2023 – February 7

2023 – January 10

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
February 7, 2023



Listen, My lovely saints, to the voice of your Heavenly Father. One who loves you unconditionally. No matter what you have done, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, no matter how many times you have forsaken your covenant with Me, I still love you with a love that transcends time and understanding.

I held you in My arms before you were born. I looked upon you knowing that you would someday turn away from Me. I knew that you would forget that which I had spoken to you. I knew there would be times when you would deny Me by following your own desires and placing yourselves upon the throne of your own will. Even Peter, when I stood before Caiaphas, denied Me three times when I was in need of his love and support. Yet, My love did not waver for him and it does not waver for you.

I will continue to bestow upon you countless blessings. I will never forget you, for you are engraven upon the palms of My hands. I paid for each one of you with my blood and I seek you continually when you begin to stray from My presence. So it is, in the great love that I bear you, I again give you counsel. Receive now My Spirit and turn not away from all that I have prepared for you.

Long before the earth was created, you were with Me in the heavenly realm. I created you spiritually before I placed you in your mother’s womb. I chose you to live in these last days for I had given you talents and gifts that would assist My work in building the Kingdom.

Many are returning to Me in the face of growing concern over that which is to come. I weep for those who see not and hear not the words of warning, but I continue to call them for My love never ceases and it fades not with time.

You have been promised a city that has not been on the earth since Enoch’s day. I watched his society dwindle in unbelief and rebel against My laws and commandments. Many were lost but some made their way to the Tree of Life and partook freely of the fruit that I had prepared.

The world has now entered the final days of the journey, some pressing onward inspire of severe trials. Scoffers hold great persuasion as they mock from their high towers. Many are lost in the surrounding darkness and some disappear in the filthy waters of the great river which flows beside the Rod of Iron. To those holding fast, I promise blessings without measure. I offer eternal joy living among heavenly beings and among saints who have chosen Me since the beginning of time.

Come closer, My people, and partake of My bounty, reaping the benefits of sacrificial living. So many flounder in a sea of iniquity, not realizing the terrible price of existing without their Creator throughout eternity. So do not be idle at your station, but seek to bring others to My feet so that I might lift them up and show them My glory.

I declare this day, with great concern, that great and terrible event will soon unfold before you. Would you not warn your own children of impending disaster? Again, I plead to all who have not yet made a covenant with Me, that they will serve Me even though their lives may be threatened.

How pleasant is this day with warmer temperatures as the sun peeks through the clouds touching the earth with its rays of promise. But soon, events foretold will sweep down upon this nation as a blast from a fiery furnace. Many will be consumed as they sit by, enjoying the flesh pots of Egypt, unaware that the angel of death is now hovering over this land, awaiting command to bring down judgment as the plagues sweep through Egypt, even taking the firstborn of each heathen household.

This moment of apparent solidarity is only a deception shrouding the reality that brother will take up sword against brother, and people will be betrayed by their own family and friends. So, heed this plea, for I cannot easily lose those who once adored Me in spirit, long before they entered earths domain.

Come unto me, My people. I yearn for you to find refuge in My mercy as you enter the days of severe provocation such as existed on the earth before the flood swept them all away. Come, come! Take hold of My hand and I will lead you through the waters of disturbance as I led Israel through the Red Sea. Come, be a part of My redemption. I offer it freely and you will be ready to face adversity knowing that My angels will stand beside you. I alone will guide you safely back to the purpose of your creation.

This is your Savior, even Jesus, the Great I AM. The day comes swiftly when My voice will seem silent as waves of troublesome waters cover this land and humanistic comforts will fade away in the deluge that is pending.

So, once more I have spoken, and once more I offer all that you will need, if you heed My Father’s counsel and look not unto your own will and wisdom. So be it. Amen.t