2022 – July 24

2022 – June 8

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 24, 2022



My lovely saints, chosen and set apart in these latter days to be a testimony to the world that Zion, the Holy City, will return to the earth to join with My saints and restore the great and marvelous habitation that once existed in Enoch’s day.

Proclaim, proclaim that this place of beauty will be the only place on earth where man is not at war with one another. Make all things clear to those who have never heard, for this will be a place of refuge for those fleeing the devastating wave of wickedness soon to engulf the world. The time of preparation is drawing to a close for those who have had the knowledge for a number of years. Their testimony will ring forth bearing fruit in the lives of many who will feel as though there is no hope and no escape from the perpetrators of darkness.

You have been told of famine, of plague, and of commotion. Tonight, I will reveal even more of what will be seen in this country and throughout the earth. Changes of great magnitude will be experienced by all people and even My saints shall barely escape.

Trust not your financial institutions, neither place your hope in your financial stability. Place all your hope in Me for all things that now provide a measure of security will no longer offer a service of confidence. Let My Spirit guide your ever activity. Let My provincial care guide your preparations. Let My Spirit guide your purchases and do not lean upon your own understanding.

Riots of great magnitude will soon erupt in every major city. Even small towns will be filled with violent behavior and extensive lawlessness. Store My Word in your heart so that when you are confronted with evil you will have a storehouse of scripture for a sword and an abundance of faith as your shield.

It is not sufficient to glance occasionally at the words of the prophets. Make them a part of your vocabulary. Carry them into every conflict. Speak them forth when in confrontation. For when Satan approached Me to tempt My authority, I used the Word as he has no power over My Holy Word. Let My Light shine in your every activity. Make known your belief to all those who do not realize that I stand ready to assist them in severe circumstance.

Set up an alter in your home if you do not have one. Let everyone who enters your dwelling see a holy station set aside revealing the 3 standard books and other items of religious profession.

Make no mistake for that which I have given will be fulfilled. Those unacquainted with spiritual manifestation and those who sit in darkness, not knowing that I live, will seek your knowledge and you need to be ready to share that which you have studied.

Let all things be done in order and do not make hasty decisions even though the time of fulfillment is soon to come. In the midst of all this turmoil there will be a missionary effort such as has never been seen. There will be manifestations of power in order that multitudes may realize that those things which happened in biblical text were true. And the great power that parted the Red Sea and that was witnessed through Bible narrative was not only true but can be seen and experienced in today’s sinful world.

There will be evidence of angels descending, helping many whose very lives are subject to violent demonstration. There will be healings and prophetic word heard through the land. Incidents of miraculous manifestation will fill the saints with wonder and amazement. Food will appear on tables and men will tremble as My endowed brethren share the gospel of truth with a fallen people. There will be extensive altercations in man’s desperate attempt to survive in a brutal and civil war situation. But My hand of mercy will save many who would otherwise perish by sword and by famine.

Little ones will be brought in by angels and some of the churches will be filled with these children as they bask in the presence of holy couriers and angels of brilliance. Multitudes fleeing persecution will find a welcoming crowd of dedicated believers.

Armies of evil intent will not be able to enter the precinct of Zion’s enclosure. Radiant beams of heavenly light will be seen even from a great distance as the portals of heaven are opened to reveal the marvelous wonders sent down to soothe a hurting and desperate people. Vast quantities of provision will be made available to those who find their way to Zion’s fortress. And never again will the cry of hunger or agony of sickness be felt or seen.

It is soon My people, even sooner than you might suspect. So, hasten to the task for the joy of redemption will be offered to all. I gave My life for all My creation. And those who receive it shall never more mourn.

Life is everlasting and those who taste of the fruits of My Kingdom will sing of My glory and be happy and joyful forevermore. Amen and Amen.