2022 – February 26

2022 – February 1

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 26, 2022



The situation in the Ukraine is serious, for Russia has an insatiable appetite for more land, and she will not stop at the borders of the Ukraine. Her presence will destabilize the situation in Europe, and there will be repercussions felt around the world. Trade will be affected as fear will be propagated, so that people will panic-buy, causing goods to rise in price. The cost of gasoline will increase, causing a rise of prices, not only here in the United States, but in other countries. The expectation of war will encompass the globe, bringing a sense of instability and price increases in world markets.

The tendency to promote fear about the situation, is partly the result of greed, for manufactures will view this as an opportunity to gain more money, at the expense of uncertain consumers. Wages will not rise, but all other commodities will increase, and eventually go beyond the ability of many people to purchase them.

Previously I mentioned that March would begin a series of events that will affect not only the nation’s purchasing power but also loss of freedoms. The suggestion of war will provide an artificial base for clamping down on people who resist government authority. People will gradually be given more mandates that will prevent freedom of expression, if in opposition, to government agendas.

Christians will begin feeling more vulnerable as they will be blamed as one major cause that American culture is deprived of a more satisfactory existence. Their code of morals will be judged as inhibiting American progress and determination. So, be prepared My people, as soon you’ll be targeted as responsible for a downturn in America’s domestic affairs. More and more mandates will be forthcoming and people will be subject to investigation if they are a Christian believer.

Do not fear this oncoming deluge, even though it is but the beginning of further confrontation. Lack of resources and supplies always brings a desire to blame a certain segment of society and Christians, as well as those who believe in personal freedom, will be a target of criticism in coming days. So, My people, time is of the essence now. Anchor yourselves in My Word. Trust in My promises and keep yourselves free of Babylon’s enticements.

I have told you often, to release all worries, and to trust in your Savior. Some of you are so embedded in Babylon, that it will be more difficult for you as the wicked demand more loyalty and Christian thought and behavior will be in direct opposition to their stated belief and practice.

Continue on in your preparations. Do not look back but move ever forward into a fierce battle that will soon engulf every nation and bring hardship on every man, woman, and child. This is My counsel. There is no turning back. So, march on to Zion keeping in mind that this City will be the only refuge on earth where people can live in peace and safety.

Let Me guide you with My counsel and seek not your own wisdom. For the wisdom of man shall perish and only God will prevail in the midst of great disturbances. Let Me, your Lord and Savior, carry you in My arms in days to come, when you are unable to stand, and all that you have depended on will fade away as a mist on the top of troubled waters.

So it will be. Soon things will change. I love all those who desire righteousness and with an outstretched hand I will bring you safely, through the torrents of destruction, which will move through your lives like a tsunami from a turbulent sea. 

So it is, I have spoken.
Amen and Amen