2022 – September 24

2022 – October 12

Through High Priest Richard F. Neil
September 24, 2022



To the Priesthood Assembled, I come before you this day to bring counsel of the Lord. I have been made aware from the beginning that the Lord desired a message to be brought forth to this body of Priesthood, assembled together.

The spirit of discouragement has taken its toll on the people of the Church. This has affected the whole body, and in particular the youth, the aged, and the vulnerable.

There has been a great loss of hope among God’s people for many years. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, and many have lost their hope and faith in the Church as expressed in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without faith and hope, charity diminishes, and the gospel of Jesus Christ suffers. Many have become lost from the Lord, and lost from each other. The Lord grieves over this condition.

For some time, the Lord has invited me into His presence to share some things with me. I have stepped into the realm of eternity, and I felt unworthiness to be in such a place. The Lord has comforted me with His Spirit, each and every time, and without exception, when I have felt this unworthiness.

Over the last several months, I have inquired repeatedly of Him, if these thoughts are of Him, to the point that the natural man would have become weary of me asking over and over again the same questions. On many occasions, I was ready to leave this behind, because of my weakness, and walk away, but the Lord is merciful, He is kind, and He is patient.

He has patiently assured me of what it is that He wants done and said at this time. I have promised to Him that I would do what He has asked of me. Not my will, but His will be done.

It is by His Spirit, that I come to you, now, in this hallowed place.

The time has come for these words to be spoken unto you. It is now 38 years since the 1984 World Conference. It is from this point in time that much of the Restoration Movement was formed, because of many decisions that were made within the Church. These events have led you to this point in time.

With good intentions of my servants of the priesthood, you have heard at times differing messages. Some have said to wait, and some have said to act. There is a time and place for each of these responses. Both of these counsels given together, at the same time, have caused confusion and doubt among the people. I am not the author of confusion. I love you, and desire to guide you through this.

These conditions have brought about separation, and despair in the minds of the people.

This has led to different degrees of organization. Churches have been established, groups have been formed, branches have become independently separated, and many of my people have become lost because of the ‘mists of darkness’, and because of ‘wandering in strange road’. (I Nephi 2:67,81)


Nephi 2:67 And it came to pass that there arose a mist of darkness; yea, even an exceeding great mist of darkness, insomuch that they who had commenced in the path did lose their way, that they wandered off and were lost.

I Nephi 2:81 And many were lost from his view, wandering in strange roads.

The Restoration has become filled, too often, with the spirit of contention. This is unseemly to me, when I have made it clear to you so many times that you must become one. Have you not heard my voice calling to you? I prayed in Gethsemane, in my final hours upon the earth, that you may be one.

You have placed the command to wait, and the command to act, above the commandment that I give unto you. The command I give unto you is to ‘listen’. There is a time and a season to wait, and a time and a season to act, but you will never discern the difference if you choose not to listen to Me first.

I have brought this church out of the wilderness, in these latter days, to have and hold a stewardship in the coming forth of my kingdom of Zion on earth. I have not changed in my intentions for you.

If you will be obedient to keep the Two Great Commandments of Love for the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, and one another as your neighbors, I will yet use you for this purpose and stewardship that I have given you. If not, my purposes will not fail, but, as I said in former years, I will raise up another people.

As I led the children of Israel across the Red Sea by revelation, and protected them with ‘a pillar by day and a fire by night’, so I will be in your midst if you will hearken unto my words. With those who I have prepared, and who will be added to this work, along with the forces of Heaven, I have sufficient to fulfill my promise of Zion. But what is lacking is the spiritual condition required of you for Zion to come forth.

I say unto you, listen to me. There are two stewardships that will ensure success if you will do them.

1) As the five wise virgins did in the parable of the last days, ‘Gather and sanctify your oil, before the cry at midnight’. Prepare yourself through scripture, prayer, fasting, and humble service. You must take the Holy Spirit as a guide in all things that you do in your life.

2) Be willing to remove all barriers and hindrances to the achievement of Zion. You must become one. This would include the groups and associations you have formed, and the responsibilities that you carry. Needful things will be restored. All else is inconsequential.

I give unto you two years to implement these stewardships. Then, if you are obedient, I will give you the things which are to follow. The two years would be by the same time of year as this Assembly.

Do not tarry in these things, like the unwise virgins. You are not adequately prepared for what is to come upon the world in the next two years. How long must I wait? I will have given you 40 years.

If you will heed these words you will marvel at the protection that I will give to you. This I did in the journey to the Promised Land in the days of Moses. You will receive daily manna. I am the Bread.

“The Church will yet flourish. I will show you power from on High, but only if you will listen to me and come together in My spirit. I am pleased that you have gathered into my presence, now go forth as one.”