2023 – April 10

2023 – February 11

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
April 10, 2023



Lord, according to the message shared with the priesthood at Kirkland Temple last year, we have only one and a half years left for preparation. May I please know what will transpire at the end of this period, according to your will, and all to your glory?

Remember those things that I have already revealed to you. You will see a myriad of events that will change the course of history. These events will close the age of technology and usher in an age of reliance as I will provide the things necessary for survival, for the former things will have passed away.

The technology of the present age was given as a blessing, but men have used it to destroy all things beautiful and attempted to reverse the order of creation, perverting the ways of My will, transforming what is lovely and holy in My sight, turning it into something evil, deformed, and of satanic design. So, I will remove those blessings and replace them with a struggle for survival, for men will annihilate themselves by the perversion of divine will. The cause of evil intent must cease or there will be no life left on this earth, which I have created for My own purpose. So it is that prophesied events will begin after the time designated has been fulfilled.

People still clinging to Babylon will find it very difficult to continue on, but those who seek My Kingdom will transition into a better way of life and they will be able to cope with the loss of modern conveniences. There will also be a great outpouring of My Spirit insomuch that there will be great miracles of healing, restoration, and prophetic ministry. There will be masses of people converted and the cry for repentance will fill the land and cause the terrible ones to tremble in anticipation of divine judgment. Those ready to receive My gift of power will not fear what man can do, but they will be My torchbearers, going throughout the earth to gather up the remnant of the lost tribes of Israel, guiding them safely back into My fold. Those not prepared will suffer at the hands of brutal mobs, not even aware that I would rescue them if they would have sought Me in the days of peace and prosperity. Nevertheless, I will be merciful to many, though the trials will be great and the sufferings nearly unbearable.

The magnitude of earth’s convulsion will be but a mere shaking in comparison to the power that I will send down upon those chosen for opportunity. The mighty acts of Moses, and even those prophets who went before him, will pale in comparison to the mighty forces of heaven that will be released upon flagrantly arrogant people, and will be felt and experienced as one would feel the effects of tornadic activity or of violent earthquake.

Do you think that people will cast their lot with the wicked when I cause mountains to rise up and cover cities? Do you think the masses will submit to the authority of the godless when tornadoes of great power rip through towns and communities, carrying away structures of steel and concrete, causing homes to be torn apart like matchsticks? Where will their deliverance lie when all they relied on is rallied to a refuge pile, and all they depended upon is distributed on a garbage heap?

My people, who have listened to the words of My warning, will be ready to succor those in distressful situations. They will testify of My love and strengthen the hearts of those wounded in the great commotion. They will share their great provision as I multiply all items dedicated to My glory and for the sake of My Kingdom. They will lay hold of My promises and walk through disaster with their eyes fixed on Me, their divine Creator, their Master, their Friend. They will share with multitudes My divine intentions and help to prepare them for further revelations of My greatness and benevolence. As they face the mobs of destruction, they will call for My angels and two of My warriors will turn 10,000 to flight.

The time is approaching and let there be no misunderstanding, those who prepare for this deluge will be used of My Father to save the wounded souls of circumstance and to raise the standard so that all will be ready when I come in My glory.

So many are suffering and seeking deliverance, not realizing that their suffering is preparing them for selfless service, for they will give all when I summon them to battle, and past sorrows and afflictions will be forgotten as My hand moves across the land, removing all things of devilish intention, bringing multitudes of people into humble obedience.

It has been spoken that this time, which lies before you, will be more severe than any other time in history. I declare with the greatest concern for all people, that although the earth shall weave to and fro like a drunken man, the elements will obey all My commands, and if you walk in obedience to My written and spoken declarations, I will not suffer you to be destroyed, but will cause you to walk among disaster as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego walked among the flames of a fiery furnace and felt not the flames nor retained the smell of smoke on their garments.

Lift up your heads, look past the evil provocations all around you. Focus not on planned atrocities, but let your eyes be focused on Me. You must not turn to the right nor to the left. Look to the majesty of My presence and see the Towers of Zion rise in great splendor amongst the ashes of destruction that will cover the land.

I have spoken. Listen to My words and do not procrastinate your preparation, for if you do not obey, you have no promise. Submit to My will and walk triumphantly through earth’s dark hour and into the light of My glorious coming.

I speak now to My people. I love those who adore Me and I will save those who rely on My grace. So be it. Amen.