2022 – September 25

2022 – September 24

Through Patriarch Mike Ballentyne
September 25, 2022



Beloved brethren, I give many patriarchal blessings. When I do, I listen for the whisper of His still small voice to direct me. I have been accustomed to listening for forty years. 

In the last few years He has blessed me even more by answering some of my questions and concerns. I will share one thing with you that He has talked to me about and I have written it down and shared it with a few. I will be brief, but it is His business right now to prepare for that which is soon to come. He yearns for His people and His priesthood. Beloved brethren, He is waiting for us to prepare ourselves for Zion. For His priesthood are called to assist Him in laying the foundations of His Kingdom, here on earth and that cannot happen in our carnal states. 

So, He will endow and empower those that have prepared themselves to receive that endowing Spirit, that they may assist Him in laying the foundations of His Kingdom in the Independence area. You men have studied the scriptures that talk about these things. We have read them. Here is what He faces now. How many of the priesthood are prepared to receive that endowment? How many of us are willing to give all that we have and all that we are to go out and preach the gospel to His people with the power of His Spirit? 

Dearly beloved brethren, He yearns that many of us might be prepared, I am not one of them. I know in my soul I am a selfish old man, but I know this: He cannot wait much longer and He has wept over His brethren because we are not quite ready. He yearns for us, but He cannot force a man to do what He wants. He waits a little longer and He has been waiting for quite a while. 

So, I encourage you brethren, give all that you have to give, fore His sake. Worry about the Saints, cry over them, minister to them as best you can, and the Lord will, in His proper time, call on those that are preparing and prepared. He will bring those prepared to the second floor of this building. He says it has already been reserved for this purpose. And those men that He is able to use will meet with Him up there for the ordinance of the washing of feet which will take place in this building on the second floor.

He will endow, and empower those men. They will be brought from wherever they are in the world, secretly. No one will miss them. They will be transported by His Spirit to this place for this particular meeting. This place which has been built by the sacrifice of His Saints is still sacred to your Savior and it will be used for this purpose. 

These men that qualify will go back home and no one will have missed them, but they will know and start a ministry that the Saints will recognize quickly and the Saints themselves will rejoice when they see the gifts of the Spirit displayed among them. Many of these men will go forth to the world to spread the gospel and the Saints will support them from wherever they live and they will gather in quickly to the centerplace. 

I have said enough. Our Savior yearns for all His priesthood that they may indeed be empowered according to His perfect plan. I pray that it will happen soon. 

In the name of Jesus, Amen.