2023-June 16

2022 – April 12




When endowment comes, what will happen?

Great and marvelous are the works of God. Many people will receive a great blessing. Multitudes will find the Redeemer. Countless numbers of people will become His followers for they will realize that He lives and they will submit to His will. They will rejoice at the knowledge that the One who walked the shores of Galilee over 2000 years ago rose from the dead. And, He still offers salvation to all who will believe and accept His rule as King of Kings and Lords of Lords.

However, there will be some who will despise His name. They will seek to destroy those of great testimony. So, it has always been and so it shall be until the great judgment day when the sheep shall be separated from the goats.

There will be great disturbances. Wars will rage on the land and on the sea. Men will be brought to the brink of death and many will cross over rather than deny My name. Some will turn away from My love as fear will stalk the land as a lion seeks its prey. Some will deny Me, but others will not waver in their testimony no matter what happens in their lives. Those who lose their lives for My sake will live in eternal glory and peace. Those slain, who still carry the burdens of their own lusts, will not be allowed to enter into My rest.

The endowment will post a problem for world dictators and world oppressors, for all means to stop it will be futile. The endowed men who bear the great responsibility will not be overcome. They will walk among men and cause upheaval among those who choose to worship Satan. They will prevail above the barriers of human strength as did the three Nephites who still walk the earth in endowing ministry today.

They will not need to travel in carriage or by any means of transportation. They will be transported by My Spirit to any area of the earth where the souls of men long for their Savior. Their very presence will cause men’s hearts to melt with fear for there is nothing on the earth that can hinder their progress. They will be subject only to My will as they will bear My Name and call the remnants of Israel, and others who will hear, to follow them to Zion’s Mountain. The men who humbly bear this honor have been chosen even before their mother’s bore them. They will not tarry but go forth as flaming fire into all the world’s dark places. And the results of their labor will yield a harvest never before seen by men. They will bear My Name, so daughters will be set free as the Israelites broke free from the stranglehold of the Egyptians.

Men and women will gather up their children in their arms and walk to Zion, praising God’s Holy Name, not stopping to rest. Their shoe straps will not be loosened and their bodies will be strengthened by My Almighty Hand. The wicked will stare in disbelief at the great exodus, for mountains will move at their presence and there will be a highway cast up across the great deep to bring My children to the walls of Zion’s border.

Thousands, even tens of thousands, will follow endowed priesthood who will speak to the ground and it will yield its bounty to the traeling pilgrims. As many travel through meadows and forest and across vast plains, the trees and flora will tremble in excitement for the very angels of God shall tread the ground an the ripples of My Sopirit will be felt by every flowering plant.

Groups of deceived men will seek to bar their journey, but with one word from My chosen, perverted souls will back away in terror. The procession will be so great that multitudes beholding this exodus will either join the procession or stand in awe at such a grand display.

Those men of great purpose, here on this land, will teach under endowing power and magnitude of healings can only be compared to Jesus feeding the 5,000 or the dead being rasied.

Men of great worldly stature will bow in obeisance as Zion’s army secures and inhabits holy ground. The fruit trees shall not only bear in season, but they will bring forth meat throughout the year. One small seed will yield a thousand and none shall hunger on God’s Holy Hill.

Men of all races will learn of My greatness and once they have found Me, they will never turn away. As Zion advances, tribes of the earth will seek her wisdom, but the only ones allowed to come near her will be those who are truly sincere in their searching.

Priesthood will witness to great numbers for th need to hear the gospel will be evident in many souls. Little children shall dance and clap their hand in gladness for none shall be lonely, afraid, or unfed. Talents of all will be fully developed and those who have prepared beforehand will lead the way into Zionic perspectives.

Let all hearts rejoice and let none fear the coming situations for I have prepared a way for all men to be delivered. For even a few women and children will receive a portion of endowment in order to survive future events. And My sons, chosen by divine insight, will be of great help along with My angels of glory.

All things work together for good to those who love God and it is soon time for great exhibition of power so that all men might have the opportunity to live with their Heavenly King.

So be it. Amen