2023 – February 11

2023 – February 7

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 11, 2023



Learning more about the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and how it will dictate what we can buy and what we cannot buy. Also realizing that Britain is about to implement this plan which is not another currency but, in reality, a voucher system of money under complete control by the government, I sought the Lord in earnest prayer as to how this will affect God’s people as the U.S. is moving closer to this system. Father, please hear my humble plea concerning the CBDC. Will they be able to implement this here in the U.S. In Jesus name I beseech thee according to your will.

Fear not these oppressors for although they plan to control the choices of the American people, they will run into a snag. For America is used to a higher standard of living than most other countries. They are accustomed to buying goods according to price comparisons. They seek the best product at the lowest price. So, if those in authority implement this diabolical plan, a wave of revolution will sweep through the land bringing militias out of their dens and causing many American citizens to rise up in revolt, even to the point that they will take up arms in order to secure good and provisions.

So, do not fear any plans propagated by the wicked for their foundation is the devil and when the truth of their tyranny is realized this nation will erupt in civil war. But My people will inherit the promise of a new way of living within Zionic boundaries, a freedom of choice which can only flourish among people who seek the right way, the way of My Kingdom here upon the earth.

Trust in My aid when any of these perverted laws are forced upon a people who have not known bondage or communistic control. Remember it is I who provides all sustenance to sustain life. So, when your hearts are troubled by satanic lies and entrapments, hold fast to My Word, that whatsoever you need will be provided if you remain faithful to your Heavenly King.

I speak from My throne in heaven, but I will soon speak from Zion’s fortress as I reign on the earth for a thousand years. During this time My people will enjoy a freedom of expression and activity within righteous bounds. This type of joyful living has not been fully realized on earth since the days of Enoch’s blessed city.

Don’t fear but keep preparing for soon events will hasten and time to prepare will be gone. I love you My people who seek the right way, the way of My Kingdom here upon the earth.