2022 – May 26

2022 – May 12

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
May 26, 2022



Message given shortly after the massacre of children in a school in Uvalde, Texas.

O Land of Mine Inheritance, children of My Covenant, open your ears and listen again to the One Mighty and Strong. Listen, O children of the Most High. Turn your hearts and minds to what I would say this day.

For as it was in the days of Noah, so it is today. For men’s hearts are failing them for fear, and the call of more disruption is filling this land with fear and dread.

As was broadcast on all networks and sounded from media sources, the young man who took the lives of the young, was but a product of society’s lack of adherence to the righteous laws of God. As the people mourn the loss of those slain, I say unto those who are wailing weep not for the slain, but weep for yourselves.

As I carried my cross to Golgotha, many women wept in bitter apprehension of what lay ahead of Me. Yet, I too, reminded them of future desolation that would befall the city of Jerusalem and other towns and places of Jewish habitation.

Though this tragedy was felt by many, it is but one more sign of the disastrous conditions that exist upon this land of eternal purpose. So, be comforted knowing that those who were slain are with Me in pleasant circumstances and the children are playing and rejoicing in pleasant field and lush valley floor. The adults that fell in this provoked situation are also enjoying the loveliness of flowered valley and the fragrant aroma of heaven’s domain.

I speak of this loss to give further evidence that I am well aware of all that will happen and I am in charge of all that will come.

Now to the present situation and to the disclosure of future events. The time for another serious offense is almost upon you. Men of sordid countenance plan to unleash another morbid plague that will overpower multitudes due to its fierce nature. This next atrocity will have a rippling affect upon all men even those far removed from the deadly infection. This has been planned and will soon be released as the year progresses. It is not possible to describe the holocaust of this next event as the severity cannot be explained in words you could fully comprehend.

But know this, that My hand of protection will be over those who now search My scriptures and rely heavily on My extended hand of mercy. I have warned before of future plagues and some of My people have made it a concerned matter of prayer. But others choose to ignore the warning and refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of the coming epidemic. So, to those who are willing to receive this warning, I bid you to be at peace, for I stand in the gap, to protect those chosen for a great plan of revival. For the willing and obedient shall, indeed, inherit the land.

I give you not an exact day of great upheaval but I would declare to you that many, who now feel that the tragedy of Covid is past, will soon be devastated when word spreads of another more deadly infection sweeping through the land.

When the Israelites placed the blood on their door posts and on the lintels, they were safe from all disease and sorrow that fell upon the Egyptians. I gladly bore them in My arms and carried them forth to the chosen land they were to inherit.

Today, My people of all faiths who seek to do My will have the opportunity to apply My blood on the thresholds of their dwellings by obeying My covenant and yielding to My will in their lives. Again, the blood of the Lamb is given freely to anoint the entrance to every home and to protect all those within its chambers.

The ancient people had little knowledge of their past due to severe repression and oppression under slavery. But My people today have full access to Biblical text as well as Book of Mormon knowledge and revelation in these latter days. Yet many, even today, have a limited amount of knowledge to acquaint themselves with the provision of protection I have given in My Word. Nevertheless, I shall be merciful, but there will be great distress among some who seek to live with Me in My Kingdom if they are unaware of the light and truth given in recorded text.

Therefore, I charge My priesthood to prepare… Prepare to share with all those I send to you, and provide the information that will inform not only church members, but people of many denominations, how they can protect their families and provide haven for many who will come.

My priesthood of latter day dispensation, can you now say that you are ready to share the fullness of revealment found in My Holy Writ? Are you prepared to witness in vigor and grant unto many those truths which will set people free and acquaint them with the power of My written and spoken work? Are you ready to stand boldly in the presence of mass hysteria and proclaim the sacrificial death of Christ to set men free and give them peace during armed conflict and social unrest? Are you prepared to proclaim in unwavering commitment that all men must stand before God? Repentance is absolutely essential for eternal blessing and contentment.

Look at your lives, My dear brethren of the gospel. Does your life radiate My peace, My glory, My assurance that all who live their lives to My authority will reign with Me on Mt. Zion and prove to earth’s people that God alone reigns supreme?

Open brethren, open your eyes to the light of understanding. Seek Me now with great fervency. Do not let one day pass without further investigation into My words found in the scriptures. These words will fill you with peace, joy, assurance, and power to perform the tasks I have set before you.

Trust not in your own devices, but look more to Me, for I am the resource of all that is needed to subdue kingdoms, and cause the masses to fall in adoration.

Continue on, My brethren, you who have diligently tried to prepare, in the midst of sickness and family problems. I have anointed you for My purpose, and I will stand with you, though the forces of evil come against you, to overthrow My purpose, and to end your dedication.

No evil will befall you neither will any army of the earth overtake your efforts for My Spirit is with you and My work shall be victorious by the blood of My Son and by the word of your testimony.

So be it again. Amen and Amen. Peace unto you