. For it is He who will gather the hosts to the battle. It is He who will ride victoriously throughout the earth bringing the sword of justice and the mantle of peace as a swift witness of His justice and of His grace. So be it. Amen.