2022 -October 12

2022 – July 24

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
October 12, 2022



Listen, My saints, for I speak once more in counsel. I have much to impart to you for time is ripe and My work must hasten for Zion in these latter days.

You have received much in the way of warning. You have received much in the knowledge that I will protect My people for the terrible things soon to befall the nations. I have cried unto the children of men in many diverse ways. I have allowed storms to deface the land. I have allowed sickness to claim the lives of some, even those who have known Me. Yet, I have withheld various disastrous events for My people are not yet ready to endure the final days of earth’s rebellion.

So, I speak once again, but this time I reveal some hidden mysteries, yet to be revealed in greater measure by My priesthood who represent Me in these last moments of preparation.

My servant, Aaron Smith, spoke of the midnight hour. He spoke of an eagle consuming a carcass on a highway. He spoke of a figure skater and her position of increased velocity as she drew herself into the center of gravity and raised her arms above her head. So, I speak now from a different perspective which will draw My people into a center of power where they will be able to move at unprecedented speed, bringing many souls into My sanctuary where I might bless and bestow upon them greater light and truth. For I say unto you, the time of great commotion is soon to overtake you beyond anything that has been or ever will be again.

Look at your time piece by gazing at current events within the world’s arena. See the rising threat of nuclear exchange and the unsettling situation in the stock market. Had you known the exact hour, would you have invested money in the stock exchange or would you have prepared your lives to be fitting representatives of My will and My ways?

Too long My people have languished in their commitment, but I now see some who have truly taken hold of present warnings and have placed their hands on the plow, not looking back at previous experience.

Look forward to abundance in the face of starvation. Look forward to healing where there is now death. Look forward to conversion where atheism and communism now stalk the land. Lest you forget, I have already promised abundance and the terrors that lie before you are but small incidentals in My work among men.

In the world the pendulum will swing from prosperity to poverty. The best of man’s efforts will sink into the sands of time. But My work shall stand forever and the cause of Zion will expand forward revealing Zion’s full presence in the center of this land.

So it is, with loving concern that I present to you a few harrowing events which will be witnessed before a future expose of violent action.

The time of purchasing items will end before the next purposed presidential election. The time for preparation is drawing to a close. My priesthood were given both blessing and warning in Kirtland’s prophetic message. But I will speak further of secular events and conspiracies.

After a collapse of the money system and the halt of all trade and commerce, great violence will erupt on every street in every town and in every area of human habitation. So much so that it will be dangerous to venture outside your home or move from one area to another. But, as my servant, Arthur Oakman, mentioned, Zionic communities yet to be witnessed, will cause many people to flee to areas where they see a fire by night and a pillar of smoke by day overshadowing a place of refuge and retreat.

There will be a multitude of people approaching your residences in the very near future. You will see the faces of many distressed and impoverished souls. You will hear the cries of weeping mothers and hear the moans of disoriented and frightened children. You will see the plight of homeless refugees moving in desperation toward any hopeful sanctuary.

You need to prepare yourselves to house each destitute soul. You need to receive those whom I send to you regardless of their nationality and circumstance. Some will leave your dwellings when they find that your home is one of reverence and belief in the Lord God Almighty, while others will cling to your garments as a child clings to his mother’s skirt. Some will need medical attention. They will need mighty prayer from all those who know My ways of healing. Others of occupancy will be extremely distraught and will need divine counseling for the reality of their situation which will cause them to grieve in consequence of present circumstances.

Be ready to assist in whatever way I desire and do not look at your present state of infirmity or weakness.


Are you able to speak with the tongue of angels? Are you so endowed with my Spirit that your every word will bring joy and consolation to the lost and downtrodden? Will you speak forth My worlds in hesitancy or will you know with your heart that what has been written will be fulfilled if the spokesman carries My Spirit and My Grace. Be familiar with the words of My testimony. Read the scriptures in such a way that My Words will be received and taken in as one would give water to a thirsty soul.

Know the scriptures dealing with various human weaknesses. Quote them in full confidence to anyone who is seeking. My Words are as valid today as they were 2,000 years ago. The words of the prophets never fail when read in the spirit of My holiness and as I spoke to devils, words of powerful influence, they fled from before Me. Your work is only limited by your understanding and faith in what I have given and revealed through the words of My prophets.

Have you armed yourself with scriptures of peace, of light, and of truth? Are you ready to quote Scriptures on protection, healing, and provision in time of need? Do you think I spoke only to people of past centuries? Do you not recognize that My Words are for all time and eternity and will fulfill their purpose? Are you able to understand their power when spoken by those who believe and trust in their God?

Did I speak negatively when accosted by evil forces? Did I hesitate to heal and comfort in the face of disease and consumption? I spoke and it was done. I declared and it came to pass.

I have given you My Words to use as part of your armor. I have provided for you all the weapons necessary for spiritual and physical warfare.

Your foe is not only famine and desolation Your foe is also nuclear exchange and foreign invasion. Do you wither at the prospect of foreign soldiers on your land? Do you cower in anticipation of armies approaching your door? Greater is the army that will defend you than the army that comes against you.

Speak My Words in My Name and watch the enemies of freedom flee before you. Speak My Words of healing and watch the infirm rise up in health. Speak words of abundance found throughout the scriptures and see food appear on your tables and water pour from your taps.

Have you no faith in My counsel and dominion? I saw these atrocities long before you were born. I have planned from the beginning and no force in heaven or earth can penetrate My decisions nor change the outcome of My declarations.

Seek now to study, with even greater determination, the words I have spoken through time. Seek to read with defined concentration so that you might understand what I have given.

SAY what I have Said. BELIEVE what I have taught, and if you are conscientious in your commitments, in the quoting of My Words, it will be as though I am speaking and present before you.

Listen not to negative conversation. Move out on faith and see God’s power accelerate among men even to the ends of the earth.

So, again I have spoken. Heed the voice of your Master and friend. So be it. Amen and Amen.