2023- July 30

2023-June 16

Patriarch Mike Ballantyne
July 30, 2023



Peace be unto you My beloved saints, Peace be to your children. Let My peace reign in you and let not coming events drive out my loving spirit of comfort. For it is in My love that I will protect My flock and it is in My love that I will cause the great City of Zion to arise as a refuge.

The City will house those who desire peace. It will be a lodging for those whose lives have been torn asunder by evil tyrants and enemies of truth. It will be a place where men and women can dwell in safety and children can play freely, enjoying the presence of God.

The elderly shall rest within the boundaries of God’s sanctuary. They shall be without pain and distress. Their ministry will continue on as those from foreign lands come to learn of God’s Holy ways. They will cheerfully share their own experiences and they will recount the goodness of God as they moved steadily through life’s experience.

Those of middle age will be assisting in this great missionary effort. They also will share their experience of living in the midst of Babylonian oppression, yet believing fervently in the promise of Zion’s future existence.

Those whose journey has not been of long duration will listen and learn from dedicated instructors, including those whose lives were ended before Zion’s towers shown in the sun. Many will be the angels that inhabit My City. They shall walk among the people and give answers to the many questions that men have debated.

My presence will be felt in every corner of My Kingdom for there will be no darkness nor evil influence in My land. Those of evil nature who continue their warring ways will gaze at My City and tremble at her mighty towers and impenetrable walls. Those who seek to overthrow her will be as ashes under the feet of man and beast. Conquerors of other kingdoms will seek to destroy her by weapons of mass destruction, but they shall find that those weapons, designed to annihilate God’s fortress, will not even cause a ripple of wind within or surrounding this holy sanctuary.

For eons of time, man has sought for a place of security where he can plant his vineyards and raise his young. To you, I have promised that each man will sit under his own vine and fig tree and the earth shall yield her finest harvest. Each man, woman, and child shall behold things of beauty and splendor which have been held in holy chambers, waiting to come forth as treasures to those whose hearts are loyal to the Lamb. Those of tender heart and spirit will experience the wonder of My creation. There is no end to My words nor to My glory.

Light will have penetrated the darkness and the reality of the spirit world will be a daily enriching experience. The fruits of the earth, not tainted by pollutants, will be enjoyed by multitudes of people who have never tasted the pure fruits from God’s undefiled gardens.

Sickness will never be seen as all that has oppressed men’s bodies will be removed. Man will experience the health and strength that Adam and Eve enjoyed in the Garden of Eden before the fall.

There will be workshops, study groups, and lectures revealing the fullness and make-up of all living things. To understand how the rocks might speak forth, if bidden, will be but one thing revealed to the children of the Kingdom. To understand the reason why the donkey was able to speak to Balaam will be fully understood. To comprehend the language of the singing bird and to read his chirping will be given to those who seek to know the many mysteries of God’s creation. Do you wonder how the earth can cry unto the Creator seeking to know how it will be delivered? All of these things, and many more, will be shared as God desires all of His children to understand His divine plan and to know the mysteries of His Kingdom. Who can comprehend the ocean’s currents? And who has the wisdom to count the stars and call each one by name?

So now that I have revealed to you some future revelations, fear not coming plagues, government tyranny and foreign invasion. Indeed, these things shall be, but I will use those devilish activities to reveal man’s need to live with his Creator for they will demonstrate clearly Satan’s desire to steal, kill, and destroy all things that I have created. These horrific efforts to undermine My eternal plan will expose the devil’s intention, and millions who are now uncommitted will find Me and embrace the ways of truth clearly set forth in all of My scriptures. Jesus will, indeed, be their Lord, and the will of the Father will be done on earth as it is in heaven. My scriptures are a precious source of My will and of My ways. If one would seek to know Me, I am found in greater measure in Holy Write.

It is unfortunate that most of the earth’s inhabitant’s seek answers from other sources when I, the Creator, hold the secrets of all creation. Would one choose a recipe book to know how to take care of a vehicle? Would a surgeon search a hunting guide to learn medical procedures? So it is, man seeks the wrong sources for the information that will guide him successfully on the paths of happiness and into eternal bliss with God.

Listen, oh ye inhabitants of the earth. Give ear to your Creator. The time of excuse soon draws to an end. But, if you are ready in spiritual preparation, the enemy of your soul will not be able to overthrow the defense offered by the right hand of My righteousness, even Jesus the Christ.

I am your Savior and I will not fail all those who have taken up their cross and followed Me.

So be it. Amen.