2022 – June 8

2022 – May 26

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
June 8, 2022



Cry unto Me, all that seek to live with Me in My Kingdom that is soon to be, for Satan rages in the hearts of men. The magnification of wickedness is about to break forth causing even those grounded in My word to tremble at the exhibition of My power on behalf of My lovely saints, whom I have gathered into this area, to prepare for the judgments of Almighty God soon to be released upon a disobedient nation. A people perverted in mind and heart. A people engaged in the wicked practices that once held sway, before the flood, and in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

You heard today of another increase in gas prices. You have seen price increases in food and other commodities. You have felt the effects of social disgrace and complacent reaction. But, as yet, you have not witnessed excessive violence and distress in all cities and towns throughout America. So, prepare, prepare for the hour of great WOES, is almost upon you.

I have warned before, and I warn again, for I see a few in preparation while there are still some acting as though their lives, now enjoyed, will continue on without interruption. Stop and consider the many attractions that lead you away from My cross and cause you to laugh in giddiness at satire, and amusement found on your televisions and viewed constantly on your electronic devices.

Consider the things around you. Cast not a frowning brow on what you consider more future warnings. Warnings which you choose to ignore as you imagine that things will continue as they have been. Oh, men of strength and women of beauty, why will you choose death? Why will you not hear and obey? So it is, I have cried many times for I see that which is not yet exposed. I know that which will overtake you and cause you to wail in unbelief and seek for that which you might have obtained before calamity began.

Now I set before you a plain and grievous scene. I set before you that which is even now beginning so that you cannot say, “Why was I not told of these things? Why had God abandoned His people? Where is the evidence of His protection?”

Even now the price of all goods and services continues to rise insomuch that, before long, some may have to choose between buying food or paying for energy to heat their homes. This is already present in many parts of the world. A choice will have to be made between eating wholesome foods or striving to subsist on food of lesser value and quality. You may have to resort to eating things that prove very distasteful or even repulsive to your appetite.

But those who have stored what they can will find their pantries will continue to flourish as long as they share what they have, and give their lives to Me for the sake of My Kingdom.

Are you ready to seek protection from heaven’s arsenal? Or, are you depending on local police authority? Trust only in My provision for My angels are ready and prepared to assist you when anger knocks at your door and evil seeks to cross your threshold.

You were not present during past revolutions when every man sought to obtain his daily bread, even if it meant stealing from his own family or betraying trusted friends. The desolation of The Civil War is beyond your imagination, for how can you truly understand that which you have never experienced?

So, cry unto Me, even in your closets, in your homes, in your fields, at your workplace. Cry unto Me now and I will hear and give you an abundance of peace and comfort that is beyond that which the world can offer.

Hear ye not the rumblings of war in other lands? See the agony of despair now experienced in Ukraine. But, hear also the rumbling of severe destruction in your own land as mobs of militant civilians take up arms in search of life-sustaining provisions.

Love all those whom I send to your dwellings. Seek to be a nurturing father or mother to those distressed and depressed in mind and body. Bring knowledge of Me to every single person. Help people cope with the catastrophes that will sweep through the lives of men, but have never been experienced in this land of promised security.

I stand ready to assist. I am your God, your Lord, your Savior, your friend. I long to reveal even more, but for now this is sufficient for My people to consider. To those prepared, stand fast in your commitment, for Zion’s enclosure awaits those who live all for their Lord, as I have given My life for all mankind.

Amen and Amen.